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OK, so I'm also working on a Spell Index. I sometimes use a great character sheet from here, and they have good dynamic spell sheets as well. I asked politely about sharing the database for these spells, and was refused, so I figured that since I am provided the information in PDF format already I could just use that.

UPDATE (05 June): All spells for Wizard are now available, including the newest from Secrets of Sarlona. I need to work on the search parameters now to get it to be truly useful, but at the moment you can still do a keyword search and a few other things.

UPDATE (25 May 2008): You can now save a spellbook and load it again later.... very handy for coming back to update it when you get some more spells!

Look on the side under Other Content for the Spell Index.

by IconoclastX, Sunday, 27 May 2007 23:08, Comments(0)

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