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Sor/Wiz0Acid Splash [Acid]CoVS1 actCloseInstantaneous-NOrb deals 1d3 acid damagePH 196
Sor/Wiz0Amanuensis TrVS1 actClose10 min/levWill n.YCopy nonmagical text.SpC 9
Sor/Wiz0Arcane Mark UnVS1 act0 ftPermanent-NInscribe a personal rune (visible or invisible)PH 201
Sor/Wiz0Caltrops CoVS1 actClose1 round/lev-NCreates caltrops in 5-by-5-ft. sq., + 5-ft./2 levSpC 42
Sor/Wiz0Cleaning TrVS1 actCloseInstantaneous-YRemoves filth from an areaToHS 45
Sor/Wiz0Dancing Lights [Light]EvVS1 actMedium1 min (D)-NCreates torches or other lightsPH 216
Sor/Wiz0Daze [Mind-Affecting]EnVSM1 actClose1 roundWill n.YHumanoid creat. up to 4 HD loses next actionPH 217
Sor/Wiz0Detect Ghost [Ectomancy]DiVS1 act60 ft1 min/lev (D)-NReveals ghosts within 60 ftGh 51
Sor/Wiz0Detect Magic DiVS1 act60 ft1 min/lev (D)-NDetect spells and magic items within 60 ftPH 219
Sor/Wiz0Detect Poison DiVS1 actCloseInstantaneous-NDetects poison in one creature or small objectPH 219
Sor/Wiz0Disrupt Ectoplasm [Ectomancy]NeVS1 actCloseInstantaneous-YDeals 1d6 damage to ectoplasmGh 52
Sor/Wiz0Disrupt Undead NeVS1 actCloseInstantaneous-YDeals 1d6 damage to one undeadPH 223
Sor/Wiz0Electric Jolt [Electricity]EvVS1 actCloseInstantaneous-YRanged touch attack deals 1d3 electricity dmgSpC 78
Sor/Wiz0Flare [Light]EvV1 actCloseInstantaneousFor n.YDazzles one creature (-1 to attack rolls)PH 232
Sor/Wiz0Ghost Sound IlVSM1 actClose1 round/lev (D)Will dis.NFigments soundPH 235
Sor/Wiz0Launch Bolt TrVSM1 actTouchInstantaneous-NLaunches a crossbow bolt up to 80 ft.SpC 130
Sor/Wiz0Launch Item TrS1 actTouchInstantaneous-NHurls Fine item up to Medium range.SpC 130
Sor/Wiz0Light [Light]EvVM1 actTouch10 min/lev (D)-NObject shines like a torchPH 248
Sor/Wiz0Mage Hand TrVS1 actCloseConcentration-N5-pound telekinesisPH 249
Sor/Wiz0Mending TrVS1 act10 ftInstantaneousWill n.YMakes minor repairs on an objectPH 253
Sor/Wiz0Message [Language-Dependent]TrVSF1 actMedium10 min/lev-NWhispered conversation at distancePH 253
Sor/Wiz0No Light TrVS1 actClose1 min/lev-NPrevents normal light from illuminatingBV 100
Sor/Wiz0Open/Close TrVSF1 actCloseInstantaneousWill n.YOpens or closes small or light thingsPH 258
Sor/Wiz0Preserve Ectoplasm [Ectomancy]TrVSM1 act10 ftInstantaneousWill n.YPrevents ectoplasm from fading awayGh 56
Sor/Wiz0Preserve Organ NeVS10 minTouch24 hoursFor n.YProtects from decay one detached organBV 101
Sor/Wiz0Prestidigitation UnVS1 act10 ft1 hourSpecialNPerforms minor tricksPH 264
Sor/Wiz0Ray of Frost [Cold]EvVS1 actCloseInstantaneous-YRay deals 1d3 cold damagePH 269
Sor/Wiz0Read Magic DiVSF1 actPersonal10 min/lev-NRead scrolls and spellbooksPH 269
Sor/Wiz0Repair Minor Damage TrVS1 actTouchInstantaneous-NRepairs 1 point of damage to any construct.SpC 173
Sor/Wiz0Resistance AbVSM1 actTouch1 minWill n.YSubject gains +1 on saving throwsPH 272
Sor/Wiz0Silent Portal IlS1 actClose1 min/lev (D)Will n.YNegates sound from door or window.SpC 190
Sor/Wiz0Slash Tongue [Evil]TrVS1 actClose1 roundFor n.YSubject takes -1 to attacks, saves, and checksBV 103
Sor/Wiz0Sonic Snap [Sonic]EvVS1 actCloseInstantaneousWill part.YSubject takes 1 sonic dmg, deafened 1 roundSpC 195
Sor/Wiz0Stick TrVSM1 actTouchInstantaneousWill n.YGlues an object up to 5 lb. to a larger oneSpC 206
Sor/Wiz0Touch of Fatigue NeVSM1 actTouch1 round/levFor n.YTouch attack fatigues targetPH 294
Sor/Wiz0Unnerving Gaze IlVS1 actClose1 round/levWill n.YSubject takes -1 penalty on attack rollsBV 108
Sor/Wiz1Aberrate (FIEND) [Evil]TrVS1 actTouch10 min/levFor n.YSubject becomes an aberrationBV 84
Sor/Wiz1Accelerated Movement TrSMSwiftPersonal1 round/lev (D)-NBalance, Climb or Move Silently at normal spdSpC 7
Sor/Wiz1Alarm AbVSF1 actClose2 hours/lev (D)-NWards an area, for 2 hours/levPH 197
Sor/Wiz1Ancient Knowledge DiVSF1 minPersonal1 hour/lev-NGain a +5 bonus on a Knowledge checkMoE 94
Sor/Wiz1Animate Rope TrVS1 actMedium1 round/lev-NMakes a rope move at your commandPH 199
Sor/Wiz1Appraising Touch DiVS1 actPersonal1 hour/lev-NGain +10 bonus on Appraise checks.SpC 15
Sor/Wiz1Arcane Sensitivity DiVS1 actTouchInstantaneous-NDiscover subject?s casting abilities and powerShS 44
Sor/Wiz1Armor Lock TrVS1 actClose1 round/lev (D)For n.YTarget's armor limits move to 10 ftCS 95
Sor/Wiz1Arrow Mind DiVSMImmed.Personal1 min/lev (D)-NThreaten nearby squares, don't provoke AoOSpC 15
Sor/Wiz1Babau Slime TrVSM1 actTouch1 min/levFor n.YBody-covering acid damages foes' weaponsSpC 22
Sor/Wiz1Backbiter NeVSF1 actClose1 round/levWill n.YWeapon strikes wielder.SpC 23
Sor/Wiz1Beckon Person (TRUENAME) [Mind-Affecting]EnVS1 actMedium1 round (D)Will n.YForce humanoid to approach youTM 255
Sor/Wiz1Benign Transposition CoV1 actMediumInstantaneous-NTwo willing subjects switch places.SpC 27
Sor/Wiz1Bestow Wound TrVSM1 actTouchInstantaneousFor n.YTransfer 1 hp/level of wounds to anotherHH 127
Sor/Wiz1Bigby's Helpful Hand [Force]EvVSF1 act0 ft1 hour/lev (D)-NHand holds items for you, helps with checksPH2 102
Sor/Wiz1Bigby's Tripping Hand [Force]EvVSM1 actMediumInstantaneousRef n.YHand trips subjectPH2 103
Sor/Wiz1Black Bag [Evil]CoVSM1 actTouch24 hours-NCreate extradimensional bag of torture toolsBV 86
Sor/Wiz1Blade of Blood NeVSSwiftTouch1 round/lev-NWeapon deals +1d6 dmg, +3d6 if you take dmgPH2 103
Sor/Wiz1Blades of Fire [Fire]CoVSwiftTouch1 round-NYour melee weapons deal +1d8 fire damageSpC 31
Sor/Wiz1Blockade CoVSMSwift0 ft3 rounds-NFill 5-ft square with a block of woodCS 95
Sor/Wiz1Blood Wind EvVSSwiftClose1 roundWill n.YSubject uses natural weapons at range.SpC 33
Sor/Wiz1Bonerattle [Sonic]EvVSM1 actCloseInstantaneousFor halfYVibration deals 1d4 damage/lev to boneGh 49
Sor/Wiz1Breath Flare (BREATH) [Light]TrSSwiftPersonal1 round-NYour breath weapon dazzles subjects.SpC 38
Sor/Wiz1Bulwark of Reality (TRUENAME) [Force]CoVS1 actPersonal1 min/lev (D)-NArmor Bonus +6 (force)TM 256
Sor/Wiz1Burning Hands [Fire]EvVS1 act15 ftInstantaneousRef halfY1d4 fire damage/lev (max 5d4)PH 207
Sor/Wiz1Burning Rage TrVS1 actClose1 round/lev (D)Will n.YSubject takes 4 dmg/rd, gains DR, att. bonusPH2 105
Sor/Wiz1Buzzing Bee CoVSM1 actMedium1 min/lev (D)-N-10 on Move Silently, hinders ConcentrationSpC 41
Sor/Wiz1Call Undead I CoVSF1 roundClose1 round/lev (D)-NCalls a 1st-level undeadAoM 67
Sor/Wiz1Cause Fear [Fear,Mind-Affecting]NeVS1 actCloseSpecialWill part.YOne creat. with less than 6 HD fleesPH 208
Sor/Wiz1Charm Person [Mind-Affecting]EnVS1 actClose1 hour/levWill n.YMakes one person your friendPH 209
Sor/Wiz1Cheat TrVSF1 actPersonal1 min/lev-NCaster rerolls for games of chanceSpC 46
Sor/Wiz1Chill Touch NeVS1 actTouchInstantaneousSpecialY1 touch/lev deals 1d6 damage and possibly 1 StrPH 209
Sor/Wiz1Color Spray [Mind-Affecting]IlVSM1 act15 ftInstantaneousWill n.YKnocks unconscious, blinds or stun 1d6 creat.PH 210
Sor/Wiz1Combat Readiness DiV1 actTouch1 min/levWill n.YTarget gains +1/3 lev on initiative checksDrU 61
Sor/Wiz1Comprehend Languages DiVSM1 actPersonal10 min/lev-NUnderstand all spoken and written languagesPH 212
Sor/Wiz1Corrosive Grasp [Acid]CoVS1 actTouchInstantaneous-Y1 touch/level deals 1d8 acid damage.SpC 53
Sor/Wiz1Create Ectoplasm [Ectomancy]CoVS1 actTouch10 min/lev-NCreate 1 lb/lev of raw ectoplasmGh 50
Sor/Wiz1Create Trap CoVSM1 roundMedium12 hours-NCreates a CR 1 trapRDr 112
Sor/Wiz1Critical Strike DiVSwiftPersonal1 round-NYou gain +1d6 damage, doubled threat rangeSpC 56
Sor/Wiz1Cutting Hand TrVS1 actPersonal1 round/lev (D)-NHand gains a +2 bonus and deals 1d6 dmgSpC 57
Sor/Wiz1Darklight [Darkness]EvVS1 actTouch1 min/lev-NCreate 5-ft area where all can see without lightBV 91
Sor/Wiz1Darsson's Cooling Breeze [Air]EvVS1 act60 ft1 hour/lev (D)-YCreate light breeze that travels in 1 directionShS 45
Sor/Wiz1Dawn Burst [Light]EvVS1 actClose1 round/lev (D)Ref part.YIlluminate creatures in 10-ft radiusCM 101
Sor/Wiz1Dead End IlVSM1 actTouch10 min/lev (D)SpecialYRemoves spoor of one creature/level.SpC 59
Sor/Wiz1Death Grimace [Evil]NeS1 actTouchPermanent-NLeave magical ?calling card? on a corpseBV 91
Sor/Wiz1Death's Call [Sonic]NeV1 act10 ft.InstantaneousFor part.YScream deals 1 dmg/lev, fatigues all in rangeCM 101
Sor/Wiz1Deep Breath [Air]CoVImmed.Personal1 round/lev-NYour lungs are filled with airSpC 61
Sor/Wiz1Deflect, Lesser [Force]AbVImmed.Personal1 round-NGain bonus to AC for one attackPH2 109
Sor/Wiz1Detect Dragonblood DiVS1 act60 ft10 min/lev-NDetect dragons and dragonblood creaturesDM 65
Sor/Wiz1Detect Dragonmark DiVSM1 act60 ft10 min/lev(D)-NDetect and identify dragonmarks within 60 ft.MoE 95
Sor/Wiz1Detect Familiar DiVS1 act60 ft1 min/lev (D)-NDetect the presence of familiars ToHS 46
Sor/Wiz1Detect Incarnum DiVSD1 act60 ft10 min/lev-NDetects soulmelds and essentia within 60 feet.MoI 101
Sor/Wiz1Detect Manifest Zone DiVS1 act120 ft10 min/lev (D)-NYou sense the presence of manifest zonesFE 150
Sor/Wiz1Detect Secret Doors DiVS1 act60 ft1 min/lev (D)-NReveals hidden doors within 60 ftPH 220
Sor/Wiz1Detect Undead DiVSM1 act60 ft1 min/lev (D)-NReveaks undead within 60 ft PH 220
Sor/Wiz1Detect Vestige DiVSD1 act60 ft1 min/lev (D)-NYou can detect vestige aurasTM 71
Sor/Wiz1Detect Weaponry DiVS1 actClose10 min/lev (D)-NReveals weapons within 60 ftCi 66
Sor/Wiz1Discern Bloodline DiVSM1 actClose1 round/levWill n.YKnow the race of one creature/levRD 165
Sor/Wiz1Disguise Self IlVS1 actPersonal10 min/lev (D)-NChanges your appearancePH 222
Sor/Wiz1Dispel Ward AbVS1 actMediumInstantaneous-NAs Dispel Magic, but affects only wards.SpC 67
Sor/Wiz1Distract [Mind-Affecting]EnS1 actMedium1 round/levWill n.Y-4 on Concentration, Listen, Search, and SpotSpC 69
Sor/Wiz1Distract Assailant [Mind-Affecting]EnVSMSwiftClose1 roundWill n.YOne creature is flat-footed for 1 round.SpC 69
Sor/Wiz1Distracting Shadows [Darkness]EvVM1 actTouch24 hours(D)-N-5 on Search and Spot in 20-ft.-radiusMoE 95
Sor/Wiz1Dragonmark Shield (DRAGONMARK) [Force]AbVSpecialPersonal1 round-NIntangible shield gives bonus to AC and RefDra 150
Sor/Wiz1Drug Resistance EnVM1 actTouch1 hour/levFor n.YSubject is immune to addictionBV 93
Sor/Wiz1Ebon Eyes TrVSM1 actTouch10 min/lev-YSubject can see through magicall darkness.SpC 77
Sor/Wiz1Ectoplasmic Armor AbV1 actTouch1 hour/lev (D)Will n.NGain AC bonus vs. incorporeal touch attacksSpC 77
Sor/Wiz1Endure Elements AbVS1 actTouch24 hrsWill n.YExist comfortably in hot/cold environmentPH 226
Sor/Wiz1Enlarge Person TrVSM1 roundClose1 min/lev (D)For n.YHumanoid creature doubles in sizePH 226
Sor/Wiz1Entangling Dragonmark (DRAGONMARK) TrVS1 actMedium1 round/lev (D)For n.YDragonmarked creature is entangledDra 151
Sor/Wiz1Erase TrVS1 actCloseInstantaneousSpecialNMundane or magical writing vanishesPH 227
Sor/Wiz1Expeditious Retreat TrVS1 actPersonal1 min/lev (D)-NYour speed increases by 30 ftPH 228
Sor/Wiz1Expeditious Retreat, Swift TrVSwiftPersonal1 round-NYour speed increases by 30 ft. for 1 round.SpC 85
Sor/Wiz1Extend Shifting (SHIFTER) TrVSwiftPersonalInstantaneous-NExtend duration of shifting ability by 4 rounds.RE 185
Sor/Wiz1Extract Drug CoVSF1 minTouchPermanent-NCreates drug from inanimate objectBV 94
Sor/Wiz1Eyes of the Avoral TrS1 actTouch10 min/levWill n.YSubject gets +8 on Spot checksBE 99
Sor/Wiz1Familiar Pocket UnVSM1 actTouch1 hour/lev (D)-NCreate extradimensional safe haven for familiarSpC 88
Sor/Wiz1Feather Fall TrVImmed.Close1 round/levWill n.YObjects or creatures fall slowlyPH 229
Sor/Wiz1Fist of Stone [Earth]TrVSM1 actPersonal1 min-NGain +6 Str and natural slam attack.SpC 94
Sor/Wiz1Float TrVSM1 actLong1 min/levFor n.YSubject becomes buoyantFr 94
Sor/Wiz1Friendly Face IlVS1 actPersonal10 min/lev (D)-NGain +5 on Diplomacy and Gather InformationRD 166
Sor/Wiz1Ghostly Reload TrVSF1 actTouch1 min/lev-NAutomatically pulls crossbow string into catchRDr 113
Sor/Wiz1Glaze Lock [Cold]CoVS1 actTouch10 min/lev-NRaises Open Locks DC by 10 and hardness by 5Fr 97
Sor/Wiz1Golem Strike DiVSwiftPersonal1 round-NYou can sneak attack constructs for 1 round.SpC 106
Sor/Wiz1Grease CoVSM1 actClose1 round/lev (D)SpecialNMakes 10-ft square or 1 object slipperyPH 237
Sor/Wiz1Guided Shot DiVSwiftPersonal1 round-NYou ignore ranged attack penaltiesSpC 108
Sor/Wiz1Guiding Light [Light]EvVS1 actLong1 min/lev (D)-Y+2 on ranged attacks vs. creatures in the lightSpC 108
Sor/Wiz1Hail of Stone [Earth]CoVSM1 roundMediumInstantaneous-NRain of stone deals 1d4/lev damage (max 5d4)SpC 108
Sor/Wiz1Hidden Ward IlVSM10 minTouch24 hours-NHide magical effects on an objectMoE 96
Sor/Wiz1Historic Vision DiVSM1 actTouchInstantaneous-YReveals how old an object or creature is LotT 24
Sor/Wiz1Hoard Gullet TrVS1 actPersonal1 hour/lev-NGain second stomach to store objectsDM 68
Sor/Wiz1Hold Portal AbV1 actMedium1 min/lev (D)-NHolds door shutPH 241
Sor/Wiz1Horrible Taste TrVSM1 actTouch10 min/levFor n.NCreature nauseates biting or swallowing foesSpC 116
Sor/Wiz1Hypnotism [Mind-Affecting]EnVS1 roundClose2d4 rounds (D)Will n.YFascinates 2d4 HD of creaturesPH 242
Sor/Wiz1Ice Dagger [Cold]EvVSM1 actCloseInstantaneous-YDeals subject 1d4/lev dmg, plus area damageSpC 118
Sor/Wiz1Identify DiVSM1 hourTouchInstantaneous-NDetermines properties of magic itemPH 243
Sor/Wiz1Incite [Mind-Affecting]EnVSSwiftClose1 min/levWill n.YSubjects can't ready actions or delay.SpC 121
Sor/Wiz1Inhibit [Mind-Affecting]EnVS1 actMediumInstantaneousWill n.YSubject delays until next round.SpC 123
Sor/Wiz1Insatiable Thirst [Mind-Affecting]EnVS1 actClose1 round/levWill n.YVictim does anything to consume liquidVRA 29
Sor/Wiz1Insightful Feint DiVSwiftPersonal1 round-NGain +10 to your next Bluff check to feintSpC 124
Sor/Wiz1Instant Diversion IlVSSwiftPersonal1 round-NCreates illusory double of youRDr 113
Sor/Wiz1Instant Locksmith DiVSSwiftPersonal1 round-NDisable Device/Open Lock are free actions, +2SpC 124
Sor/Wiz1Instant Search DiVSSwiftPersonal1 round-NMake Search check at +2 as free action.SpC 124
Sor/Wiz1Ironguts AbVSM1 actTouch10 min/levWill n.Y+5 bonus on saving throws against poisonSpC 126
Sor/Wiz1Jet of Steam [Water]EvVS1 act30 ftInstantaneousRef halfY30-foot line of steam deals 1d4 fire dmg/levCM 108
Sor/Wiz1Jump TrVSM1 actTouch1 min/lev (D)Will n.YSubject gets bonus on Jump checksPH 246
Sor/Wiz1Karmic Aura AbVSwift20 ft.1 round/levWill part.YCreatures damaging you are fatigued for 3 rds CM 108
Sor/Wiz1Kelgore's Fire Bolt [Fire]CoVSM1 actMediumInstantaneousRef halfSp.1d6 fire dmg/lev (max 5d6), partially ignore SRPH2 116
Sor/Wiz1Kelgore's Fire Bolt [Fire]EvVSM1 actMediumInstantaneousRef halfSp.1d6 fire dmg/lev (max 5d6), partially ignore SRPH2 116
Sor/Wiz1Know Protections DiVS1 actCloseInstantaneousWill n.YDetermine target's defencesMag 104
Sor/Wiz1Lantern Light (ABSTINENCE) [Good,Light]EvS1 actClose1 round/lev-YRanged touch attacks deal 1d6 damageBE 101
Sor/Wiz1Light of Lunia [Good,Light]EvVS1 actMedium10 min/lev (D)-YYou radiate light, can use 2 bolts for 1d6 dmgSpC 132
Sor/Wiz1Locate City DiV1 round10 mi/levInstantaneous-NFind nearest cityRD 166
Sor/Wiz1Locate Touchstone DiVS1 actSpecialInstantaneous-NFind nearest planar touchstonePlH 100
Sor/Wiz1Locate Water DiVSF1 actLongConcentration-NReveals location, size, quality of water sourcesSa 117
Sor/Wiz1Low-Light Vision TrVM1 actTouch1 hour/levWill n.YSee twice as far as a human in poor illuminationSpC 134
Sor/Wiz1Luminous Gaze [Light]EvVS1 actPersonal1 round/lev-NYour eyes emit light, dazzle creatures.SpC 135
Sor/Wiz1Mage Armor [Force]CoVSF1 actTouch1 hour/lev (D)Will n.NGives subject +4 armor bonusPH 249
Sor/Wiz1Mage Burr TrVS1 actClose1 round/lev (D)For n.YDouble arcane spell failure chance for targetCS 100
Sor/Wiz1Mage Hand, GreaterTrVS1 actMediumConcentrationWill n.YAs Mage Hand, but 10 lbs/caster levelSpC 136
Sor/Wiz1Magecraft DiVF1 roundPersonal1 day-NGrants +5 on one Craft checkECS 113
Sor/Wiz1Magic Missile [Force]EvVS1 actMediumInstantaneous-Y1d4+1 dmg missile, 1/2 lev. above 1st (max 5)PH 251
Sor/Wiz1Magic Weapon TrVS1 actTouch1 min/levWill n.YWeapon gains +1 bonusPH 251
Sor/Wiz1Mask Aberrant Dragonmark (DRAGONMARK) TrVS1 actPersonal1 min/lev-NReshapes aberrant dragonmark into true oneDra 152
Sor/Wiz1Master's Touch DiVFSwiftPersonal1 min/lev (D)-NYou gain proficiency in a weapon or shieldSpC 139
Sor/Wiz1Mighty Wallop TrVSF1 actTouch1 min/lev-N+1 size category of bludgeoning weaponRDr 114
Sor/Wiz1Mount CoVSM1 roundClose2 hours/lev-NSummons riding horse for 2 hours/levPH 256
Sor/Wiz1Necrotic Awareness NeVSF1 act60 ftUp to 1 min/l-NSense encysted subjectsLM 67
Sor/Wiz1Nerveskitter TrVSImmed.Close1 round-YSubject gains +5 bonus on initiative checks.SpC 146
Sor/Wiz1Net of Shadows [Darkness]IlVS1 actClose1d6 roundsWill n.YShadow conceals those in areaSpC 147
Sor/Wiz1Nether Trail CoSM1 actTouch10 min/levWill n.NTrail compels evil outsiders to followBV 99
Sor/Wiz1Nightshield AbVS1 actPersonal1 min/lev (D)-NGain bonus on saves, absorb magic missilesSpC 148
Sor/Wiz1Nystul's Magic Aura IlVSF1 actTouch1 day/lev (D)-NAlters object's magic auraPH 257
Sor/Wiz1Obscuring Mist CoVS1 act20 ft1 min/lev-NFog surrounds youPH 258
Sor/Wiz1Orb of Acid, Lesser [Acid]CoVS1 actCloseInstantaneous-NRanged touch attack deals 1d8 +1d8/2 levSpC 150
Sor/Wiz1Orb of Cold, Lesser [Cold]CoVS1 actCloseInstantaneous-NRanged touch attack deals 1d8 +1d8/2 levSpC 151
Sor/Wiz1Orb of Electricity, Lesser [Electricity]CoVS1 actCloseInstantaneous-NRanged touch attack deals 1d8 +1d8/2 levSpC 151
Sor/Wiz1Orb of Fire, Lesser [Fire]CoVS1 actCloseInstantaneous-NRanged touch attack deals 1d8 +1d8/2 levSpC 151
Sor/Wiz1Orb of Sound, Lesser [Sonic]CoVS1 actCloseInstantaneous-NRanged touch attack deals 1d6 +1d6/2 levSpC 151
Sor/Wiz1Parching Touch NeVS1 actTouchInstantaneousFor part.YOne touch/lev deals 1d6 dessicc., possibly ConSa 118
Sor/Wiz1Path of Frost [Cold]TrVS1 act30 ft1 round/levRef n.NFrozen path slows movement and deals dmgDM 71
Sor/Wiz1Peacebond TrVSF1 actClose10 min/lev (D)Will n.YWeapon is impossible to drawCi 67
Sor/Wiz1Persistent Blade [Force]EvVSF1 actClose1 round/lev-YBlade of force attacks and flanks subject SpC 154
Sor/Wiz1Pleasant Visage [Ectomancy]IlVS1 actTouch24 hoursWill n.YMakes gruesome ghost appear normal Gh 56
Sor/Wiz1Portal Beacon TrVS1 actClose1 hour/lev-NGrant knowledge of a magic portal's locationSpC 161
Sor/Wiz1Power Word Fatigue [Mind-Affecting]EnV1 actCloseSpecial-YMakes 1 creat. with 100 hp or less fatiguedRDr 115
Sor/Wiz1Power Word Pain [Mind-Affecting]EnV1 actCloseSpecial-YDeals 1d6 dmg/round to creat. up to 100 hpRDr 116
Sor/Wiz1Protection from Chaos [Lawful]AbVSM1 actTouch1 min/lev (D)Will n.N+2 AC and saves, counters mind controlPH 266
Sor/Wiz1Protection from Evil [Good]AbVSM1 actTouch1 min/lev (D)Will n.N+2 AC and saves, counters mind controlPH 266
Sor/Wiz1Protection from Good [Evil]AbVSM1 actTouch1 min/lev (D)Will n.N+2 AC and saves, counters mind controlPH 266
Sor/Wiz1Protection from Incarnum AbVS1 actTouch1 min/lev (D)Will n.Sp.Ward target from soulmelds and incarnumMoI 104
Sor/Wiz1Protection from Law [Chaotic]AbVSM1 actTouch1 min/lev (D)Will n.N+2 AC and saves, counters mind controlPH 266
Sor/Wiz1Protection from Possession AbVSM1 actTouch10 min/lev-NWarded creature cannot be possessedGh 57
Sor/Wiz1Protection from Winged Flyers AbVSM1 actTouch1 min/lev (D)Will n.N+2 AC and saves; counter mind controlShS 48
Sor/Wiz1Quickswim TrVSMD1 actPersonal1 hour/lev (D)-NYour swim speed increases by 10 ft.Sto 120
Sor/Wiz1Raging Flame [Fire]TrVS1 actMedium1 min-NFires burn twice as hot, half as long.SpC 164
Sor/Wiz1Ray of Clumsiness TrVS1 actClose1 min/lev-YVictim takes 1d6 Dex penalty +1/2 levSpC 166
Sor/Wiz1Ray of Enfeeblement NeVS1 actClose1 min/lev-YRay deals 1d6 +1/2 lev Str damagePH 269
Sor/Wiz1Ray of Fatigue NeVS1 actClose1 round/levFor n.YVictim is fatiguedVRA 31
Sor/Wiz1Ray of Flame [Fire]EvVSF1 actCloseInstantaneousSpecialYRay deals 1d6/2 levels fire damage, ignitesSpC 167
Sor/Wiz1Reduce Person TrVSM1 roundClose1 min/lev (D)For n.YHumanoid creature halves in sizePH 269
Sor/Wiz1Remove Scent TrVSM1 actTouch10 min/levWill n.YHides touched creature's scent.SpC 173
Sor/Wiz1Repair Light Damage TrVS1 actTouchInstantaneous-NRepairs 1d8 +1/lev (max +5) dmg to construct SpC 173
Sor/Wiz1Resinous Tar CoVSM1 actClose1 round/lev (D)SpecialNSticky substance slows movement and gluesCM 115
Sor/Wiz1Resist Planar Alignment AbVS1 actTouch10 min/levFor n.YSubject resists penalties for being on a PlaneSpC 174
Sor/Wiz1Rot of Ages Co/NeVS1 actClose2 roundsFor part.NCloud of debris sickens or nauseates a creatureDM 72
Sor/Wiz1Rouse [Mind-Affecting]EnVS1 actCloseInstantaneous-NAwakens creatures in areaPH2 12
Sor/Wiz1Sacrificial Skill [Evil]EnVSM1 actPersonal1 min/lev-NGain +5 on Knowledge (religion) for sacrificeBV 103
Sor/Wiz1Scatterspray TrVS1 actCloseInstantaneousRef n.NGroup of small objects flies apart in a burst.SpC 180
Sor/Wiz1Scholar's Touch DiVSMF1 actPersonal1 round/lev-NRead books in secondsRD 167
Sor/Wiz1Scramble True Position (TRUENAME) CoVS1 actCloseInstantaneousRef part.YTeleport foe 10 ft in random directionTM 258
Sor/Wiz1Sea Legs TrVS1 actTouch1 hour/lev (D)Will n.YTarget creature can maneuver easily on a shipShS 49
Sor/Wiz1Secret Weapon IlVSM1 actTouch10 min/lev (D)Will n.YMakes hidden weapon hard to detectCi 67
Sor/Wiz1Serene Visage IlVS1 actPersonal1 min/lev-NGain bonus on Bluff equal to half your levelSpC 182
Sor/Wiz1Shield [Force]AbVS1 actPersonal1 min/lev (D)-NGives +4 AC, blocks magic missilesPH 278
Sor/Wiz1Shieldbearer TrVS1 actTouch1 round/lev-NShield floats near subject to offer protection.SpC 188
Sor/Wiz1Shifter Prowess (SHIFTER) TrVSSwiftPersonalSpecial-NShifter racial bonuses to skills increase by +8.RE 190
Sor/Wiz1Shivering Touch, Lesser [Cold]NeVS1 actTouch1 round/lev-YTouch deals 1d6 Dexterity damageFr 104
Sor/Wiz1Shock and Awe [Mind-Affecting]EnVSSwiftClose1 round-YFlat-footed creatures get -10 on initiative. SpC 189
Sor/Wiz1Shocking Grasp [Electricity]EvVS1 actTouchInstantaneous-YTouch deals 1d6/lev electricity (max 5d6)PH 279
Sor/Wiz1Silent Image IlVSF1 actLongConcentrationWill dis.NCreates minor illusion of your designPH 279
Sor/Wiz1Sleep [Mind-Affecting]EnVSM1 roundMedium1 min/levWill n.YPut 4 HD of creatures into magical slumberPH 280
Sor/Wiz1Slide TrV1 actCloseInstantaneousWill n.YMove subject 5 feet.SpC 191
Sor/Wiz1Slow Burn [Fire]TrVSM1 actMedium1 min-NFires burn twice as long.SpC 192
Sor/Wiz1Snilloc's Snowball [Cold]EvVSM1 act0 ft1 round/lev (D)-YCold sphere deals 1d6 +1/lev (max +5) damageUna 52
Sor/Wiz1Sniper's Shot DiVSSwiftPersonal1 round-NNo range limit on next ranged sneak attack. SpC 194
Sor/Wiz1Snowdrift TrVSM1 actTouchInstantaneous-NForms existing snow into another shapeFr 104
Sor/Wiz1Snuff the Light TrSSwiftCloseSpecial-NExtinguish one non-magical light sourceDrU 63
Sor/Wiz1Sonic Blast [Sonic]EvVS1 actCloseInstantaneousWill part.YDeals 1d4/2 levels sonic damage, deafnessSpC 195
Sor/Wiz1Spell Flower TrVS1 actPersonal1 round/lev-NHold charge on one touch spell per forelimbSpC 198
Sor/Wiz1Spider Form, Lesser TrVSSwiftPersonal1 round/lev (D)-NBecome a Large fiendish monstrous spiderDrU 63
Sor/Wiz1Spirit Worm NeVSM1 actTouch1 round/levFor n.YTarget takes 1 point Con damage every roundSpC 202
Sor/Wiz1Spontaneous Search DiVSM1 roundTouch1 roundWill n.YInstantly Search area as if having taken 10.SpC 204
Sor/Wiz1Stand CoVSImmed.CloseInstantaneousWill n.YSubject stands up from pronePH2 125
Sor/Wiz1Sticky Floor CoVSM1 actClose1 hour/levRef part.NEntangles and immobilizes creatures in areaRDr 117
Sor/Wiz1Stupor [Mind-Affecting]EnSM1 minTouch1 hour/levFor n.YOne helpless subject is put in a state of stuporBV 106
Sor/Wiz1Summon Component CoSSwift0 ft.1 round-NCreate a noncostly spell componentCM 118
Sor/Wiz1Summon Marked Homunculus (DRAGONMARK) CoVSM1 roundClose1 hour/lev (D)-NHomunculus explodes when destroyedDra 154
Sor/Wiz1Summon Monster I CoVSF1 roundClose1 round/lev (D)-NCalls extraplanar creature to fight (1 1st-lev)PH 285
Sor/Wiz1Summon Undead I [Evil]CoVSF1 roundClose1 round/lev-NSummons undead to fight for you.SpC 215
Sor/Wiz1Sunstroke NeVS1 actCloseInstantaneousFor part.YTarget takes 2d6 nonlethal dmg and is fatiguedSa 123
Sor/Wiz1Suspend Disease AbVSM1 actTouch24 hoursFor n.YKeeps disease from harming creatureBV 106
Sor/Wiz1Targeting Ray DiVSF1 actMedium1 round/lev-NYou and allies are +1 to hit/3 lev vs subjectSpC 219
Sor/Wiz1Tenser's Floating Disk [Force]EvVSM1 actClose1 hour/lev-N3-ft diam. disk that holds 100 lbs/levPH 294
Sor/Wiz1Thunderhead [Electricity]EvVSM1 actClose1 round/levRef n.YSmall lightning bolts deal 1 damage/round.SpC 219
Sor/Wiz1Tongue Tendrils [Evil]TrVSM1 actPersonal1 hour/lev-NCaster spits out tendrils that grappleBV 107
Sor/Wiz1True Casting DiVS1 actPersonalOne spell-N+10 on your next spell penetration rollCM 121
Sor/Wiz1True Strike DiVF1 actPersonalSpecial-N+20 on your next attack rollPH 296
Sor/Wiz1Unfailing Terrain TrVS1 actLong1 min/lev-NSmooth difficult terrain.FW 117
Sor/Wiz1Unseen Servant CoVSM1 actClose1 hour/lev-NInvisible force obeys your commandsPH 297
Sor/Wiz1Ventriloquism IlVF1 actClose1 min/lev (D)Will dis.NThrows voice for 1 min/levPH 298
Sor/Wiz1Vigilant Slumber DiVS1 roundPersonal12 hours-NSet conditions under which you wake upCM 122
Sor/Wiz1Wall of Smoke CoVS1 actClose1 round/levFor part.NWall of smoke obscures vision and nauseatesSpC 235
Sor/Wiz1Wave Blessing [Water]TrVImmed.Medium10 min/lev-YKeeps one creature/level from sinking.Sto 125
Sor/Wiz1Weapon Shift TrVSM1 actTouch1 min/levFor n.YTouched weapon changes form.SpC 237
Sor/Wiz1Whelm [Mind-Affecting]EnVS1 actCloseInstantaneousWill n.YDeal 1d6 nonlethal dmg +1d6/2 lev above 1stPH2 128
Sor/Wiz1Wings of the Sea TrSM1 actTouch1 min/levFor n.Y+30 ft. to subject's swim speed. SpC 240
Sor/Wiz2Addiction (DRUG) EnVS1 actTouchInstantaneousFor n.YSubject becomes addicted to a drugBV 84
Sor/Wiz2Aerial Alarm AbVSF1 actMedium2 hrs/lev (D)-NWards an area for 2 hrs/levHB 124
Sor/Wiz2Aiming at the Target AbSImmed.PersonalUp to 20 min-N+10 bonus on Concentration checksSpC 8
Sor/Wiz2Alarm, Greater AbVSF1 actClose4 hours/lev (D)-NAs Alarm, and it works on coexistent planes.SpC 8
Sor/Wiz2Allied Footsteps DiVS1 roundTouch1 day/lev (D)Will n.YSubject knows direction and distance to youCM 95
Sor/Wiz2Alter Self TrVS1 actPersonal10 min/lev (D)-NAssume form of a similar creaturePH 197
Sor/Wiz2Animalistic Power TrVSM1 actTouch1 min/levWill n.YSubject gains +2 on Str, Dex, and ConPH2 101
Sor/Wiz2Arcane Lock AbVSM1 actTouchPermanent-NMagically locks a portal or chestPH 200
Sor/Wiz2Arcane Turmoil AbVSM1 actCloseInstantaneousSpecialYDispel magic on 1 subject, he loses 1 spellCM 96
Sor/Wiz2Ashstar [Evil]CoVS1 actMedium1 round/levFor n.NHovering construct dehydrates wounded creat.Sa 111
Sor/Wiz2Attentive Alarm AbVSF1 actClose2 hrs/lev (D)-NWards an area for 2 hours/levelCM 96
Sor/Wiz2Augment Familiar TrVS1 actCloseConc.+1 rnd/levFor n.YYour familiar becomes more powerful.SpC 17
Sor/Wiz2Augment Truefriend (TRUENAME) TrVS1 actTouch1 min/levWill n.YSubject gains +2 to Str, Dex, and ConTM 255
Sor/Wiz2Balancing Lorecall DiVSM1 actPersonal1 min/lev (D)-NGain +4 on Balance, can balance everywhereSpC 23
Sor/Wiz2Baleful Transposition CoV1 actMediumInstantaneousWill n.YTwo subjects switch places.SpC 23
Sor/Wiz2Balor Nimbus TrVSM1 actPersonal1 round/lev-NYour flaming body damages foes in grapple.SpC 24
Sor/Wiz2Battering Ram [Force]EvVSF1 actCloseInstantaneous-YDeals 1d6 damage plus bull rush.SpC 24
Sor/Wiz2Bear's Endurance TrVS1 actTouch1 min/levWill n.YSubject gains +4 Con for 1 min/levPH 203
Sor/Wiz2Belker Claws [Air]TrVSM1 actTouchInstantaneous-YTouch deals 2d12 dmg and lingers +1 rd/3 levSpC 26
Sor/Wiz2Bigby's Striking Fist [Force]EvVSM1 actMediumInstantaneousRef part.YHand deals 1d6 nonlethal dmg/2 lev (max 5d6)PH2 103
Sor/Wiz2Bigby's Warding Hand [Force]EvVSF1 actMedium1 round/lev (D)-YHand of force slows opponentPH2 103
Sor/Wiz2Black Karma Curse [Mind-Affecting]EnVS1 actCloseInstantaneousWill n.YSubject damages self with melee attackPH2 103
Sor/Wiz2Bladewave [Pattern]IlVSwiftPersonal1 round/lev (D)SpecialSp.Your melee attack dazes your opponent.SpC 31
Sor/Wiz2Blast of Force [Force]EvVS1 actMediumInstantaneousFor part.YAttack deals 1d6 damage/2 levels (max 5d6).SpC 31
Sor/Wiz2Blinding Color Surge IlVSF1 actMedium1 round/levWill n.YBlind subject for 1 round, gain invisibilityPH2 104
Sor/Wiz2Blindness/Deafness NeV1 actMediumPermanent (D)For n.YMakes subject blinded or deafenedPH 206
Sor/Wiz2Blur IlV1 actTouch1 min/lev (D)Will n.YAttacks miss subject 20% of the timePH 206
Sor/Wiz2Body of the Sun [Fire]TrVS1 act5 ft1 round/levRef halfYBody emanates fire, dealing 1d4 dmg/2 levSpC 35
Sor/Wiz2Boiling Blood [Fire]TrVS1 actMedium1 r. + 1 r./3 levFor part.YDeals 2d6 fire dmg/round, then sickens targetCM 97
Sor/Wiz2Bone Chill NeVSM1 actClose1 round/levFor n.NCorporeal undead are held by layer of frostFr 89
Sor/Wiz2Bonefiddle NeVSF1 actCloseUp to 1 rnd/levFor n.YSpectral fiddle bow deals 3d6 damage/round.SpC 37
Sor/Wiz2Borrowed Time, Lesser NeVM3 daysPersonalSpecial-NYou return as a 2nd-rank ancient deadRPHB 118
Sor/Wiz2Bristle TrVS1 actTouch1 min/lev (D)-NArmor spikes attack with wearer.SpC 40
Sor/Wiz2Brumal Stiffening [Cold]TrVS1 actClose1 round/levRef n.YBrittle weapon's hardness reduced by 5Fr 89
Sor/Wiz2Bull's Strength TrVSM1 actTouch1 min/levWill n.YSubject gains +4 Str for 1 min/levPH 207
Sor/Wiz2Burning Sword [Fire]EvVS1 actTouch1 min/lev (D)-NWeapon gains flaming burst special ability.SpC 41
Sor/Wiz2Call Undead II CoVSF1 roundClose1 round/lev (D)-NCalls undead to fight (1 2nd or 1d3 1st)AoM 68
Sor/Wiz2Cat's Grace TrVSM1 actTouch1 min/levWill n.YSubject gains +4 Dex for 1 min/levPH 208
Sor/Wiz2Catapult TrVS1 actTouchInstantaneous-NMagically propel an object from your handCS 95
Sor/Wiz2Celerity, Lesser TrVImmed.PersonalInstantaneous-NTake a move action but be dazed for 1 roundPH2 105
Sor/Wiz2Chain of Eyes DiVS1 actTouch1 hour/lev-YSee through other creatutes' eyes.SpC 45
Sor/Wiz2Channel the Mishtai (INCARNUM,ESSENTIA) NeVS1 roundTouch1 minWill n.YDraw random mishtai's soul into target's bodyMoI 99
Sor/Wiz2Charm Person or Ghost [Ectomancy,Mind-Affecting]EnVS1 actClose1 hour/levWill n.YAs Charm Person, but also affects ghostsGh 50
Sor/Wiz2City Lights [Light]EvVSM1 act60 ftInstantaneousFor part.YAbsorbs nearby light to release as flareRD 164
Sor/Wiz2Claws of Darkness IlVS1 actPersonal1 round/lev (D)For part.YClaws deal 1d8 cold damage and have reach.SpC 47
Sor/Wiz2Cloak Pool IlVS1 actClose1 hour/lev (D)Will n.YHide a color pool on the Astral PlaneSpC 48
Sor/Wiz2Clothier's Closet CoVSM10 minClose1 hour/lev(D)-NConjure several sets of clothingMoE 94
Sor/Wiz2Cloud of Bewilderment CoVSM1 actClose1 round/levSpecialNGenerates a nauseating 10-ft. cube.SpC 48
Sor/Wiz2Cloud of Knives CoVSM1 actPersonal1 round/lev-NRelease 1 knife/round, dealing 1d6 dmg +1/3 levPH2 107
Sor/Wiz2Combust [Fire]EvVSM1 actTouchSpecialRef part.YSubject takes 1d8/lev dmg, might catch fireSpC 50
Sor/Wiz2Command Undead NeVSM1 actClose1 day/levWill n.YUndead creature obeys your commandsPH 211
Sor/Wiz2Confluence DiVSM1 actSpecialInstantaneous-NSearches for something through timeLotT 24
Sor/Wiz2Construct Essence, Lesser TrVS1 actTouch1 min/levWill n.YGrants living construct construct qualitiesFE 150
Sor/Wiz2Continual Flame [Light]EvVSM1 actTouchPermanent-NMakes a permanent, heatless torchPH 213
Sor/Wiz2Crackling Sphere [Electricity]EvVSM1 actMedium1 round/lev (D)Ref n.YGlobe of electricity deals 1d5 damage/2 levDCS 105
Sor/Wiz2Create Magic Tattoo CoVSMF10 minTouch24 hours-YSubject receives a magic tattooSpC 55
Sor/Wiz2Crystalline Memories [Mind-Affecting]TrVSSwift60 ft.SpecialWill n.YRead subject's thoughts, deal hp and Int dmgCM 100
Sor/Wiz2Curse of Impending Blades NeVSM1 actMedium1 min/lev-YSubject takes -2 penalty to AC.SpC 56
Sor/Wiz2Daggerspell Stance AbVFSwiftPersonal1 round/lev (D)-NYou gain attack/damage bonus, SR, DRSpC 57
Sor/Wiz2Dance of Ruin [Evil]NeVS1 roundCloseInstantaneousRef halfYNondemons take 2d20 damageBV 90
Sor/Wiz2Dark Way IlVS1 actClose1 round/lev-YTemporary bridge supports 200 lbs/levSpC 58
Sor/Wiz2Darkbolt [Darkness,Evil]EvVS1 actCloseInstantaneousFor part.YDeals 1d8 damage/2 lev, stuns for 1 roundLoM 210
Sor/Wiz2Darkness [Darkness]EvVM1 actTouch10 min/lev (D)-N20-ft radius of supernatural shadowPH 216
Sor/Wiz2Darkvision TrVSM1 actTouch1 hour/lev-YSee 60 ft in total darknessPH 216
Sor/Wiz2Darsson's Chilling Chamber [Cold]EvVS1 actClose1 hour/lev (D)SpecialYLower temperature in area to extreme coldShS 45
Sor/Wiz2Darsson's Fiery Furnace [Fire]EvVS1 actClose1 hour/lev (D)SpecialYRaise temperature in area to extreme heatShS 46
Sor/Wiz2Daze Monster [Mind-Affecting]EnVSM1 actMedium1 roundWill n.YLiving creature up to 6 HD loses next actionPH 217
Sor/Wiz2Death Armor NeVSMF1 actPersonal1 round/lev-NBlack aura damages creatures attacking you.SpC 60
Sor/Wiz2Decastave [Force]CoVSM1 act0 ft1 round/lev (D)-YConjures quarterstaff of forceUna 49
Sor/Wiz2Deflect [Force]AbVImmed.Personal1 round-NGain bonus to AC for one attackPH2 109
Sor/Wiz2Delusions of Grandeur IlV1 actMedium10 min/levWill n.YSubject thinks it is better than it is.SpC 63
Sor/Wiz2Desiccate NeVSM1 actCloseInstantaneousFor part.YDeals 1d6/2 lev damage and dehydratesSa 114
Sor/Wiz2Desiccating Bubble NeSM1 actMedium1 round/levRef n.YGlobe of air evaporates moisture from subjectSpC 63
Sor/Wiz2Detect Aberration DiVS1 act60 ft1 min/lev (D)-NDetect the presence of aberrationsLoM 210
Sor/Wiz2Detect Thoughts [Mind-Affecting]DiVSF1 act60 ft1 min/lev (D)Will n.NAllows ?listening? to surface thoughtsPH 220
Sor/Wiz2Dimension Hop CoV1 actTouchInstantaneousWill n.YTeleport subject short distancePH2 110
Sor/Wiz2Dimension Leap CoV1 act10ft/levInstantaneous-NTeleport 10 ft./levelMoE 95
Sor/Wiz2Disarm [Mind-Affecting]EnVS1 actClose1 rd +1 rd/levWill n.YCreature finds it difficult to hold a weaponToHS 46
Sor/Wiz2Discern Shapechanger DiVSM1 roundPersonal1 round/lev-NPenetrates disguises, identifies shapechangersSpC 66
Sor/Wiz2Discolor Pool IlVSM1 actClose1 hour/lev (D)Will dis.NChange the color of a color poolSpC 66
Sor/Wiz2Disguise Undead IlVSF1 actTouch24 hours-YChange appearance of one corporeal undead.SpC 66
Sor/Wiz2Dispel Fog AbVS1 actMedium1 min/levFor halfYCancels natural and magical fogs in the areaShS 46
Sor/Wiz2Dispelling Touch AbVS1 actTouchInstantaneous-NDispel one magical effect on touched subjectPH2 11
Sor/Wiz2Dissonant Chant [Sonic]AbVS1 actClose1 round/lev (D)-YConcentration checks more difficult in areaSpC 69
Sor/Wiz2Distracting Ray AbVS1 actCloseInstantaneous-NRay forces caster to make Concentrat. checkSpC 69
Sor/Wiz2Divest Essentia NeVSwiftCloseInstantaneous-YTarget's essentia becomes uninvested. MoI 101
Sor/Wiz2Dragoneye Rune UnVS1 actTouchPermanent-NCreate invisible draconic markDM 66
Sor/Wiz2Dragonwise AbV1 actPersonal10 min/lev-NImmune to dragonfear, bonuses with dragons HOS 66
Sor/Wiz2Dream Lock [Mind-Affecting]EnVS 1 actClose1 min/lev (D)Will n. YConfuse dream with reality, dazed or shakenSoS 126
Sor/Wiz2Eagle's Splendor TrVSM1 actTouch1 min/levWill n.YSubject gains +4 Cha for 1 min/levPH 225
Sor/Wiz2Earth Lock [Earth]AbVSM1 actClosePermanent-NConstricts tunnel, preventing access. SpC 75
Sor/Wiz2Earthbind TrVS1 actMedium1 min/lev (D)For n.YSubject creature can't fly. SpC 76
Sor/Wiz2Earthen Grasp [Earth]TrVSM1 actClose2 rounds/level-YArm made of earth and soil grapples foes.SpC 76
Sor/Wiz2Ectoplasmic Feedback AbVS1 actPersonal1 min/lev (D)-Sp.Incorporeal attackers take 1d6 damage +1/level.SpC 78
Sor/Wiz2Electric Loop [Electricity]EvVSM1 actCloseInstantaneousSpecialYDeals 1d6/2 lev damage plus stunningSpC 78
Sor/Wiz2Electric Vengeance [Electricity]EvVSImmed.5 ftInstantaneous-YDeals 2d8+1/lev dmg to foe who strikes youPH2 111
Sor/Wiz2Elemental Dart CoVS1 actMediumInstantaneousFor halfYMagical dart deals 1d6 damage +1.lev (max +10)DCS 108
Sor/Wiz2Energize Potion TrVSM1 actCloseInstantaneousRef halfYTransforms a potion into an energy grenadeBE 98
Sor/Wiz2Energy Surge, Lesser [Special]TrVSwiftClose1 roundWill n.YOne attack deals 1d6 extra damagePH2 112
Sor/Wiz2Enlarge Weapon TrVS1 actTouch1 round/levWill n.YYour weapon grows one size categoryCS 97
Sor/Wiz2Entice Gift [Mind-Affecting]EnVS1 actClose1 roundWill n.YSubject gives caster what it's holding.SpC 83
Sor/Wiz2Escalating Enfeeblement NeVS1 actClose1 min/lev-YAs ray of enfeeblement, but greater effectCM 103
Sor/Wiz2Ethereal Alarm AbVSF1 actClose2 hrs/lev (D)-NAs Alarm, but senses only the Ethereal PlaneGh 52
Sor/Wiz2Ethereal Chamber [Force]EvVSM1 actClose1 min/levRef n.YEntrap ethereal subject in a chamber of forceSpC 84
Sor/Wiz2Expose the Dead DiVSM1 actPersonal1 min/lev-NGain bonuses to locate undead or corpsesMoE 96
Sor/Wiz2Extend Tentacles TrV1 actPersonal1 round/lev-N+5 ft. to reach of tentacle attack.SpC 86
Sor/Wiz2Falling Feathers CoVSM1 actMediumInstantaneous-NFeathers create a massive pile on the groundWotL 47
Sor/Wiz2False Life NeVSM1 actPersonal1 hour/lev-YSubject gains 1d10+1/lev (max. +10) temp. hpPH 229
Sor/Wiz2False Peacebond TrVSF1 actClose10 min/lev (D)Will n.YAs peacebond, but subject can draw weaponCi 66
Sor/Wiz2Fatal Flame [Fire]EvVSM1 actClose1 min/levSpecialYTarget's body burst into flames upon its deathCS 99
Sor/Wiz2Fearsome Grapple TrVImmed.Personal1 round/lev-NYou grow tentacles that help you grapple.SpC 90
Sor/Wiz2Feign Life [Death]NeVS1 actTouch1 day/lev-NGives the illusion of life to a corpseToHS 46
Sor/Wiz2Fins To Feet TrVS1 actTouch1 hour/levFor n.YTransforms tails and fins into legs and feet.SpC 92
Sor/Wiz2Fins to Feet TrVS1 actTouch1 hour/levFor n.YTransforms tails or tentacles into legsSto 117
Sor/Wiz2Fireburst [Fire]EvVSM1 act10 ftInstantaneousRef halfYCreatures in 10 ft take 1d8/level fire damageSpC 93
Sor/Wiz2Flame Dagger [Fire]EvVSM1 act0 ft1 min/lev-YBeam of fire deals 1d4 dmg +1/lev (max +10)SpC 94
Sor/Wiz2Flaming Sphere [Fire]EvVSM1 actMedium1 round/levRef n.YRolling ball of fire, 2d6 dmg, lasts 1 round/levPH 232
Sor/Wiz2Fly, Swift TrVSwiftPersonal1 round-NGain fly speed of 60 ft. for 1 round.SpC 96
Sor/Wiz2Fog Cloud CoVS1 actMedium10 min/lev-NFog obscures visionPH 232
Sor/Wiz2Fool's Gold IlVSM1 roundTouch1 hour/levWill dis.NMakes metal objects appear to be made of goldPF 72
Sor/Wiz2Force Hammer EvVS1 actCloseInstantaneousFor part.YRay deals 1d4 nonlethal/lev (max 10d4), dazesSh 168
Sor/Wiz2Force Ladder [Force]EvVSF1 actClose1 min/lev (D)-NCreates an immobile ladder of force.SpC 97
Sor/Wiz2Fortify Dragonmark (DRAGONMARK) AbVS1 actPersonal1 round/lev-NGain chance to negate criticals and sneak att.Dra 151
Sor/Wiz2Fortify Metal or Stone TrVSM1 actTouch 1 hour/lev -YDouble hardness, grant damage bonus or DRSoS 127
Sor/Wiz2Fox's Cunning TrVSM1 actTouch1 min/levWill n.YSubject gains +4 Int for 1 min/levPH 233
Sor/Wiz2Frost Breath [Cold]EvVSM1 act30 ftInstantaneousRef halfYIcy breath deals 1d4 damage/2 levels.SpC 100
Sor/Wiz2Frost Weapon TrVSM1 actTouch1 round/levWill n.NWeapons deals +1d6 cold damageFr 95
Sor/Wiz2Furnace Within (DWARF) [Fire,Mindset]EvVS1 act10 ftInstantaneousRef halfYFlame from your body deals 1d8/lev dmgRE 185
Sor/Wiz2Fuse Arms TrVS1 actTouch10 min/levFor n.YMultiple arms/tentacles stronger limbsSpC 100
Sor/Wiz2Gaze Screen AbVS1 actTouch10 min/levWill n.YYou are partially shielded against gaze attacksDrF 115
Sor/Wiz2Ghost Touch Armor TrVSM1 actTouch1 min/levWill n.YArmor works against incorporeal attacksSpC 102
Sor/Wiz2Ghoul Glyph NeVSM1 minTouchUntil triggeredFor part.YGlyph wards area, paralyzes victims.SpC 105
Sor/Wiz2Ghoul Touch NeVSM1 actTouch1d6+2 roundsFor n.YParalyzes one subject, who exudes stenchPH 235
Sor/Wiz2Glitterdust CoVSM1 actMedium1 round/levWill n.NBlinds creatures, outlines invisible creaturesPH 236
Sor/Wiz2Gnome Blight CoVSM1 actMedium1 round/lev (D)For n.YCloud of itchy pollen sickens living creaturesRDr 113
Sor/Wiz2Graz'zt's Long Grasp [Evil]TrVS1 actPersonal10 min/lev-NCaster's hand flies from arm and grapplesBV 96
Sor/Wiz2Gust of Wind [Air]EvVS1 act60 ft1 roundFor n.YBlows away or knocks down smaller creaturesPH 238
Sor/Wiz2Hail of Ectoplasm [Ectomancy]CoVSM1 actCloseInstantaneousRef halfYSpheres of ectoplasm deal 1d6 damage/2 levGh 54
Sor/Wiz2Halaster's Light Step TrVSF1 actTouch1 min/levWill n.YSubject flies at speed of 30 ftCSW 154
Sor/Wiz2Heart of Air [Air]TrVS1 actPersonal1 hour/lev (D)-N+10 on Jump, +10 ft. fly speed, one feather fallCM 106
Sor/Wiz2Heat Leech [Cold]NeVSM1 actClose1 round/levFor n.YSubject takes 1d8 cold damage/roundFr 97
Sor/Wiz2Heroics TrVSM1 actTouch10 min/lev-YFighter gains one fighter bonus feat.SpC 113
Sor/Wiz2Horror of the Sp. Name (TR) [Fear,Mind-Affecting]NeVS1 actCloseSpecialWill part.YFrightens creature that hears its truenameTM 257
Sor/Wiz2Hurl TrVS1 actTouch1 min/lev-NThrown weapon returns to thrower.SpC 117
Sor/Wiz2Hypnotic Pattern [Mind-Affecting]IlSM1 actMediumConc.+2 rdsWill n.YFascinates 2d4+1 HD/lev of creaturesPH 242
Sor/Wiz2Ice Darts [Cold]CoVS1 actCloseInstantaneous-NIcicle missiles deal 2d4 damage, half is coldFr 98
Sor/Wiz2Ice Knife [Cold]CoSM1 actLongInstantaneousSpecialYDeals 2d8 cold + 2 Dex damage, or 1d8 in 10-ftSpC 119
Sor/Wiz2Icicle [Cold]AbVS1 actCloseUntil dis. (D)SpecialYMagical trap deals 4d6 damage when triggeredFr 101
Sor/Wiz2Ignite Dragonmark (DRAGONMARK) [Fire]TrVS1 actMediumInstantaneousWill halfYDeal 1d6/lev fire dmg, suppress dragonmarkDra 152
Sor/Wiz2Incarnum Arc (INCARNUM,ESSENTIA) EvVSM1 actClose1 round/lev (D)Ref n.YMovable line deals 1d6 damage +1d6/essentia.MoI 102
Sor/Wiz2Incendiary Slime CoVSM1 actClose1 round/lev (D)SpecialNCreate flammable slippery substanceCM 108
Sor/Wiz2Increase Virulence TrVSM1 minTouch1 min/lev-NPoison's DC increased by 2PH2 115
Sor/Wiz2Infernal Wound [Evil]TrVS1 actTouch1 round/lev-NWeapon deals persistent, bleeding wounds.SpC 122
Sor/Wiz2Inky Cloud CoVSM1 act30 ft10 min/lev-NObscures sight underwater beyond 5 ft.SpC 123
Sor/Wiz2Insidious Insight [Mind-Affecting]DiV1 roundClose1 day/levWill n.YBonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, etc.RE 187
Sor/Wiz2Insight DiVM1 roundPersonal1 round/lev (D)-NGives +10 to Spot and Search checksVRA 24
Sor/Wiz2Insight of Good Fortune DiVSM1 actClose1 min/levWill n.YSubject rolls twice, takes best resultPH2 115
Sor/Wiz2Investiture of the Spined Devil [Evil]TrVSM1 actClose1 min/levWill n.YTarget can launch up to 3 spikes at onceFCII 106
Sor/Wiz2Invisibility IlVSM1 actTouch1 min/lev (D)Will n.YSubject invisible for 1 min/lev or until attacksPH 245
Sor/Wiz2Ironthunder Horn [Sonic]TrVS1 act30 ftInstantaneousRef n.YIntense vibrations trip those in area.SpC 126
Sor/Wiz2Jaws of the Moray TrVS1 actTouch1 min/levWill n.YSubject gains a bite attack.Sto 117
Sor/Wiz2Kelgore's Grave Mist [Cold]CoVSM1 actMedium1 round/lev-Sp.1d6 cold dmg/rd, fatigue, partially ignore SRPH2 116
Sor/Wiz2Kelgore's Grave Mist [Cold]NeVSM1 actMedium1 round/lev-Sp.1d6 cold dmg/rd, fatigue, partially ignore SRPH2 116
Sor/Wiz2Knock TrV1 actMediumInstantaneous-NOpens locked or magically sealed doorsPH 246
Sor/Wiz2Kuo-Toa Skin TrVSMD1 actTouch1 hour/levWill n.YGains +8 on Excape Artist checksSto 118
Sor/Wiz2Leomund's Tiny Igloo [Cold]EvVSM1 act5 ft2 hours/lev (D)-NCreates an igloo that lasts 2 hours/levFr 101
Sor/Wiz2Leomund's Trap IlVSM1 actTouchPermanent (D)-NMakes item seem trappedPH 247
Sor/Wiz2Levitate TrVSF1 actClose1 min/lev (D)-NSubject moves up and down at your directionPH 248
Sor/Wiz2Life Bolt NeVS1 actMediumInstantaneous-YOne ray/2 lev deals 1d12 to undead, 1 to youSpC 131
Sor/Wiz2Light of Mercuria [Good,Light]EvVS1 actMedium10 min/lev (D)-YYou radiate light, can use 2 boltsSpC 132
Sor/Wiz2Lively Step TrVSF1 act30 ftUp to 12 hrsWill n.YYou and allies gain +10 increase to speed.SpC 133
Sor/Wiz2Local Tremor [Earth]EvVS1 act30 ft1 min/levRef n.NLight tremor shakes in a 30-ft lineRDr 114
Sor/Wiz2Locate Node [Earth]DiVSF1 act1 mile/l1 min/lev-NFinds closest earth nodeUnd 58
Sor/Wiz2Locate Object DiVSF1 actLong1 min/lev-NSenses direction towards objectPH 249
Sor/Wiz2Lucky Streak TrVS1 actClose1 min/lev (D)Will n.YTargets gains +2 on rerolls made with luck featsCS 100
Sor/Wiz2Luminous Swarm [Force]EvVS1 actClose5 roundsRef part.YDeal 1d6 dmg/round and 20% miss chanceCM 110
Sor/Wiz2Magic Mouth IlVSM1 actCloseUntil discharg.Will n.YSpeaks once when triggeredPH 251
Sor/Wiz2Magic Weapon, Legion's TrVSM1 actClose1 round/levWill n.YAllies' weapons gain +1 enhancement bonusMoE 99
Sor/Wiz2Magical Backlash AbVS1 actCloseInstantaneousFor halfYTarget takes 2 dmg per spell level affecting itDrU 62
Sor/Wiz2Malevolent Miasma CoVSF1 actCloseInstantaneousFor n.NCloud of fog deals 1d4 nonlethal damage/level.SpC 137
Sor/Wiz2Marked Object DiVSF1 minPersonal24 hours/level-NYou gain bonus to track a specific being.SpC 139
Sor/Wiz2Masochism [Evil]EnVSM1 actPersonal1 round/lev-NGain +1 to hit, ST, checks for every 10 hp takenBV 99
Sor/Wiz2Master's Touch DiVImmed.CloseInstantaneousWill n.YSubject gains immediate +4 on a skill checkPH2 119
Sor/Wiz2Mechanus Mind [Lawful,Mind-Affecting]EnVS1 actTouch1 min/levFor n.YReformats subject's mind to be calculatingSpC 140
Sor/Wiz2Melf's Acid Arrow [Acid]CoVSMF1 actLong1 r. + 1 r./3 lev-NRanged touch attack, 2d4 for 1 round +1/3 levPH 253
Sor/Wiz2Mindburn [Mind-Affecting]EnVSM1 actClose1 round/3 levWill n.YTarget loses a spell or infusion each roundMoE 99
Sor/Wiz2Mindless Rage [Mind-Affecting]EnVSF1 actMedium1 round/levWill n.YTarget compelled to attack you physicallySpC 142
Sor/Wiz2Minor Image IlVSF1 actLongConc.+2 rdsWill dis.NCreates visual and sound minor illusionPH 254
Sor/Wiz2Mirror Image IlVS1 actPersonal1 min/lev (D)-NCreates 1d4+1/3 lev decoys of you (max 8)PH 254
Sor/Wiz2Misdirection IlVS1 actClose1 hour/levSpecialNMisleads divinations for a creature or objectPH 254
Sor/Wiz2Misrepresent Alignment IlVSF1 actClose1 hour/lev (D)Will n.YProjects a false alignmentRE 188
Sor/Wiz2Molten Strike [Fire]EvVSM1 actLongInstantaneousRef n.Y5-ft radius burst deals 2d6 fire damage, ignitesHB 127
Sor/Wiz2Mountain Stance TrVS1 actTouch1 min/levWill n.NSubject becomes hard to move.SpC 144
Sor/Wiz2Necrotic Cyst [Evil]NeVSF1 actTouchInstantaneousFor n.YEncyst undead sac of tissue in subjectLM 68
Sor/Wiz2Necrotic Scrying [Evil]NeVSF1 actUnlim.1 min/lev (D)-NHear or see encusted subject at a distanceLM 69
Sor/Wiz2Node Lock [Earth]AbVS1 actClosePermanent-NDeters others from using an earth nodeUnd 60
Sor/Wiz2Numbing Sphere [Cold]EvVSM1 actMedium1 round/levRef n.YBall of cold deals 1d6 plus 1d4 Dex damageFr 102
Sor/Wiz2Obscure Object AbVSM1 actTouch8 hours (D)Will n.YMasks object against scryingPH 258
Sor/Wiz2Obscuring Snow [Air,Cold]CoVS1 act30 ft1 hour/lev-NObscures sight in 30-ft radius around the casterFr 103
Sor/Wiz2Owl's Wisdom TrVSM1 actTouch1 min/levWill n.YSubject gains +4 Wis for 1 min/levPH 259
Sor/Wiz2Palarandusk's Fire Breath [Fire]EvVS1 act0 ft1 hourRef halfYSpit flame in 10-ft cone, deal 1d6/lev damageCSW 156
Sor/Wiz2Phantasmal Assailants [Fear,Mind-Affecting]IlVS1 actCloseInstantaneousSpecialYNightmare strike subject for 8 Wis, 8 DexSpC 154
Sor/Wiz2Phantom Foe [Mind-Affecting]IlVSF1 actTouch1 round/levWill dis.NSubject is always flanked by one creature.SpC 156
Sor/Wiz2Portal Alarm AbVSM1 actClose2 hrs/lev (D)-NAlert when a creature passes through portalSpC 160
Sor/Wiz2Portal Well TrVSM1 actTouch1 round/lev (D)-NYou wait between portal's entrance and exitCAd 56
Sor/Wiz2Power Word Sicken [Mind-Affecting]EnV1 actCloseSpecial-YSickens one creature with 100 hp or lessRDr 116
Sor/Wiz2Pressure Sphere [Water]TrVS1 actMediumInstantaneousFor halfYWater pressure deals 3d6 damage to submerged.Sto 120
Sor/Wiz2Price of Loyalty [Mind-Affecting]EnF1 actTouch1 hour/levWill n.YTarget becomes your friend if accepts your coinPE 149
Sor/Wiz2Protection from Arrows AbVSF1 actTouch1 hour/levWill n.YSubject immune to most ranged attacksPH 266
Sor/Wiz2Protection from Curses AbVSM1 minTouch1 day/levWill n.NTarget has +4 to ST against cursesVRA 36
Sor/Wiz2Proud Arrogance EnVSM1 actMedium1 min/levWill n.YTarget gains +4 to saves vs. charm, comp., fearRD 167
Sor/Wiz2Pyrotechnics TrVSM1 actLongSpecialSpecialSp.Turns fire into blinding light or smokePH 267
Sor/Wiz2Quick Potion TrVS1 minTouch1 hour/levWill n.YCreates a potion to be used within 1 hour/levSpC 164
Sor/Wiz2Radiant Dart EvVS1 actMediumInstantaneousSpecialYMissile of energy strikes its target WotL 47
Sor/Wiz2Rainbow Beam [Light]EvVSF1 actCloseInstantaneous-YDazzles and deals 1d12 random dmg/3 levSpC 165
Sor/Wiz2Ray of Ice [Cold]EvVSM1 actCloseInstantaneousSpecialYRay deals 1d6 cold damage/2 levels.SpC 167
Sor/Wiz2Ray of Resurgence EvVS1 actCloseInstantaneousFor n.YYellow light restores Str, removes fatigueLE 33
Sor/Wiz2Ray of Retaliation (DRAGONMARK) [Force]AbSImmed.SpecialInstantaneous-YRay is reflected back to deal force damageDra 153
Sor/Wiz2Ray of Sickness NeVS1 actClose1 round/lev-YSubject becomes sickened. SpC 167
Sor/Wiz2Ray of Stupidity [Mind-Affecting]EnVSM1 actClose1 round/lev-YVictim takes 1d4+1 Intelligence damage.SpC 167
Sor/Wiz2Ray of Weakness NeVS1 actClose1 min/lev-YSubject takes -2 on attacks, -10 ft. speed.SpC 168
Sor/Wiz2Razorfangs TrV1 actPersonal1 round/lev-NYour bite or claw threatens on 19-20SpC 168
Sor/Wiz2Razorscales TrVM1 actPersonal1 round/lev (D)-NYour scales beome razor-sharpSK 157
Sor/Wiz2Rebuke [Fear,Mind-Affecting]EnVSF1 actClose1 round/levWill n.YSubject is dazed 1 round, then shaken.SpC 170
Sor/Wiz2Reflective Disguise IlVS1 actPersonal10 min/lev-NViewers see you as their own species and gender.SpC 171
Sor/Wiz2Repair Moderate Damage TrVS1 actTouchInstantaneous-NRepairs construct for 2d8 +1/lev (max +10) hpSpC 173
Sor/Wiz2Resist Energy AbVS1 actTouch10 min/levFor n.YIgnores 10+ damage/attack from one energyPH 272
Sor/Wiz2Returning Weapon TrVSwiftTouch1 round/lev (D)-NThrown weapon returns to throwerRW 175
Sor/Wiz2Rheumatism TrVSF1 actMedium2 round/levFor n.YRay fuses bones into arthritic moundsVRA 32
Sor/Wiz2River's Ravages TrVSM1 actClose1 round/levFor n.YAges a creature 2 years/levLotT 25
Sor/Wiz2Rope Trick TrVSM1 actTouch1 hour/lev (D)-NUp to 8 creat. hide in extradimensional spacePH 273
Sor/Wiz2Sadism [Evil]EnVSM1 actPersonal1 round/lev-NGain +1 to hit, ST, checks for every 10 hp dealtBV 103
Sor/Wiz2Sap Strength [Evil]EnVSM1 actTouchInstantaneousFor n.YSubject becomes exhaustedBV 103
Sor/Wiz2Scale Weakening TrVSM1 actClose1 min/lev (D)-YSubject's natural armor weakens.SpC 180
Sor/Wiz2Scare [Fear,Mind-Affecting]NeVSM1 actMediumSpecialWill part.YPanics creatures of less than 6 HDPH 274
Sor/Wiz2Scent TrVSM1 actTouch10 min/lev-YGrants the scent abilitySK 157
Sor/Wiz2Scimitar of Sand [Earth]EvVSD1 act0 ft1 min/lev (D)For part.YSand sword deals 1d6 dmg +1/2 lev and dehydr.Sa 120
Sor/Wiz2Scintillating Scales AbV1 actPersonal1 min/lev-NNatural armor bonus turns into deflectionSpC 181
Sor/Wiz2Scorch [Fire]EvVSF1 act30 ftInstantaneousRef halfYJet of flame deals 1d8/2 levels (max 5d8).SpC 181
Sor/Wiz2Scorching Ray [Fire]EvVS1 actCloseInstantaneous-YRay deals 4d6 damage, +1 ray/4 lev (max 3)PH 274
Sor/Wiz2Scourge of Force [Force]EvVS1 actCloseInstantaneous-YTendrils deal 1d8 +1/2 lev damage eachCR 34
Sor/Wiz2See Invisibility DiVSM1 actPersonal10 min/lev (D)-NReveals invisible creatures or objects PH 273
Sor/Wiz2Seeking Ray EvVS1 actMediumInstantaneous-YRay deals 4d6 electricity damage, +4 to hitPH2 124
Sor/Wiz2Sense Weakness DiVS1 actTouch24 hoursWill n.YAutomatically confrim one critical hitMoE 101
Sor/Wiz2Sentinel's Watch DiVSMX1 actTouch1 hour/levWill n.YGain +5 to Spot, Sense Motive, Will saves PE 149
Sor/Wiz2Shadow Double IlV1 actClose1 round/levWill dis.NShadowy figure attacks enemies DrU 62
Sor/Wiz2Shadow Mask IlVSM1 actPersonal10 min/lev (D)-N+4 on saves vs. light, protects from gaze att.SpC 185
Sor/Wiz2Shadow Radiance IlVSM1 actMedium1 round/levWill dis.YArea filled with light that grows brighterSpC 185
Sor/Wiz2Shadow Shroud [Darkness]EvVImmed.Personal1 round/lev (D)-NNegate light vulnerability, +5 on Hide checksDrU 62
Sor/Wiz2Shadow Spray IlVSM1 actMedium1 round/levFor n.YDeals 4 points of Str damage and dazes. SpC 186
Sor/Wiz2Share Talents TrVSM1 roundTouch10 min/levWill n.YSubjects gain +2 bonus on skill checks PH2 124
Sor/Wiz2Shatter [Sonic] EvVSM1 actCloseInstantaneousSpecialYSonic vibration damages objects or creatures PH 278
Sor/Wiz2Shocking Spark [Electricity]EvVSM1 actCloseInstantaneous-YRanged touch attack deals 4d6 damageDCS 111
Sor/Wiz2Shriveling (DISEASE) [Evil]NeVS1 actCloseInstantaneousRef halfYSubject takes 1d4 damage per levelBV 103
Sor/Wiz2Shroud from Sight [Mind-Affecting]EnVS1 actPersonal1 round/levWill n.YConvince others to look the other wayWotL 49
Sor/Wiz2Shroud of Undeath NeVSM1 actPersonal10 min/lev (D)-NMakes undead perceive you as undeadSpC 189
Sor/Wiz2Silver Dragonmail CoVSF1 actPersonal1 hour/lev (D)-NCreate +1 mithral silver breastplate around youCV 57
Sor/Wiz2Sink [Water]TrVS1 actMedium1 min/levFor n.YSubject loses buoyancy.Sto 121
Sor/Wiz2Siren Song [Sonic,Mind-Affecting]EnV1 act90 ft.Concentr. (D)Will n.YWhile the caster sings, no one will harm himVRA 37
Sor/Wiz2Slapping Hand [Force]EvVSF1 actMediumInstantaneous-YHand makes creature provoke AoOSpC 191
Sor/Wiz2Slide, Greater TrV1 actMediumInstantaneousWill n.YMove subject 20 feet.SpC 192
Sor/Wiz2Slow Consumption (LOCATION) [Evil]NeVS10 minTouchPermanentFor n.YCaster absorbs health from helpless subjectBV 103
Sor/Wiz2Snake's Swiftness TrVSM1 actCloseInstantaneousWill n.YSubject immediately makes one attack.SpC 193
Sor/Wiz2Snowball Swarm [Cold]EvVSM1 actMediumInstantaneousRef halfYDeal 2d6 points of cold damage in 10-ft. burstSpC 194
Sor/Wiz2Sonic Weapon [Sonic]TrV1 actTouch1 min/lev (D)-NWeapon touched deals +1d6 sonic damageSpC 195
Sor/Wiz2Soul Blight NeVSM1 actMediumInstantaneousWill halfYDeal 1d4 + 1/3 lev essentia damage to foeMoI 104
Sor/Wiz2Soul Boon (INCARNUM) NeVSM1 actTouch1 minWill n.YGrant 1 point of essentia/3 levMoI 104
Sor/Wiz2Soul of Anarchy [Chaotic]TrVS1 actPersonal1 hour-NYou are difficult to grapple, gain benefitsDM 72
Sor/Wiz2Soul of Order [Lawful]TrVS1 actPersonal1 hour-NGain +2 vs. enchantment, weapons are lawfulDM 73
Sor/Wiz2Spawn Screen NeVS1 actTouch1 hour/levWill n.YYou resist trasformation into undead spawnSpC 197
Sor/Wiz2Speak To Allies [Language-Dependant]TrVSF1 actMedium10 min/lev-NCan converse at distance without moving lipsSpC 197
Sor/Wiz2Speaking Stones TrVS1 actTouch24 hours-NPass 25-word message between 2 stonesMoE 102
Sor/Wiz2Spectral Hand NeVS1 actMedium1 min/lev (D)-NDisembodied hand delivers touch attacksPH 282
Sor/Wiz2Spider Climb TrVSM1 actTouch10 min/levWill n.NGrants ability to walk on walls and ceilingsPH 283
Sor/Wiz2Spymaster's Coin DiVSF1 actTouchSpecial-NHide scrying sensor in Tiny objectCS 104
Sor/Wiz2Stay the Hand [Mind-Affecting]EnVImmed.MediumInstantaneousWill n.YSubject's attitude is helpful for 1 roundPH2 126
Sor/Wiz2Steal Size TrVSM1 actClose1 min/lev (D)For n.YCreature doubles in size as target halves RDr 117
Sor/Wiz2Sting Ray [Mind-Affecting]EnVSM1 actClose2 round/levWill part.YSubject can take only standard or move actionSpC 206
Sor/Wiz2Stolen Breath [Air]NeVSF1 actMediumInstantaneous-YSubject has wind knocked out of it.SpC 207
Sor/Wiz2Stone Bones TrVSF1 actTouch10 min/levWill n.YCorporeal undead gains +3 natural armor SpC 208
Sor/Wiz2Stone Shards [Earth]TrVS1 actTouch1 min/levRef n.NOrdinary stones turn into grenadesDCS 112
Sor/Wiz2Stormrunner's Ward AbVSM1 roundTouch1 hour/lev (D)-NAdd +4 +1/4 lev to ship's checks for stormsSto 122
Sor/Wiz2Stretch Weapon TrVSwift0 ft1 attackWill n.YMelee weapon gains 5 ft of reach for 1 attackPH2 126
Sor/Wiz2Suffer the Flesh TrVSMSwiftPersonal1 round-NTake Con damage improve spellcastingMoE 103
Sor/Wiz2Summon Monster II CoVSF1 roundClose1 round/lev (D)-NCalls extraplanar to fight (1 2nd or 1d3 1st)PH 286
Sor/Wiz2Summon Swarm CoVSM1 roundCloseConc. +2 rds-NSummons swarm of bats, rats, or spidersPH 289
Sor/Wiz2Summon Undead II [Evil]CoVSF1 roundClose1 round/lev-NSummons undead to fight for you.SpC 215
Sor/Wiz2Sun Bolt [Light]EvVS1 actMedium1 roundRef part.YRay deals 2d6 damage, more vs. undeadShS 51
Sor/Wiz2Suppress Dragonmark AbSF1 minClose24 hoursWill n.NSuppress the abilities of target's dragonmarkMoE 103
Sor/Wiz2Suppress Magic (ESSENTIA) AbVS1 actMedium1 round/lev (D)SpecialNSuppress magic item or soulmeldMoI 105
Sor/Wiz2Sure Strike DiVSwiftPersonal1 round-NGain +1 bonus/3 lev on next attackPH2 126
Sor/Wiz2Surefooted Stride TrVS1 actPersonal1 min/lev-NYou can easily move over rubbleSpC 216
Sor/Wiz2Swim [Water]TrVSM1 roundMedium10 min/lev (D)-YGain swim speed and +8 to Swim checksSpC 217
Sor/Wiz2Tasha's Hideous Laughter [Mind-Affecting]EnVSM1 actClose1 round/levWill n.YSubject loses actions for 1 round/levPH 292
Sor/Wiz2Temporal Shield AbVSM1 actPersonal1 round/lev-YGrants +6 to AC, negates magic missilesLotT 26
Sor/Wiz2Tern's Persistance TrVSMD1 actTouch24 hoursWill n.YTravel overland 50% longer without fatigueSto 123
Sor/Wiz2Theskyn's Hearty Heave [Force]EvVS1 act10 ftInstantaneous-YPushes away creatures with Str of 20 + levLE 35
Sor/Wiz2Toothed Tentacle EvVSM1 actPersonal1 round/lev-NShadowy tentacle projects from your handLE 35
Sor/Wiz2Torrent of Tears [Mind-Affecting]EnVSM1 actClose5 roundsWill n.YSubject is blinded and emotionally distraughtCM 119
Sor/Wiz2Touch of Agony NeVS1 actTouch1 round/levFor n.YYour touch inflicts great painWotL 49
Sor/Wiz2Touch of Idiocy [Mind-Affecting]EnVS1 actTouch10 min/lev-YSubject takes 1d6 points of Int, Wis, ChaPH 294
Sor/Wiz2Trace Magic DiVSF1 roundClose1 hour/lev (D)-NYou can track lingering threads of magicAoM 76
Sor/Wiz2Truth-Testing DiVSF1 actClose1 round/levWill n.NDetects if the target is lyingToHS 53
Sor/Wiz2Turbidity AbSM1 act0 ft1 min/lev-NWater becomes cloudy, granting concealmentSto 123
Sor/Wiz2Unfettered Grasp [Mind-Affecting]EnV1 actCloseInstantaneous-YGrappling creature gains free attempt to escapeRDr 118
Sor/Wiz2Unheavened (DRUG) [Evil]AbVS1 actTouch10 min/levWill n.YSubject gains +4 save bonus vs. good outsidersBV 107
Sor/Wiz2Unseen Crafter CoVS1 actClose1 day/lev-NInvisible force can use the Craft skillRE 191
Sor/Wiz2Urchin's Spines TrVSMD1 actTouch1 min/levWill n.YTarget grows spines that damage opponents. Sto 124
Sor/Wiz2Veil of Shadow [Darkness]EvVS1 actPersonal1 min/lev-NDarkness grants you concealment. SpC 228
Sor/Wiz2Vertigo [Fear,Mind-Affecting]IlVS1 actClose1 round/lev (D)Will dis.NSubject must pass DC 10 Balance to movePH2 127
Sor/Wiz2Vision of Entropy [Fear,Mind-Affecting]IlVS1 actClose1 round/levSpecialYA vision of the Abyss causes increasing fearFCI 96
Sor/Wiz2Wall of Gloom [Darkness,Fear,Mind-Affecting]IlVSM1 actMediumConc. +1 rd/lev-NShadow barrier obscures vision.SpC 233
Sor/Wiz2Web CoVSM1 actMedium10 min/lev (D)Ref n.NFills 20-ft radius with sticky spider websPH 301
Sor/Wiz2Whelming Blast [Mind-Affecting]EnVS1 act30 ftInstantaneousWill n.Y15-ft cone deals 1d6 monlethal dmg/2 levPH2 128
Sor/Wiz2Whirling Blade TrVSF1 act60 ftInstantaneous-NHurled slashing weapons attacks foes in 60 ftSpC 238
Sor/Wiz2Whispering Wind [Air]TrVS1 act1 mile/lv1 hour/lev-NSends a short message up to 1 mile/levPH 301
Sor/Wiz2Wings of Air TrV1 actTouch1 min/lev-NTarget's flight maneuverability improvesSpC 240
Sor/Wiz2Wither Limb [Evil]NeVS1 actClose1 round/levFor n.YReduces subject's speed or hampers itBV 110
Sor/Wiz2Wracking Touch NeVS1 actTouchInstantaneousFor halfYDeal 1d6 +1 damage/lev, can sneak attackSpC 243
Sor/Wiz2Wraithstrike TrVSSwiftPersonal1 round-NMelee attacks strike as touch attacksSpC 243
Sor/Wiz2Yoke of Mercy (ABSTINENCE) [Good,Mind-Affecting]EnV1 actClose1 round/levWill n.NTarget deals nonlethal damageBE 112
Sor/Wiz2Zone of Glacial Cold [Cold]CoVSM1 actMedium1 round/levFor halfNDeals 1d6 cold damage in 20-ft radius areaFr 106
Sor/Wiz3Abolish Shadows AbVSM1 act30 ftInstantaneousFor halfYBurst of energy disrupts shadowsUna 47
Sor/Wiz3Acid Breath [Acid]CoVSM1 act15 ftInstantaneousRef halfYCone of acid deals 1d6 dmg/level (max 10d6)SpC 7
Sor/Wiz3Adept Spirit (INCARNUM,ESSENTIA) DiVSD1 actTouch1 hour/levWill n. YSpirit can activate bonus on checksMoI 98
Sor/Wiz3Adoration of the Frightful [Mind-Affecting]EnV1 act60 ft1 min/levWill n. YMake fearful creatures friendly to youDM 64
Sor/Wiz3Air Breathing TrSD1 actTouch2 hours/levelWill n. YSubjects can breathe air freely.SpC 8
Sor/Wiz3Allergen [Fear,Mind-Affecting]IlVSF1 actClose1 round/lev (D)Will n. YTarget believes the presence of allergenVRA 25
Sor/Wiz3Alter Fortune DiVXImmed.CloseInstantaneous-NCause one creature to reroll any die rollPH2 101
Sor/Wiz3Alter Person (FEY) TrVS1 actClose1 hour/levFor n.YChanges a body part of the targetVRSF 104
Sor/Wiz3Amorphous Form TrSM1 actTouch1 min/lev (D)Will n. YSubject becomes puddlelikeSpC 9
Sor/Wiz3Analyze Portal DiVSM1 min60 ft1 round/levSpecialNFind a nearby portal and discover its properties.SpC 10
Sor/Wiz3Animate Weapon TrVS1 actTouchConc + 1 rd.Will n. YA weapon animates and fights for youCM 95
Sor/Wiz3Anticipate Teleportation AbVSF10 minTouch24 hours-NPredict and delay 1 rd teleportating creaturesSpC 13
Sor/Wiz3Antidragon Aura AbVSMD1 actClose1 min/levWill n. YAllies gain bonus to AC and saves vs. dragonsSpC 14
Sor/Wiz3Arcane Maul [Force]EvVSM1 actSpecial SpecialFor half YAura of force can be wielded or hurledSoS 126
Sor/Wiz3Arcane Seal AbVSF1 actTouchPermanent-NSeals a chest, door, or portalSh 168
Sor/Wiz3Arcane Sight DiVS1 actPersonal1 min/lev (D)-NMagical auras become visible to youPH 201
Sor/Wiz3Arcane Staff, Lesser TrVSF10 minTouchUntil disc. (D)Will n. YSpells may be placed into normal quarterstaffToHS 44
Sor/Wiz3Arctic Haze [Cold]CoVS1 actMedium10 min/levFor halfNFog deals 4 damage/round and obscures visionFr 88
Sor/Wiz3Arms of Plenty TrVSM1 actTouch1 round/lev-NGrow two additional armsLoM 209
Sor/Wiz3Augment Undead [Evil]NeVSF1 actMedium1 min/lev (D)Will n. YTarget undead has +1 to ST and +3 to turn res.VRA 28
Sor/Wiz3Avoid Planar Effects AbVImmed.20 ft1 min/lev-YTemporary protection against planar traitsSpC 19
Sor/Wiz3Backblast [Fire]AbVS1 actPersonal10 min/lev (D)-NGrants fire resistance 10, fire spell turningLE 30
Sor/Wiz3Bands of Steel CoVSM1 actMedium1 round/levRef part.NMetallic bands immobilize or entangle targetSpC 24
Sor/Wiz3Bane of the Archrival (TRUENAME) AbVS1 actTouch1 min/levSpecialN+4 to AC and saves, counter mind control TM 255
Sor/Wiz3Barrier of Deflection [Force]EvVSM1 actTouch1 round/lev-NCreate personal shield against physical attacksWotL 45
Sor/Wiz3Battlemagic Perception DiVS1 actPersonal10 min/lev (D)-NSense and counter spellcasting within 100 ftHB 125
Sor/Wiz3Bedevil [Evil]CoVSM1 roundSpecial1 day/lev-YSummons spirit to torment your enemyCR 29
Sor/Wiz3Bigby's Disrupting Hand [Force]EvVSF1 actMedium1 min (D)-YHand disrupts opponent's spellcastingPH2 102
Sor/Wiz3Billim's Bifrost Bridge CoVSM1 actMedium1 min/lev (D)-NCauses a bridge of solid crystal to formDCS 105
Sor/Wiz3Bite of the Wererat TrVSM1 actPersonal1 round/lev-NYou gain the Dexterity and attacks of a wereratSpC 28
Sor/Wiz3Blacklight [Darkness]EvVSM1 actClose1 round/lev (D)Will n. Sp.Create an area of total darkness.SpC 30
Sor/Wiz3Blade of Pain and Fear EvVS1 act0 ft1 round/lev (D)Will part.YCreates blade of gnashing teeth.SpC 30
Sor/Wiz3Blink TrVS1 actPersonal1 round/lev (D)-NRandomly vanish and reappear for 1 round/levPH 206
Sor/Wiz3Blood Snow [Cold]NeVS1 actMedium1 round/levFor n.YSnow drains 1d2 Con/round and nauseatesFr 89
Sor/Wiz3Blunt Natural Weapons TrVS1 actClose1 round/lev (D)For n.YWeakens the natural weapons of target creat.DrF 113
Sor/Wiz3Body Blaze [Fire]EvVSM1 actPersonal1 round/lev (D)-NYou are surrounded by fire and leave a trailSa 112
Sor/Wiz3Bothersome Babble [Mind-Affecting]EnVS1 actClose3 roundsWill n.YSubject's speech is incoherent, then painfulCM 97
Sor/Wiz3Brittleskin TrVS1 actMedium1 round/levFor n.YSubject?s natural armor becomes brittleShS 44
Sor/Wiz3Call Undead III CoVSF1 roundClose1 round/lev (D)-NCalls undead (1 3rd, 1d3 2nd or 1d4+1 1st)AoM 68
Sor/Wiz3Capricious Zephyr [Air]EvVS1 actMedium1 round/levSpecialYGale-force winds push creatures.SpC 43
Sor/Wiz3Caustic Smoke CoVS1 actMedium5 roundsFor part.NCloud deals 1d6 acid damage/round, blindsCM 98
Sor/Wiz3Chain Missile [Force]EvVS1 actLongInstantaneous-YMissiles deal 1d4+1 dmg each, then sec. targ.SpC 44
Sor/Wiz3Circle Dance DiVS1 minPersonalInstantaneous-NIndicates direction to known individual.SpC 46
Sor/Wiz3Clairaudience/Clairvoyance DiVSF10 minLong1 min/lev (D)-NHear or see at a distance for 1 min/levPH 209
Sor/Wiz3Clearstone [Earth]TrVSM1 actTouch1 min/lev (D)-NMakes rock or stone transparentLE 31
Sor/Wiz3Compel Breath [Mind-Affecting]EnV1 actClose1 min/levWill n. YForces target creature to use breath weaponDrF 114
Sor/Wiz3Cone of Dimness [Mind-Affecting]IlVS1 act60 ft1 round/levWill n. YSubjects believe they are in magical darknessSpC 50
Sor/Wiz3Contagious Fog CoVSM1 actMedium1 round/levSpecialN20-ft.-radius cloud of fog inflicts disease.SpC 52
Sor/Wiz3Control Darkness and Shadow [Darkness,Shadow]TrVS1 actCloseConc + 1rd/lev-NManipulate areas of darkness and shadowCR 29
Sor/Wiz3Control Temperature [Cold,Fire]TrVSM1 round20 ft/lev1 hour/lev-NRaise /lower temperature by one band/5 levFr 92
Sor/Wiz3Corpse Candle CoSM1 actClose1 min/lev (D)-NGhostly hand and candle sheds lightSpC 53
Sor/Wiz3Crack Ice [Force]EvVSM1 actCloseInstantaneousFor halfYShatters ice structures or creaturesFr 92
Sor/Wiz3Crown of Clarity DiVSF1 actTouch1 hour/lev (D)Will n. Y+2 to Listen and Spot, discharge spell for +8PH2 107
Sor/Wiz3Crown of Might TrVSF1 actTouch1 hour/lev (D)Will n. YGain +2 Str, discharge to gain +8 for 1 roundPH2 108
Sor/Wiz3Crown of Protection TrVSF1 actTouch1 hour/lev (D)Will n. YGain +1 to AC and saves, discharge to get +4PH2 108
Sor/Wiz3Crown of the Grave NeVSMF1 actTouch1 hour/lev (D)Will n. YCommand undead, discharge for +4 turn/reb. PH2 107
Sor/Wiz3Crown of Veils IlVSF1 actTouch1 hour/lev (D)Will n. YGain +2 to Disguise and Hide, discharge for +8PH2 108
Sor/Wiz3Cruel Disappointment [Fear,Evil,Mind-Affecting]IlVS1 actMediumInstantaneousSpecialYFools subject for 1 round, then -4 penaltyBV 89
Sor/Wiz3Curse of Arrow Attraction TrVSM1 actMedium1 round/levWill n. YSubject takes -5 on AC vs. ranged attacks PH2 109
Sor/Wiz3Curse of Impending Blades, Mass NeVSM1 actMedium1 min/lev-YEnemies take -2 penalty to AC.SpC 57
Sor/Wiz3Curse of the Putrid Husk [Fear,Evil,Mind-Affecting]IlVSM1 actClose1 rd +1d10 minWill n. YSubject is unconscious for 1d10 minBV 89
Sor/Wiz3Daylight [Light]EvVS1 actTouch10 min/lev (D)-N60-ft radius of bright light PH 216
Sor/Wiz3Deceptive Facade IlVS1 actTouch10 min/lev (D)Will dis.YDisguise appearance of creature or object CM 102
Sor/Wiz3Deep Slumber [Mind-Affecting]EnVSM1 roundClose1 min/levWill n. YPut 10 HD of creatures to sleepPH 217
Sor/Wiz3Deeper Darkvision TrVSM1 actTouch1 hour/levWill n. YSubject can see 90 ft. in magical darkness.SpC 62
Sor/Wiz3Delay Manifestation [Ectomancy]AbVS1 actTouch1 hour/levWill n. YDelays creature from manifesting as a ghostGh 51
Sor/Wiz3Demon Dirge TrVS1 actClose1d6 roundsSpecialYDemons are stunned and take 2d6 dmg/roundSpC 63
Sor/Wiz3Detect Dragon DiVSM1 actLong1 min/lev (D)-NYou can detect creatures of the dragon subtypeWotL 45
Sor/Wiz3Detect Metal and Minerals DiVSM1 act60 ftUp to 10 min/l-NDetects accumulations of metals and minerals Rac 189
Sor/Wiz3Detect Ship DiVSF1 actSpecial24 hours (D)-YDetect and identify ships. Sto 115
Sor/Wiz3Devil Blight TrVS1 actClose1d6 roundsSpecialYDamage and stun baatezuSpC 64
Sor/Wiz3Devil's Eye TrVS1 actPersonal1 min/lev (D)-NSee through magical darkness up to 30 ft FCII 101
Sor/Wiz3Diamondsteel TrVSM1 actTouch1 round/levWill n. YMetal armor provides damage reduction. SpC 64
Sor/Wiz3Dimension Step CoVS1 actCloseInstantaneousFor n.YAllies teleport a distance equal to their speedPH2 110
Sor/Wiz3Diminish Undead NeVSF1 actMedium1 min/2levWill n. YTarget undead has -1 to ST and -3 to turn res.VRA 28
Sor/Wiz3Discern Shapechanger DiVSM1 roundPersonal1 round/lev-NPenetrates disguises, identifies shapechangersRE 184
Sor/Wiz3Disobedience AbVSM1 actClose1 hour/lev (D)Will n. YSubject is shielded from mind control CS 97
Sor/Wiz3Dispel Magic AbVS1 actMediumInstantaneous-NCancels magical spells and effectsPH 223
Sor/Wiz3Displacement IlVM1 actTouch1 round/lev (D)Will n. YAttacks miss subject 50%PH 223
Sor/Wiz3Disrupt Undead, Greater NeVS1 actCloseInstantaneous-YAs Disrupt Undead, but 1d8 damage/level.SpC 68
Sor/Wiz3Distilled Joy TrVSF1 dayTouchPermanentFor n.YCreates ambrosiaBE 96
Sor/Wiz3Dolorous Blow TrVS1 actTouch1 min/lev-NThreat range is doubled, threats are confirmedSpC 70
Sor/Wiz3Dolorous Motes (SACRIFICE) [Mind-Affecting]EnVS1 actLong1 round/lev (D)Will n. YCloud of flickering light dazzles creatures BE 97
Sor/Wiz3Dragon's Blood TrVSM1 actTouch1 round/levFor n.YTake on the characteristics of a dragonAoM 69
Sor/Wiz3Dragonbane TrVSM1 actTouch1 round/levFor n.NWeapon inflicts increased harm vs. dragonsAoM 70
Sor/Wiz3Dragonmark Whip (DRAGONMARK) TrSSwiftPersoal 1 round/lev (D)-YWhip deals 1d8 +1/lev dmg or channels spellsDra 150
Sor/Wiz3Dragonmarked Weapon (DRAGONMARK) TrVS1 actTouch1 min/levWill n. NWeapon deals +1d6 dmg to dragonmarkedDra 151
Sor/Wiz3Dragonshape, Least TrVS1 actPersonal1 round/lev (D)-NTake the form of a pseudodragonDM 66
Sor/Wiz3Dragonskin TrSM1 actPersonal10 min/lev (D)-NYou gain natural AC, energy resistance 10SpC 73
Sor/Wiz3Dread Word [Evil]EvV1 actCloseInstantaneousFor n.Y1d3 Cha drain on one subjectBV 93
Sor/Wiz3Dream Spirit CoVS 1 round Medium1 round/lev (D) -NIncorporeal manifestation attacks opponentsSoS 126
Sor/Wiz3Drown [Evil]CoV1 actMediumInstantaneousFor n.YSubject begins to drown or takes 2d6 damageBV 93
Sor/Wiz3Earthen Grace [Earth]AbVSM1 actTouch1 min/levWill n. YSubject takes nonlethal dmg from earthSpC 76
Sor/Wiz3Earthen Shield CoVS1 actClose1 min/lev (D)-NLocalized wall of earth rises from the groundDCS 107
Sor/Wiz3Ectoplasmic Decay [Ectomancy]NeVSM1 actMediumInstantaneousFor halfYDeals 1d6 dmg/lev to ectoplasm, 20-ft radiusGh 52
Sor/Wiz3Ectoplasmic Web [Ectomancy]CoVSM1 actMedium10 min/lev (D)Ref n.YAs Web, but can affect incorporeal creatures Gh 52
Sor/Wiz3Elation [Mind-Affecting]EnVS1 act80 ft1 round/levWill n. YAllies gain +2 to Str and Dex, and +5 ft speedBE 98
Sor/Wiz3Elemental Blade [Special]EvVSF1 act0 ft1 round/levSpecialYCreate a sword composed of energyWotL 46
Sor/Wiz3Enduring Scrutiny DiVS1 actClose1 day/lev-NBecome aware when target performs actionCM 103
Sor/Wiz3Energy Aegis AbVImmed.Close1 roundWill n. YGain resistance 20 vs. one energy for 1 attackPH2 111
Sor/Wiz3Energy Surge [Special]TrVSwiftClose1 roundWill n. YOne attack deals 2d6 extra damagePH2 112
Sor/Wiz3Energy Vulnerability AbVSM1 actMedium1 round/levWill n. YSubject gains vulnerability to specified energyPH2 112
Sor/Wiz3Engulfing Terror CoVS1 roundClose1 round/lev-NCreate a single gelatinous cubeDrU 61
Sor/Wiz3Enhance Familiar UnVS1 actTouch1 hour/lev-Y+2 bonus to saves, combat rolls, and ACSpC 82
Sor/Wiz3Eradicate Earth [Earth]AbVSM1 act40 ftInstantaneousFor halfYDeals 1d8 dmg/lev (max 10d8) to earth creat. SpC 84
Sor/Wiz3Evard's Menacing Tentacles TrVSM1 actPersonal1 round/lev-NGrow 2 tentacles that deal 1d8 dmg, 10 ft reachPH2 113
Sor/Wiz3Evil Eye [Evil]EnS1 actCloseInstantaneousWill n. YSubject takes -2 on attacks, saves, checksBV 94
Sor/Wiz3Explosive Runes [Force]AbVS1 actTouchUntil disc. (D)SpecialYDeals 6d6 damage when readPH 228
Sor/Wiz3Eyes of the Zombie [Evil]DiVSF30 minPersonal1 hour/lev (D)-YCaster sees through a zombie's eyesBV 94
Sor/Wiz3False Gravity TrVSM1 actTouch1 min/levWill n. YMove on a surface as if it had its own gravitySpC 87
Sor/Wiz3Favorable Wind [Air]EvVS1 act60 ft10 min/lev (D)For n.NProduces strong wind that lasts 10 min/levSto 116
Sor/Wiz3Ferocity of Sanguine Rage TrVS1 actPersonal1 round/lev-NGain bonus on melee damage, one true strikeDM 67
Sor/Wiz3Ferocity of Sanguine Rage DiVS1 actPersonal1 round/lev-NGain bonus on melee damage, one true strikeDM 67
Sor/Wiz3Fireball [Fire]EvVSM1 actLongInstantaneousRef halfY20-ft radius, 1d6 damage per levelPH 231
Sor/Wiz3Flame Arrow [Fire]TrVSM1 actClose10 min/lev-NUp to 50 arrows deal +1d6 fire damagePH 231
Sor/Wiz3Flashburst [Fire]EvVSM1 actLongInstantaneousWill part.YFlash of light dazzles and blinds in areaSpC 95
Sor/Wiz3Flexform TrVSM1 actTouch 1 min/lev -YShifts form, +10 on Escape Artist and TumbleSoS 127
Sor/Wiz3Fly TrVSF1 actTouch1 min/levWill n. YSubject flies at speed of 60 ftPH 232
Sor/Wiz3Forced Incorporeality [Ectomancy]TrVS1 actMedium1 round/levWill n. YManifested creature becomes incorporeal Gh 52
Sor/Wiz3Forced Manifestation [Ectomancy]TrVS1 actMedium1 round/levWill n. YIncorporeal creture manifests fullyGh 52
Sor/Wiz3Fortify Familiar UnVS1 actTouch1 hour/lev-Y+2d8 hp, +2 armor, 25% avoid criticals/sneakSpC 98
Sor/Wiz3Gaseous Form TrSM1 actTouch2 min/lev (D)-NSubject is insubstantial and can fly slowlyPH 234
Sor/Wiz3Gentle Repose NeVSM1 actTouch1 day/levWill n. YPreserves one corpsePH 235
Sor/Wiz3Ghost Companion [Ectomancy]NeVS1 actTouch1 day/lev-NFamiliar temporarily becomes a ghost Gh 53
Sor/Wiz3Ghost Lantern [Light]EvVSM1 actTouch10 min/lev (D)-NCreate light that only you and allies can seeCM 106
Sor/Wiz3Giant's Wrath [Earth]TrVSMSwiftPersonal1 round/lev-NPebbles you throw become boulders.SpC 105
Sor/Wiz3Girallon's Blessing TrVSM1 actTouch10 min/levFor n.YSubject gains one additional pair of arms. SpC 106
Sor/Wiz3Glacial Globe of Invulnerability [Cold]AbVSM1 act10 ft1 round/lev (D)-NStops 1st- through 3rd-lev fire spells, concealsFr 96
Sor/Wiz3Glimpse of Truth (DRUG) [Evil]DiVS1 actPersonal1 hour-NCaster gets an answer to a yes-or-no questionBV 96
Sor/Wiz3Glowing Orb [Light]EvVSF1 actTouchPermanent-NCreates permanent magical lightSpC 106
Sor/Wiz3Golden Dragonmail CoVSF1 actPersonal1 hour/lev (D)-NCreate +1 mithral golden full plate around youCV 55
Sor/Wiz3Grasping Wall CoVSM1 actMedium3 rd + 1 rd/levRef n.NWall sprouts hands that entangle foesCS 99
Sor/Wiz3Great Thunderclap [Sonic]EvVSF1 actMediumInstantaneousSpecialNCauses stunning, deafness and knocks proneSpC 107
Sor/Wiz3Greed [Mind-Affecting]EnVS1 actClose1 min/lev (D)Will n. YLiving creatures in range succumb to greedAoM 72
Sor/Wiz3Haboob [Air, Earth]CoVSM1 actMedium1 min/levSpecialNCloud of dust obscures sight, abradesSa 117
Sor/Wiz3Hailstones [Cold]EvVSM1 actMediumInstantaneous-YFrigid globes deal 5d6 cold damage.SpC 109
Sor/Wiz3Halt TrVImmed.Close1 roundWill n. YSubject's feet become stuck to groundPH2 114
Sor/Wiz3Halt Undead NeVSM1 actMedium1 round/levWill n. YImmobilizes undead for 1 round/levPH 238
Sor/Wiz3Hamatula Barbs TrVSM1 actTouch10 min/levFor n.YSubjects grow barbs, which damage foesSpC 109
Sor/Wiz3Handfang TrVS1 actPersonal1 round/lev-NCreate a fanged, biting mouth on your handSK 156
Sor/Wiz3Haste TrVSM1 actClose1 round/levFor n.YOne creat./lev is faster, +1 to AC, Ref, attackPH 239
Sor/Wiz3Healing Touch NeVS1 actTouchInstantaneousWill halfYHeal subject 1d6/2 lev, but take half damageSpC 111
Sor/Wiz3Heart of Water [Water]TrVS1 actPersonal1 hour/lev (D)-NSwim speed, breathe water, various bonuses CM 107
Sor/Wiz3Heroism [Mind-Affecting]EnVS1 actTouch10 min/levWill n. YGives +2 bonus on attacks, saves, and skillsPH 240
Sor/Wiz3Hesitate [Mind-Affecting]EnVSImmed.Close1 round/lev (D)Will n. YForce subject to lose actions PH2 114
Sor/Wiz3Hide from Dragons (DRAGONMARK) AbS1 actPersonal1 min/lev (D)-NDrgons can't sense youDra 152
Sor/Wiz3Hold Person [Mind-Affecting]EnVSF1 actMedium1 round/lev (D)Will n. YParalyzes one humanoid for 1 round/levPH 241
Sor/Wiz3Hood of the Cobra [Fear,Mind-Affecting]ilVS1 actClose1 round/3 levSpecialYYou appear serpentine, deliver illusory poisonCM 107
Sor/Wiz3Icelance CoVSF1 actMediumInstantaneousFor part.YAttacks target for 6d6 dmg and stun 1d4 rdsSpC 119
Sor/Wiz3Illusory Script [Mind-Affecting]IlVSM1 min+Touch1 day/lev (D)Will n. YOnly intended reader can decipherPH 243
Sor/Wiz3Immerse Mind [Mind-Affecting]DiVS1 actTouch1 roundWill n. YImmerses caster's mind into target'sVRA 24
Sor/Wiz3Incorporeal Enhancement [Evil]NeVSM1 roundClose24 hours-NGrant bonuses to incorporeal undead. SpC 121
Sor/Wiz3Inevitable Defeat [Mind-Affecting]EnVS1 actTouch1 round/levSpecialYSubject takes 3d6 nonlethal damage/roundPH2 115
Sor/Wiz3Investiture of the Bearded Devil [Evil]TrVSM1 actClose1 min/levWill n. YTarget deals extra melee damageFCII 102
Sor/Wiz3Investiture of the Chain Devil [Evil]TrVSM1 actClose1 min/levWill n. YTarget gains +5 ft reach and extra AoOFCII 102
Sor/Wiz3Invisibility Sphere IlVSM1 actTouch1 min/lev (D)Will n. YMakes everyone within 10 ft invisiblePH 245
Sor/Wiz3Invoke the Cerulean Sign EvS1 act30 ftInstantaneousFor n.NAberrations become sickened, nauseated, etc. LoM 211
Sor/Wiz3Jump, Mass TrVSM1 actClose1 min/lev (D)Will n.YSubjects gets bonus on Jump checks ShS 47
Sor/Wiz3Junglerazer NeVSM1 act120 ftInstantaneousRef halfYFey, vermin, plants, animals take 1d10 dmg/levSpC 127
Sor/Wiz3Karmic Backlash AbVSwift20 ft.1 round/levWill part.YCreat. damaging you are exhausted for 2 rds CM 109
Sor/Wiz3Keen Edge TrVS1 actClose10 min/levWill n. YDoubles a normal weapon's threat rangePH 246
Sor/Wiz3Khyber Trap AbSF1 actClose1 round/lev(D)Will n. YTrap extraplanar creat. in Khyber dragonshardMoE 97
Sor/Wiz3Laeral's Silver Lance [Force]EvVSF1 actLongInstantaneousFor part.YLance of force deals 4d6+3 dmg to creatureCSW 156
Sor/Wiz3Legion of Sentinels IlVSM1 actClose1 round/lev-NGhostly figures threaten 10 ft, deal 1d8+1/3 levPH2 116
Sor/Wiz3Leomund's Tiny Hut [Force]EvVSM1 act20 ft2 hours/lev (D)-NCreates shelter for 10 creaturesPH 247
Sor/Wiz3Light of Venya [Good,Light]EvVS1 actMedium10 min/lev (D)-YYou radiate light, can use 2 boltsSpC 132
Sor/Wiz3Lightning Bolt [Electricity]EvVSM1 act120 ftInstantaneousRef halfYElectricity deals 1d6/level PH 248
Sor/Wiz3Luminous Assassin, Lesser CoVSF1 actMedium1 round/lev-NSummons an assassin to attack the target PH2 117
Sor/Wiz3Mage Armor, Greater [Force]CoVS1 actTouch1 hour/lev (D)Will n. NGives subject +6 armor bonus.SpC 136
Sor/Wiz3Mage Armor, Improved [Force]CoVSF1 actTouch1 min/lev (D)Will n. YGives +3 +1/2 lev armor bonus (max +8)Una 51
Sor/Wiz3Mage Armor, Mass [Force]CoVSF1 actClose1 hour/lev (D)Will n. NAs Mage Armor, but one creature/level.SpC 136
Sor/Wiz3Magic Circle against Chaos [Lawful]AbVSM1 actTouch10 min/levWill n. N+2 AC and saves in 10-ft,no mind controlPH 249
Sor/Wiz3Magic Circle against Evil [Good]AbVSM1 actTouch10 min/levWill n. N+2 AC and saves in 10-ft, no mind control PH 249
Sor/Wiz3Magic Circle against Good [Evil]AbVSM1 actTouch10 min/levWill n. N+2 AC and saves in 10-ft, no mind control PH 250
Sor/Wiz3Magic Circle against Law [Chaotic]AbVSM1 actTouch10 min/levWill n. N+2 AC and saves in 10-ft, no mind control PH 250
Sor/Wiz3Magic Weapon, Greater TrVSM1 actClose1 hour/levWill n. Y+1/4 levels (max +5)PH 251
Sor/Wiz3Major Image IlVSF1 actLongConc.+3rds. Will dis.NCreates visual,sound, smell, thermal illusionPH 252
Sor/Wiz3Manyjaws [Force]EvVSM1 actMediumUp to 3 roundsRef halfYOne jaw/lev attacks enemy, dealing 1d6 dmgSpC 138
Sor/Wiz3Marked Pulse (DRAGONMARK) [Force]EvVSImmed.20 ftInstantaneousFor halfY20-ft radius burst deals dmg to 1 creat./levDra 152
Sor/Wiz3Mask of the Ideal IlVS1 actPersonal10 min/lev (D)-N+4 bonus on checks to influence creaturesCM 110
Sor/Wiz3Melf's Unicorn Arrow CoVSF1 actMediumInstantaneous-N1d8+8 dmg and bull rush, +1 arr./3 lev beyond 5PH2 119
Sor/Wiz3Mesmerizing Glare [Mind-Affecting]EnS1 actClose1 round/levWill n. YYour gaze fascinates creatures.SpC 140
Sor/Wiz3Mighty Wallop, Greater TrVSF1 actTouch1 hour/lev-N+1 size category of bludgeoning weapon/4 lev RDr 115
Sor/Wiz3Mind Poison NeVSM1 actTouchInstantaneousFor n.YYour poisonous touch deals Wis damage.SpC 141
Sor/Wiz3Miser's Envy [Mind-Affecting]EnVSM1 actClose1 round/levWill n. YSubject jealously covets a nearby object.SpC 142
Sor/Wiz3Mistshackles CoVSM1 actMedium1 round/levRef part.YHeavy mist ensnares the unwaryAoM 72
Sor/Wiz3Nauseating Breath CoVSM1 act30 ftInstantaneousFor n.NExhale a cone of nauseating gas.SpC 146
Sor/Wiz3Necrotic Bloat [Evil]NeVSF1 actMediumInstantaneous-NEncysted subject takes 1d6/level damageLM 67
Sor/Wiz3Nezram?s Amethyst Aura AbVSM1 actTouch10 min/lev (D)-NPrevents poison and diseaseLE 32
Sor/Wiz3Node Door CoV1 actSpecialInstantaneousWill n. Sp.Allows teleportation between nodes CR 32
Sor/Wiz3Nondetection AbVSM1 actTouch1 hour/levWill n. YHides subject from divination and scryingPH 257
Sor/Wiz3Object Glamor (FEY) IlVS1 actTouch10 min/lev (D)Will n. YMake a Tiny object look like another objectVRSF 105
Sor/Wiz3Palin's Pyre [Fire]EvVSM1 actCloseInstantaneous-YGouts of flame deal 3d6 damageDCS 110
Sor/Wiz3Pall of Twilight [Darkness, Mind-Affecting]ilS actClose1 round/levWill n. YVeil of shadow impedes sight and soundCM 113
Sor/Wiz3Pebble Wind [Air]EvV1 actClose1 roundSpecialNWhirling mass of air hurls debris against foesDrF 117
Sor/Wiz3Persuade to Manifest [Ectomancy,Mind-Affecting]EnVS1 roundTouchInstantaneousSpecialYTarget dead creature has bonus to manifestGh 56
Sor/Wiz3Phantasmal Strangler [Fear, Mind-Affecting]IlVS1 actMedium5 roundsWill dis.YNightmare grapples and strongles one foeCM 113
Sor/Wiz3Phantom Guardians IlVSM1 actMedium1 hour/levWill dis.NCreate illusion of group of guardsRD 167
Sor/Wiz3Phantom Steed CoVS10 min0 ft1 hour/lev (D)-NMagic horse appears for 1 hr/levPH 260
Sor/Wiz3Power Word Deafen [Mind-Affecting]EnV1 actCloseSpecial-YDeafens one creature with 100 hp or lessRDr 115
Sor/Wiz3Power Word Maladroit [Mind-Affecting]EnV1 actCloseSpecial-YDeals 2 points Dex dmg to 1 creat. up to 75 hpRDr 116
Sor/Wiz3Power Word Weaken [Mind-Affecting]EnV1 actCloseSpecial-YDeals 2 points Str dmg to 1 creat. up to 75 hpRDr 117
Sor/Wiz3Prickling Torment NeVS1 actMedium5 roundsFor n.YTarget sickened, takes damage when actsCM 113
Sor/Wiz3Primal Form TrVS1 actPersonal1 min/lev (D)-NYou change into elemental, gain some abilities. SpC 161
Sor/Wiz3Prismatic Mist EvV1 actMedium1 min/levSpecialNMulticolored mist has random effectsPH2 121
Sor/Wiz3Protection from Dessiccation AbVSD1 actTouch10 min/levFor n.YAbsorbs 10 points/lev dmg from dessiccationSa 119
Sor/Wiz3Protection from Energy AbVS1 actTouch10 min/levFor n.YAbsorbs 12 damage/lev from one energyPH 266
Sor/Wiz3Rage [Mind-Affecting]EnVS1 actMediumConc.+1 rd/lev-YGives +2 Str, +2 Con, +1 Will, -2 ACPH 268
Sor/Wiz3Rainbow Blast [Light]EvVSM1 act120 ftInstantaneousRef halfYLine deals 1d6 damage of each energy type.SpC 165
Sor/Wiz3Ray of Dizziness [Mind-Affecting]EnVSF1 actMedium1 round/lev-YSubject can take only move or standard actions.SpC 166
Sor/Wiz3Ray of Exhaustion NeVSM1 actClose1 min/levFor part.YRay makes subject exhaustedPH 269
Sor/Wiz3Ray of the Python EvVS1 actClose1 minRef n.YCreature's movement and attacks are restrictedPH2 122
Sor/Wiz3Reality Blind [Evil,Mind-Affecting]IlVSM1 actCloseConcentrationWill n. YSubject can take no action, don't heal naturallyBV 101
Sor/Wiz3Regal Procession CoVSM1 roundClose2 hrs/lev (D)-NAs Mount, but you summon several mounts. SpC 172
Sor/Wiz3Regroup CoVS1 actCloseInstantaneous-NTeleport nearby allies to your sidePH2 122
Sor/Wiz3Rend Shadow Weave AbVSM1 minCloseInstantaneous-NCreate Shadow Weave dead magic areaCAd 57
Sor/Wiz3Repair Serious Damage TrVS1 actTouchInstantaneous-NRepairs construct for 3d8 +1/lev (max +15) hpSpC 173
Sor/Wiz3Repelling Shield [Force]AbVS1 actPersonal1 min/lev (D)-NDisk gives +4 AC, blocks magic missilesCM 115
Sor/Wiz3Resist Taint AbVS1 actTouch10 min/levFor n.YBestows +4 bonus on saves against taint HH 132
Sor/Wiz3Resonating Bolt [Sonic]EvVS1 act60 ftInstantaneousRef halfYSonic energy deals 1d4/lev damage (max 10d4)SpC 174
Sor/Wiz3Reverse Arrows AbVSF1 actPersonal10 min/lev-NProtects from arrows, which return to sourceSpC 175
Sor/Wiz3Revitalize Legacy, Least TrVSF1 actTouch1 hour/lev-NGet extra use of chosen least legacy abilityWoL 17
Sor/Wiz3Rockburst EvVS1 actMediumInstantaneousSpecialNStone objects explode, dealing 1d4 +1/lev dmgShS 48
Sor/Wiz3Rotting Grasp NeVSM1 actTouchSpecial-NFormerly living material you touch rotsWotL 48
Sor/Wiz3Rust Ray TrVSN1 actCloseInstantaneousSpecialNMetal objects take 2d6 damage +1/2 levels. SpC 178
Sor/Wiz3Scattergloom [Darkness]EvV1 actClose1 round/levWill n. NCreate mobile areas of magical darknessDrF 118
Sor/Wiz3Scattering Trap CoVSM1 actClose1 round/levRef n.YImbue one 5-ft square/2 lev with teleport trapPH2 123
Sor/Wiz3Scintillating Sphere [Electricity]EvVSM1 actLongInstantaneousRef halfY20-ft. radius burst deals 1d6 electricity/level.SpC 181
Sor/Wiz3Scorpion Tail (DROW) TrVS1 actTouch1 round/levFor part.NTarget grows a scorpion tail, deals 2d6 dmgRE 190
Sor/Wiz3Secret Page TrVSM10 minTouchPermanent-NChanges one page to hide its real contentPH 275
Sor/Wiz3See Ethereal Resonance DiVS1 actTouch1 round/levWill n. YSubject can see the Near Ethereal VRA 25
Sor/Wiz3Sense of the Dragon TrVSM1 actTouch1 min/levWill n. YSenses out to 30 ft pinpoint creaturesRDr 117
Sor/Wiz3Sepia Snake Sigil [Force]CoVSM10 minTouchSpecialRef n.NCreates text symbol that immobilizes readerPH 276
Sor/Wiz3Servant Horde CoVSM1 actClose1 hour/lev-NCreate 2d6 unseen servants +1/level (max +15).SpC 182
Sor/Wiz3Shadow Binding IlVSM1 actClose1 round/levWill n. YRibbonlike shadows entangle 10 ft radius SpC 182
Sor/Wiz3Shadow Cache IlVS1 actTouch1 min/lev (D)-NOpen small portal to put an itemSpC 183
Sor/Wiz3Shadow Phase TrVS1 actTouch1 round/lev (D)For n.YSubject becomes partially incorporeal. SpC 185
Sor/Wiz3Shadow Tentacle, Lesser AbS1 actMedium1 round/lev-NAnimate shadows into a ropelike tentacleLD 187
Sor/Wiz3Shape of the Hellspawned Stalker TrVSSwiftPersonal1 round/lev (D)-NYou take the form of a HellhoundCM 117
Sor/Wiz3Shatterfloor [Sonic]EvVSF1 actMediumInstantaneousRef halfYDeals 1d4 sonic/level plus damages floor surfaceSpC 187
Sor/Wiz3Shivering Touch [Cold]NeVS1 actTouch1 round/lev-YTouch deals 3d6 Dexterity damageFr 104
Sor/Wiz3Shockwave EvVSM1 actCloseInstantaneousFor part.YConcussive force deals 1d4 nonlethal/levSh 168
Sor/Wiz3Shrink Item TrVS1 actTouch1 day/levWill n. YObject shrinks to one-sixteenth sizePH 279
Sor/Wiz3Sign of Sealing AbVSM1 roundClosePermanentRef halfNMagical sigil deal 1d4/lev damage if openedSpC 189
Sor/Wiz3Siphon TrVS1 minTouchInstantaneous-NDrin 5+ charges from a wand to replace spells CS 102
Sor/Wiz3Skull Watch NeVSF1 actTouchPermanentFor n.NSkull shrieks when creature enters warded area.SpC 191
Sor/Wiz3Sleet Storm [Cold]CoVSM1 actLong1 round/lev-NHampers vision and movement PH 280
Sor/Wiz3Slow TrVSM1 actClose1 round/levWill n. Y1 subj./lev takes only 1 action/r, -2 AC and hitPH 280
Sor/Wiz3Snake's Swiftness, Mass TrVSM1 actMediumInstantaneousWill n. YAllies each immediately make one attack.SpC 193
Sor/Wiz3Sonorous Hum [Sonic]EvVS1 actPersonal1 min/lev (D)-NRemoves need to concentrate to maintain spell SpC 196
Sor/Wiz3Sound Lance [Sonic]EvVS1 actMediumInstantaneousFor halfYSonic energy deals 1d8/level damage.SpC 196
Sor/Wiz3Spectral Weapon IlVSSwift0 ft1 round/lev (D)SpecialYUse quasi-real weapon to make touch attacks. SpC 197
Sor/Wiz3Spell Vulnerability TrVS1 roundClose1 min/levFor n.NReduces target's SR by 1 per lev (max 15)SpC 200
Sor/Wiz3Spellcaster's Bane DiVSSwiftPersonal1 round/lev-N+2 on dispel, counterspell, recognize spellCM 117
Sor/Wiz3Spider Form TrVSSwiftPersonal1 round/lev (D)-NBecome a Large fiendish monstrous spiderDrU 63
Sor/Wiz3Spider Poison NeVSM1 actTouchInstantaneousFor n.YTouch deals 1d6 Str damage, repeat in 1 minSpC 201
Sor/Wiz3Spiderskin TrVSM1 actTouch10 min/levWill n. YGrants bonus to natural AC, saves, HideSpC 202
Sor/Wiz3Stars of Arvandor [Force,Good]EvVS1 actClose1 min/lev (D)-YYou create 1 star/lev which deals 1d8 damageCAd 58
Sor/Wiz3Steeldance TrVSF1 actMedium1 round/lev-NBlades hover around you and attack foes. SpC 206
Sor/Wiz3Sticks and Stones NeVS1 actClose1 round/lev-NCreate wood skeleton with energy drainShS 49
Sor/Wiz3Stinking Cloud CoVSM1 actMedium1 round/levFor n.NNauseating vapors, 1 round/lev PH 284
Sor/Wiz3Stone Guardian [Earth]CoVSM1 minClose1 round/lev-NCreates a stone warrior to fight for youToHS 50
Sor/Wiz3Stone Tentacles [Earth]CoVSM1 actMedium1 round/lev (D)-NYou conjure tentacles of solid stoneWotL 49
Sor/Wiz3Stonesight DiVSF1 actMedium1 round/lev (D)-NYou can see through earth and stone AoM 76
Sor/Wiz3Stony Grasp [Earth]TrVSM1 actClose1 round/lev-YArm made of soil and rock grapples foes. SpC 209
Sor/Wiz3Storm Mote [Air, Earth]EvVSM1 actMedium1 round/levFor halfYDust devil of flensing sandSa 121
Sor/Wiz3Sudden Aegis AbVSImmed.Close1 roundWill n.YGrant a subject short-lived damage reduction.FW 117
Sor/Wiz3Suggestion [Language-Dep., Mind-Aff.]EnVM1 actClose1 hour/levWill n. YCompels subject to follow course of actionPH 285
Sor/Wiz3Summon Living Dragonmark (DRAGONMARK) [Force]CoVS1 roundClose1 round/lev (D)-NSummons a living dragonmark for 1 round/levDra 153
Sor/Wiz3Summon Monster III CoVSF1 roundClose1 round/lev (D)-NCalls extraplanar (1 3rd, 1d3 2nd or 1d4+1 1st)PH 286
Sor/Wiz3Summon Undead III [Evil]CoVSF1 roundClose1 round/lev-NSummons undead to fight for you.SpC 215
Sor/Wiz3Suppress Breath Weapon [Mind-Affecting]EnV1 actClose1 min/levWill n. YSubject can't use breath weapon.SpC 216
Sor/Wiz3Suspended Silence IlVSM1 actTouchSpecial-NObject programmed to create area of silence SpC 216
Sor/Wiz3Telepathic Bond, Lesser [Mind-Affecting]DiVS1 act30 ft10 min/lev- NLink lets you and target communicateSpC 219
Sor/Wiz3Tenacious Dispelling AbVS1 actMediumInstantaneous-NAs dispel magic, 2nd casting is more potentCM 119
Sor/Wiz3Thin Air [Cold]NeVS1 actMedium1 min/levFor n.NCreatures suffer from altitude sickness Fr 105
Sor/Wiz3Threesteel TrV1 actTouchInstantaneousFor n.NCreate and launch 3 duplicates of a weaponDrF 119
Sor/Wiz3Tongue Serpents [Evil]TrVSM1 actPersonal1 hour/lev-NCaster spits out one Tiny viper/4 levBV 107
Sor/Wiz3Tongues DiVM1 actTouch10 min/levWill n. NSpeak any languagePH 294
Sor/Wiz3Tormenting Thirst [Mind-Affecting]EnVS1 actClose1 round/levWill n. YSubject is overwhelmed by thirstSa 124
Sor/Wiz3Touch of Weakness NeVS1 actTouch1 min/levFor n.YYou physically weaken creatures you touchWotL 50
Sor/Wiz3Tremorsense TrVSF1 actPersonal10 min/lev (D)-NGrants tremorsense to a range of 30 feet.SpC 224
Sor/Wiz3Trobriand's Crystalbrittle TrVSM1 actClosePermanentFor n.YObject has hardness 1 and 1 hp/inchCSW 157
Sor/Wiz3Undead Lieutenant NeVS1 actClose24 hoursWill n. YChosen undead can command undeadSpC 226
Sor/Wiz3Undead Torch NeVSM1 actClose1 round/levWill n. YAura that gives +2d6 damage vs. livingSpC 226
Sor/Wiz3Undead Touch NeVSM1 actClose1 round/levWill n. YUndead creature deals +2d4 damage vs. livingGh 60
Sor/Wiz3Undulant Innards TrVS1 actClose1 round/lev-NGain immunity to criticals and sneak attacks LoM 213
Sor/Wiz3Unicorn Horn [Good]TrVS1 actPersonal10 min/lev (D)-NGrow a horn that functions as natural weaponCM 121
Sor/Wiz3Unluck DiVSM1 actClose1 round/levWill n. YTarget remakes all rolls, taking worse resultSpC 227
Sor/Wiz3Vampiric Touch NeVS1 actTouchSpecial-YTouch deals 1d6/2 lev, caster gains dmg as hpPH 298
Sor/Wiz3Vertigo Field IlVS1 actMedium1 round/levFor part.YCreatures have 20% miss chance, nauseatedPH2 128
Sor/Wiz3Vile Lance [Evil]EvVSM1 actTouch10 min/lev-NCreates +2 shortspear that deals vile damageBV 108
Sor/Wiz3Vipergout [Evil/Good]CoVSM1 actClose1 round/lev-NYou spit forth vipers that attack your foesSpC 230
Sor/Wiz3Vision of the Omniscent Eye [Light]EvVS1 actPersonal1 min/lev-N+10 on Spot, immune to blindness and dazzleDM 74
Sor/Wiz3Vision of the Omniscient Eye [Light]DiVS1 actPersonal1 min/lev-N+10 on Spot, immune to blindness and dazzleDM 74
Sor/Wiz3Walk the Mountain's Path TrVSM1 actTouch10 min/levWill n. YInfuse subject with the strength of the earthRS 163
Sor/Wiz3Wall of Chains CoVSM1 actMedium1 min/lev-NCreates barrier of chains with 20 hp/4 levBV 108
Sor/Wiz3Wall of Ectoplasm [Ectomancy]CoVSM1 actMedium1 min/levSpecialYCreate plane or emisphere of ectoplasmGh 61
Sor/Wiz3Wall of Incarnum (INCARNUM,ESSENTIA) CoVSM1 actMedium1 min/lev (D)SpecialNWall of incarnum deals essentia or Wis dmgMoI 106
Sor/Wiz3Wall of Light [Light]EvVSM1 actClose1 min/lev (D)-YCreates wall of light, can dazzle creatures. SpC 234
Sor/Wiz3Wand Modulation TrVSSwiftTouch1 min/lev (D)Will n. YTemporarily change wand to cast another spellCS 105
Sor/Wiz3Warcry [Mind-Affecting]EnV1 act30 ftInstantaneousFor n.YCreatures in a 30-ft cone cower for 1d4 rdsBE 111
Sor/Wiz3Water Breathing TrVSM1 actTouch2 hours/levWill n. YSubject can breathe underwater PH 300
Sor/Wiz3Water to Acid [Water]TrCSM1 actMediumInstantaneous-NTransforms 1 cu. ft./level of water into acidSto 124
Sor/Wiz3Weapon of Energy [Special]TrVS1 actTouch1 round/levFor n.YWeapon deals extra energy damage. SpC 236
Sor/Wiz3Weapon of Impact TrVS1 actTouch10 min/levFor n.YAs Keen Edge, but aids bludgeoning weapons.SpC 237
Sor/Wiz3Whispering Sand [Language-Dependent]TrVSF1 actSpecial10 min/lev (D)-NSand delivers your messageSa 128
Sor/Wiz3Wind Wall [Air]EvVSM1 actMedium1 round/lev-YDeflects arrows, smaller creatures, and gasesPH 302
Sor/Wiz3Wingblast [Air]Ev/TrVS1 actSpecial1 round/lev (D)SpecialSp.Wings can transform into gust of wind or mistDM 74
Sor/Wiz3Wreath of Flames [Fire]EvVS1 actPersonal1 round/lev-NFlames deal damage, as melee attacks doDM 75
Sor/Wiz3Zone of Air [Air]EvVSM1 actClose10 min/lev (D)Will n. YSphere of air allows you to breatheKoD 157
Sor/Wiz4Abate Dracorage Ab VS 1 round Close1 day/levWill n. YMitigate the effects of the DracorageDrF 112
Sor/Wiz4Aboleth's Curse Ne VSM1 actTouch PermanentFor n.YSubject's skin undergoes transformationSto 112
Sor/Wiz4Abyssal Might (DEMON) [Evil]CoVSM1 actPersonal 10 min/lev-NCaster gains +2 to Str, Dex, Con, and SR BV 84
Sor/Wiz4Aerial Alacrity TrV Swift Personal 1 min/lev (D)-N+30 ft fly speed, +1 AC and RefRW 174
Sor/Wiz4Affliction [Good]Ne VS 1 actTouch Instantaneous For n.YInfects evil subject with chosen afflictionBE 89
Sor/Wiz4Aggravate Dracorage [Mind-Affecting]EnVS 1 actClose1 round/levWill n. NInflicts the effects of the Dracorage on subject DrF 113
Sor/Wiz4Anesthesia [Mind-Affecting]EnVSM1 actMedium5 min/lev Will n. YSubject is immune to painVRA 33
Sor/Wiz4Animate Dead [Evil]Ne VSM1 actTouch Instantaneous -NCreates undead skeletons and zombiesPH 198
Sor/Wiz4Arcane Eye DiVSM10 minUnlimit. 1 min/lev (D)-NInvisible floating eye moves 30 ft/roundPH 200
Sor/Wiz4Aspect of the Icy Hunter TrVS Swift Personal 1 round/lev (D) -NYou take the form of a Winter WolfCM 96
Sor/Wiz4Assay Spell Resistance DiVS Swift Personal 1 round/lev-N+10 on level checks to defeat a creature's SRSpC 17
Sor/Wiz4Attune Form TrVSM1 actTouch 24 hours-NTemporary protection against damaging traits SpC 17
Sor/Wiz4Awaken the Mind TrVSM1 actTouch 1 hourWill n. YImbues animal with increased intellectToHS 44
Sor/Wiz4Backlash TrVS 1 actTouch 10 min/levWill n. YTarget takes dmg if it uses spells vs. othersSpC 23
Sor/Wiz4Baleful Blink TrV 1 actClose1 round/levFor n.NSubject has 50% of failure on attacks and spellsPH2 102
Sor/Wiz4Battle Hymn [Mind-Affecting]EnVS 1 act30 ft1 round/levWill n. YAllies can reroll one Will save/round. SpC 25
Sor/Wiz4Battlefield Fortification [Earth]TrVS 1 round CloseInstantaneous -NCreate trench or bermHB 125
Sor/Wiz4Beckon Monster (TRUENAME) [Mind-Aff.]EnVS 1 actMedium1 round (D) Will n. YForce creature to approach youTM 256
Sor/Wiz4Bestow Curse Ne VS 1 actTouch PermanentWill n. Y-6 to ability; -4 on rolls; or 50% losing actionPH 203
Sor/Wiz4Bite of the Werewolf TrVSM1 actPersonal 1 round/lev-NGain the Strength and attacks of a werewolfSpC 29
Sor/Wiz4Bladebane TrVSM1 actTouch 1 round/levWill n. YWeapon becomes bane for enemyUna 48
Sor/Wiz4Blast of Flame [Fire]CoVSM1 act60 ftInstantaneous Ref half N60-ft. cone of fire (1d6/level damage).SpC 31
Sor/Wiz4Blast of Sand [Earth]CoVSM1 act30 ftInstantaneous Ref half NCone deals 1d6 damage/levSa 112
Sor/Wiz4Bleakness [Darkness, Evil]EvVS 1 actClose1 round/lev (D) -N1d6 dmg/round to living, bonus to undeadPH2 104
Sor/Wiz4Blinding Breath (BREATH) [Light]TrS Swift Personal 1 round -NYour breath weapon blinds subjects. SpC 31
Sor/Wiz4Blistering Radiance [Fire,Light]EvVSM1 actLong1 round/levSpecialYDazzle creatures and deals 2d6 dmg in 50 ftSpC 33
Sor/Wiz4Bloodbriars EvVSM1 actMedium1 min/lev (D)Will n. YInvisible briars deal 1d8 dmg/round on moveLE 30
Sor/Wiz4Bloodstar CoVSF1 actMedium1 round/levFor n.YConstruct does Con dmg if foe is damagedSpC 34
Sor/Wiz4Boiling Oil [Fire]CoVS 1 actMediumSpecialRef half N10-ft cylinder deals 4d6 damage or moreHB 125
Sor/Wiz4Bright Worms [Fire]CoVS 1 actMedium1 round/lev (D) Ref half NFiery worms damage enemies in 20-ft spreadPH2 105
Sor/Wiz4Burning Blood Ne VSM1 actMedium1 round/lev (D) SpecialYTarget takes 1d8 acid + 1d8 fire dmg/roundSpC 40
Sor/Wiz4Call of Stone TrVS 1 actMedium1 round/2 levFor part.YSlowly turn subject to stonePH2 105
Sor/Wiz4Call Undead IV CoVSF1 round Close1 round/lev (D) -NCalls undead (1 4th, 1d3 3rd or 1d4+1 2nd)AoM 68
Sor/Wiz4Caustic Mire CoVS 1 actMedium1 round/lev (D) -NAcidic sludge slows progress, deals damageCM 98
Sor/Wiz4Celerity TrV Immed. Personal Instantaneous -NTake a standard action but be dazed for 1 roundPH2 105
Sor/Wiz4Celestial Brilliance [Good,Light]EvVS 1 actTouch 1 day/lev (D)-NObject sheds light to 120 ft, harms undeadBE 94
Sor/Wiz4Channeled Pyroburst [Fire]EvVS SpecialMediumInstantaneous Ref half YDeal fire damage, amount based on cast. timePH2 106
Sor/Wiz4Charm Monster [Mind-Affecting]EnVS 1 actClose1 day/levWill n. YMakes monster believe it is your allyPH 209
Sor/Wiz4Chitinskin TrVSM1 actTouch 10 min/lev-YToughens a creature's skinWotL 45
Sor/Wiz4Column of Ice [Cold]CoVSM1 actClosePermanentRef n.NColumn of ice erupts from the groundFr 90
Sor/Wiz4Condemnation Ab V 1 actClose1 round Will n. YLowers outsider's SR and stuns for 1 roundPH2 107
Sor/Wiz4Cone of Euphoria [Mind-Affecting]EnVSM1 act20 ft1 round/levWill n. Y20-ft cone dazes targets for 1d6 rounds DrF 114
Sor/Wiz4Confusion [Mind-Affecting]EnVSM1 actMedium1 round/levWill n. YSubject behaves oddly for 1 round/levPH 212
Sor/Wiz4Conjure Lesser Midnight Construct (INCARNUM,ESSENTIA) CoVSM1 round Close1 round/lev (D) -NShape a construct from incarnum to help you.MoI 100
Sor/Wiz4Contagion [Evil]Ne VS 1 actTouch Instantaneous For n.YInfects subject with chosen diseasePH 213
Sor/Wiz4Coral Growth TrVSM1 actClosePermanent-NCause living coral to grow into any shape ShS 45
Sor/Wiz4Corporeal Instability TrVS 1 actTouch 1 round/lev (D) For n.YTransform a creature into an amorphous mass.SpC 53
Sor/Wiz4Create Fetch CoVSM1 actClose10 min/lev-NCraft temporary duplicate of yourselfCS 96
Sor/Wiz4Crushing Despair [Mind-Affecting]EnVSM1 act30 ft1 min/lev Will n. YSubjects get -2 to attack, damage, saves, checksPH 215
Sor/Wiz4Crushing Grip EvVS 1 round Close3 roundsFor n.YSubject has penalties, might be paralyzedPH2 109
Sor/Wiz4Curse of the Elemental Lords Ne VS Swift Medium24 hoursWill n. YMakes foes more susceptible to your damageDM 65
Sor/Wiz4Cursed Dragonmark (DRAGONMARK) Ne VS 1 actClosePermanentWill n. YDragonmark powers have a 50% fail chanceDra 149
Sor/Wiz4Dalamar's Lightning Lance [Electricity]EvVSM1 actMediumInstantaneous For half YLance of lightning deals 3d6 damage +1d6/levDCS 105
Sor/Wiz4Damning Darkness [Darkness, Evil]EvVM 1 actTouch 10 min/lev (D) -Sp. Darkness deals either 2d6 or 1d6 dmg/roundLoM 210
Sor/Wiz4Dancing Chains TrVS 1 actClose1 min/lev -NAnimates one chain per levelBV 90
Sor/Wiz4Dancing Web [Good]EvVSM1 actMediumInstantaneous Ref half YDeals 1d6 nonlethal/lev, entangles evil 1d6 rd.BE 96
Sor/Wiz4Darkvision, Mass TrVSM1 act10 ft1 hour/lev Will n. YAs Darkvision, but affects one/level subjects.SpC 59
Sor/Wiz4Death Lock [Ectomancy]Ne VS 1 actClose10 min/levWill n. YTarget cannot become a ghostGh 51
Sor/Wiz4Deconstruct Ab VS 1 actTouch 1 round/levFor n.YConstruct?s DR is reduced by 10/+1VRA 28
Sor/Wiz4Defenestrating Sphere [Air]EvVSF1 actMedium1 round/lev (D) For part.YSphere knocks enemies prone, hurls them upSpC 62
Sor/Wiz4Desert Diversion CoVS 1 actMedium1 min/lev -YThose attempting planar travel are divertedSa 113
Sor/Wiz4Detect Scrying DiVSM1 act40 ft24 hours-NAlerts you of magical eavesdroppingPH 219
Sor/Wiz4Dimension Door CoV 1 actLongInstantaneous -/Will n. Sp. Teleports you short distancePH 221
Sor/Wiz4Dimensional Anchor Ab VS 1 actMedium1 min/lev -YBars extradimensional movementPH 221
Sor/Wiz4Diminish Breath Weapon TrV 1 actClose10 min/levWill n. YReduces breath weapon damage by 1 die/levDrF 114
Sor/Wiz4Disguise Ship IlVSM1 actTouch1 hour/lev (D) Will dis.NDisguises a ship.Sto 115
Sor/Wiz4Dispelling Screen Ab VSM1 actClose1 min/lev (D)-NTargeted Dispel Magic on creatures/items, +10SpC 67
Sor/Wiz4Displacer Form TrVSM1 actPersonal1 round/lev (D) -NChange into displacer beast, gain abilitiesSpC 67
Sor/Wiz4Distort Summons [Evil]TrVS 1 actMedium1 hour/lev -NCreate area where only evil can be summonedBV 92
Sor/Wiz4Doom Scarabs Co/Ne VS 1 act60 ftInstantaneous Will halfSp. Scarab swarm deals 1d6/2 lev, gives you hpPH2 110
Sor/Wiz4Dragon Breath [Evil/Good]EvVSM1 actPersonal1 round/lev-NYou mimic the breath of a dragonSpC 73
Sor/Wiz4Dream Lock, Mass [Mind-Affecting]EnVS 1 actClose1 min/lev (D)Will n. YConfuse dream with reality, dazed or shakenSoS 126
Sor/Wiz4Early Twilight [Darkness]EvVM 1 round Long10 min/lev (D) -NReduce light in 80-ft radius cylinderHB 126
Sor/Wiz4Ebon Ray of Doom Ne VS 1 actClose1 round/levFor part.YBlack energy prevents magical healingLE 31
Sor/Wiz4Enduring Flight TrV 1 round Personal Special-NCarry medium loads at full fly speedRW 175
Sor/Wiz4Energy Barrier Ab VSM1 actMediumConc. + 1 rd/lev-YCreates protective barrier against energyKoD 156
Sor/Wiz4Energy Spheres [Special]EvVSM1 actClose1 round/levRef half YFive colored spheres attack with energy dmgSpC 80
Sor/Wiz4Enervation Ne VS 1 actCloseInstantaneous -YSubject gains 1d4 negative levelsPH 226
Sor/Wiz4Enlarge Person, Mass TrVSM1 round Close1 min/lev (D)For n.YEnlarges several creatures PH 227
Sor/Wiz4Entangling Staff TrVSFSwift Touch1 round/lev (D) Will n. YQuarterstaff can grapple and constrict foes.SpC 83
Sor/Wiz4Essentia Lock Ab VSF1 actMedium1 round/lev (D) -YTarget can't reallocate essentia.MoI 101
Sor/Wiz4Ethereal Flame Ne VSM1 actLongInstantaneous For part.YYou summon a blast of spectral flameAoM 71
Sor/Wiz4Ethereal Mount CoVS 10 min0 ft 1 hour/lev (D) -NConjure swift mounts on the Ethereal PlaneSpC 85
Sor/Wiz4Evard's Black Tentacles CoVSM1 actMedium1 round/lev (D) -NTentacles grapple all within 20 ftPH 228
Sor/Wiz4Explosive Cascade [Fire]EvVSM1 actCloseInstantaneous Ref half YBouncing flame ball deals 1d6/level fire damage.SpC 85
Sor/Wiz4Explosive Rune Field [Fire]CoVSM1 actMedium1 round/levRef n.NArea is covered with explosive runesPH2 113
Sor/Wiz4Fang Trap Ab VSM1 actTouch Until disch. For n.YInscription harms those who pass itSK 155
Sor/Wiz4Fear [Fear, Mind-Affecting]Ne VSM1 act30 ftSpecialWill part. YSubjects within cone flee for 1 round/levPH 229
Sor/Wiz4Finger of Agony Ne VS 1 actClose3 roundsFor part.YDeals 3d6 dmg/round, nauseates or sickensCM 104
Sor/Wiz4Fire Shield [Fire/Cold]EvVSM1 actPersonal1 round/lev (D) -NAttackers take dmg; protected from heat/coldPH 230
Sor/Wiz4Fire Stride TrVS 1 actPersonal10 min/lev-NTeleport from one fire to another. SpC 93
Sor/Wiz4Fire Trap [Fire]Ab VSM10 minTouch Until discharg. Ref half YOpened object deals 1d4 +1/lev damagePH 231
Sor/Wiz4Firestride Exhalation [Fire]Co/Ev VS 1 act30 ftInstantaneous Ref half YDeal 8d6 dmg in 30-ft cone, teleport in area DM 67
Sor/Wiz4Flame Whips TrVS 1 actPersonal1 round/lev (D) -NYour forelimbs deal 6d6 fire damage.SpC 95
Sor/Wiz4Flamewave [Fire]EvVSM1 actMedium1 round/levRef half YSheet of flames scorches everything in its pathWotL 47
Sor/Wiz4Flight of the Dragon TrVM 1 actPersonal10 min/lev (D) -NYou grow dragon wings.SpC 95
Sor/Wiz4Floating Disk, Greater [Force]EvVSM1 actClose1 hour/lev -NAs Floating Disk, but you can ride it.SpC 96
Sor/Wiz4Force Chest [Force]EvVSM1 act0 ft 24 hrs/lev (D) -N2 -ft-cube chest made of force. SpC 97
Sor/Wiz4Force Claw [Force]EvVSM1 actMedium1 round/lev (D) -YClaw of force guards an area, making AoOSpC 97
Sor/Wiz4Force Missiles [Force]EvVS 1 actMediumInstantaneous -YMissiles of force deal 2d6 dmg and explodeSpC 98
Sor/Wiz4Force Orb [Force]EvVS 1 actMediumInstantaneous SpecialYRanged touch, 1d6/lev (max 10d6) damageUna 49
Sor/Wiz4Forceward [Force]Ab VS 1 round 15 ft 1 min/lev Will n. YSphere protects vs. force, blocks incorporealSpC 98
Sor/Wiz4Forcewave [Force]EvVSFSwift 10 ftInstantaneous -YBull rushes all creatures within 10 ft. SpC 98
Sor/Wiz4Frozen Moment EvVSM1 actClose1 round/levWill n. YImmobilizes a creature or object in placeLotT 24
Sor/Wiz4Fuse Sand [Earth]TrVSM1 actCloseInstantaneous SpecialNHardens sand and may trap creaturesSa 116
Sor/Wiz4Geas, Lesser [Language-Dependent,Mind-Affecting]EnV 1 round Close1 day/lev (D)Will n. YCommands subject of 7 HD or less PH 235
Sor/Wiz4Ghost Bane Weapon TrVS 1 actTouch1 hour/lev Will n. YWeapon gains the ghost bane propertyGh 53
Sor/Wiz4Ghost Lock [Ectomancy]Ab VS 1 actClose1 hour/lev -NNonhumanoid creature can become a ghost Gh 53
Sor/Wiz4Glacial Ward [Cold]Ab VSM1 actTouch1 min/lev (D)-NSubject gains SR 18 against fire spells and effects Fr 96
Sor/Wiz4Globe of Invulnerability, Lesser Ab VSM1 act10 ft1 round/lev (D) -NStops 1st- through 3rd-level spell effectsPH 236
Sor/Wiz4Grim Revenge (UNDEAD) [Evil]Ne VS 1 actMediumInstantaneous For n.YTears hand from target, 6d6 dmg, hand attacksBV 97
Sor/Wiz4Guardian Spirit (INCARNUM, ESSENTIA) DiVSD1 actTouch1 hour/lev Will n. YSubject can activate bonuses MoI 101
Sor/Wiz4Halaster's Fetch I CoVSF1 round Close1 round/lev (D) -NCalls extraplanar creature to fight (1 1st-lev)CSW 153
Sor/Wiz4Halaster's Image Swap CoV 1 actMediumInstantaneous Will n. Sp. Swap locations with a projected imageCSW 154
Sor/Wiz4Hallucinatory Terrain IlVSM10 minLong2 hours/lev (D) Will dis.NMakes one type of terrain appear like anotherPH 238
Sor/Wiz4Heart of Earth [Earth]TrVS 1 actPersonal1 hour/lev (D) -NGain hp, +8 vs. bull rush, trip, one stoneskinCM 106
Sor/Wiz4Hell's Power (DEVIL) [Evil]CoVSM1 actPersonal10 min/lev-NCaster gains +2 AC and +1 to existing DRBV 97
Sor/Wiz4Hold Person or Ghost [Ectom., M-Aff.]EnVSF1 actMedium1 round/lev (D) Will n. YAs Hold Person, but also affects ghostsGh 54
Sor/Wiz4Horrid Sickenss Ne VS 1 actClose1 round/lev (D) For part.YSubjects are naseated or sickenedCM 108
Sor/Wiz4Ice Shield (COLDFIRE) Ab VSM1 actTouch1 min/lev Will n. YSubject gains damage reduction 15/-Fr 99
Sor/Wiz4Ice Ship CoVSM1 actClose1 hour/lev (D) -NCreates ice runner or ice galleonFr 99
Sor/Wiz4Ice Storm [Cold]EvVSM1 actLong1 round -YHail deals 5d6 damage in cylinder 40 ft across PH 243
Sor/Wiz4Ice Web (COLDFIRE) [Cold]CoVS 1 actMedium10 min/lev (D) Ref n.NColdfire webs entangle and deal 1d6 dmg/rdFr 100
Sor/Wiz4Illusory Wall IlVS 1 actClosePermanentWill dis.NWall, floor or ceiling looks real but is illusoryPH 243
Sor/Wiz4Ilyykur?s Mantle Ab VSM1 actPersonal1 round/lev (D) -NAura protects you against hostile magicUna 50
Sor/Wiz4Immolation EvVSM1 actMediumConcentration SpecialYYou cause a creature to burn from withinKoD 156
Sor/Wiz4Incendiary Surge [Fire]EvVS 1 actCloseInstantaneous Ref half YCone of fire deals 1d6/lev dmg, then 1d8/lev CM 108
Sor/Wiz4Induce Lycanthropy TrVSM1 actTouch1 hour/3 lev For n.YForces a target lycanthrope to transformVRA 24
Sor/Wiz4Investiture of the Amnizu [Evil]TrVSM1 actClose1 min/lev Will n. YTarget deals 1d4 Int damage with a touchFCII 101
Sor/Wiz4Investiture of the Erinyes [Evil]TrVSM1 actClose1 min/lev Will n. YTarget can force foes to move closer FCII 102
Sor/Wiz4Investiture of the Harvester Devil [Evil]TrVSM1 actClose1 min/lev Will n. YTarget deals lingering wounds with melee att.FCII 103
Sor/Wiz4Investiture of the Steel Devil [Evil]TrVSM1 actClose1 min/lev Will n. YTarget gains bonus to attacks and ACFCII 106
Sor/Wiz4Invisibility, Greater IlVS 1 actTouch1 round/lev (D) Will n. YSubject is invisible even if it attacks PH 245
Sor/Wiz4Iron Bones TrVSF1 actTouch10 min/levWill n. YUndead gain +6 natural armor bonusSpC 125
Sor/Wiz4Jhanifer's Deliquescence [Water, Cold]TrVSM1 actMediumPermanentSpecialNTransforms 2 10-ft cubes/lev of ice to water CSW 155
Sor/Wiz4Know Vulnerabilities DiVS 1 actCloseInstantaneous Will n. YDetermine target's vulnerabilities/resistancesSpC 129
Sor/Wiz4Laogzed's Breath CoVSM1 actCloseInstantaneous For n.NNauseating vapors, 10 rounds SK 156
Sor/Wiz4Leomund's Secure Shelter CoVSMF 10 minClose2 hours/lev (D) -NCreates sturdy cottagePH 247
Sor/Wiz4Leomund's Spacious Carriage CoVSM10 minClose1 hour/lev (D) -NSummons carriage and horses to pull itCi 66
Sor/Wiz4Life Transfer Ne VS 1 actTouch SpecialFor n.YTransfer life between creaturesToHS 47
Sor/Wiz4Lightning Fog [Electricity]CoVS 1 actMedium1 round/levRef half NCreate fog that deals lightning damageShS 47
Sor/Wiz4Liquid Pain Ne VSF1 day Touch PermanentFor n.YExtracts one dose of liquid pain from victimBV 98
Sor/Wiz4Locate Creature DiVSM1 actLong10 min/lev-NIndicates direction to familiar creaturePH 249
Sor/Wiz4Lower Spell Resistance TrVS 1 round Close1 min/lev For n.NSubject's spell resistance is reducedDr 114
Sor/Wiz4Mark of the Enlightened Soul [Good]TrVS Swift Personal 3 rounds-NSpells gain good descriptor, more dmg to evilDM 70
Sor/Wiz4Melf's Slumber Arrows [Mind-Affecting]EnVSM1 actTouch1 round/levFor part.YArrows cause target to fall asleep for 1 hourCM 110
Sor/Wiz4Metal Melt [Fire]TrVSM1 actClose1 hour/lev Will n. YMelts metal object without heat. SpC 140
Sor/Wiz4Mindfrost [Cold]Ne VSM1 actCloseInstantaneous For half YDeals 5d6 cold damage, 1d4 Int damageFr 102
Sor/Wiz4Mindweb [Mind-Affecting]EnVSM1 actMedium1 round/lev (D) SpecialYIntangible web ensnares mindsAoM 72
Sor/Wiz4Minor Creation CoVSM1 min 0 ft 1 hour/lev (D) -NCreates one cloth or wood objectPH 253
Sor/Wiz4Mirror Image, Greater IlVS Immed. Personal1 min/lev (D)-NAs mirror image, 1 additional image/roundPH2 120
Sor/Wiz4Mirror Sending EvVSFSpecialSpecial Instantaneous -YCaster sends his image to a mirror, can speakBV 99
Sor/Wiz4Mystic Surge Un V 1 actClose1 round Will n. YAlly's spell gains +2 DC and +1 caster levelPH2 120
Sor/Wiz4Necrotic Domination [Evil]Ne VSF1 round Close1 day/levWill n. YCompletely control encysted subjectLM 68
Sor/Wiz4Nezram's Emerald Energy Shield Ab VSM1 actTouch1 min/lev (D)Will n. YGrants sonic- and mind-related immunitiesLE 32
Sor/Wiz4Nightmare Terrain IlVS 1 actClose1 round/levWill dis.NIllusory terrain hinders foes and hides youCM 111
Sor/Wiz4Open Least Chakra TrVS 1 actTouch 24 hoursWill n. YAllow target to bind chakraMoI 103
Sor/Wiz4Orb of Acid [Acid]CoVS 1 actCloseInstantaneous For part.NRanged touch attack deals 1d6/lev, sickensSpC 150
Sor/Wiz4Orb of Cold [Cold]CoVS 1 actCloseInstantaneous For part.NRanged touch attack deals 1d6/lev, blinds SpC 151
Sor/Wiz4Orb of Electricity [Electricity]CoVS 1 actCloseInstantaneous For part.NRanged touch attack deals 1d6/lev, entanglesSpC 151
Sor/Wiz4Orb of Fire [Fire]CoVS 1 actCloseInstantaneous For part.NRanged touch attack deals 1d6/lev, dazesSpC 151
Sor/Wiz4Orb of Force [Force]CoVS 1 actMediumInstantaneous -NGlobe of force deals 1d6/level dmg (max 10d6)SpC 151
Sor/Wiz4Orb of Sound [Sonic]CoVS 1 actCloseInstantaneous For part.NRanged touch attack deals 1d4/lev, deafens SpC 151
Sor/Wiz4Otiluke's Resilient Sphere [Force]EvVSM1 actClose1 min/lev (D)Ref n.YForce globe protects but traps one subjectPH 258
Sor/Wiz4Otiluke's Suppressing Field Ab VS 1 round 20 ft. 10 min/lev (D) -NSuppresses spells of a designated schoolCM 112
Sor/Wiz4Parboil [Fire]EvVSM1 act20 ftInstantaneous For part.YHeated air deals fire and Int damageSa 118
Sor/Wiz4Part Death's Shroud DiVSM1 actMedium1 min/lev (D)-NEthereal creatures/objects become visibleAoM 73
Sor/Wiz4Passage of the Shifting Sands [Air]Tr/Ev VS 1 actPersonal1 min/lev (D)-NBecome sand cloud, gain one gust of windDM 70
Sor/Wiz4Past-Seeing DiVSF1 min Touch1 min/lev Will n. YSee and hear into an object's past LotT 25
Sor/Wiz4Perfect Summons [Good]TrVS 1 actMedium1 hour/lev -NCreates area where only good can be summ. BE 103
Sor/Wiz4Perinarch TrVSD1 actClose1 round/levSpecialNGain control over Limbo's morphic essenceSpC 153
Sor/Wiz4Phantasmal Killer [Fear,Mind-Affecting]IlVS 1 actMediumInstantaneous SpecialYIllusion kills subject or deals 3d6 damagePH 260
Sor/Wiz4Phantom Battle IlVS 1 actMedium1 round/levWill n. YIllusion of battle flanks and denies AoOPH2 120
Sor/Wiz4Plague Carrier Ne VS 1 actTouch SpecialFor n.YInfects subject with chosen diseaseRac 190
Sor/Wiz4Polymorph TrVSM1 actTouch1 min/lev (D)-NGives one willing subject a new formPH 263
Sor/Wiz4Portal Alarm, Improved Ab VSF1 actClose8 hrs/lev (D)-NAlert when a creature passes through portalSpC 160
Sor/Wiz4Portal View DiVSF10 minClose1 min/lev -NTurns target portal transparentUnd 60
Sor/Wiz4Power Word Distract [Mind-Affecting]EnV 1 actCloseInstantaneous -YMakes 1 creat. of 150 hp or less flat-footedRDr 115
Sor/Wiz4Psychic Poison [Evil]Ab VSM10 minClose1 hour/lev -NPoisons those casting particular spellsBV 101
Sor/Wiz4Radiant Fog (ABSTINENCE) [Good]CoVS 1 actMedium1 min/lev For part.YAs solid fog, but dazzled creatures withinBE 104
Sor/Wiz4Radiant Shield (ABSTINENCE) [Electricity,Good]EvVS 1 actPersonal1 round/lev (D) -NCreatures attacking you take electricity dmgBE 104
Sor/Wiz4Rainbow Pattern [Mind-Affecting]IlSMF1 actMediumConc. + 1r/levWill n. YLights fascinate 24 HD of creaturesPH 268
Sor/Wiz4Raise From the Deep [Water]TrV 1 min Long1 hour/lev For n.YCreature or sunken ship made buoyant. SpC 165
Sor/Wiz4Raptor Cloud CoVSM1 act0 ft 1 round/lev (D) Ref half YAvian shadows grant bonuses and deal damageSoS 128
Sor/Wiz4Rary's Mnemonic Enhancer TrVSMF 10 minPersonalInstantaneous -NPrepares extra spells or retains one just cast PH 268
Sor/Wiz4Ray Deflection Ab VSF1 actPersonal1 min/lev -NRay attacks are reflected away.SpC 166
Sor/Wiz4Ray of Deanimation Ab VS 1 actCloseInstantaneous -NRay deals 1d6 damage/level to constructs.SpC 166
Sor/Wiz4Rebirth of Iron TrVS 1 round TouchInstantaneous For n.YRestores metal item destroyed by rust CM 114
Sor/Wiz4Rebuke, Greater [Fear, Mind-Affecting]EnVSF1 actClose1 round/levWill n. YSubject cowers for 1d4 rounds.SpC 170
Sor/Wiz4Rebuking Breath (BREATH) Ne S Swift Personal1 round -NYour breath weapon rebukes undead.SpC 170
Sor/Wiz4Reduce Person, Mass TrVSM1 round Close1 min/lev (D)For n.YReduces several creatures PH 269
Sor/Wiz4Remove Curse Ab VS 1 actTouchInstantaneous Will n. YFrees object or person from cursePH 270
Sor/Wiz4Rend Essentia (INCARNUM) [Evil]Ne VSM1 actCloseInstantaneous Will n. YDeal Charisma or essentia damageMoI 104
Sor/Wiz4Repair Critical Damage TrVS 1 actTouchInstantaneous -NRepairs construct for 4d8 +1/lev (max +20) hpSpC 173
Sor/Wiz4Resist Energy, Mass Ab VS 1 actClose10 min/levFor n.YSubjects ignore damage from one energy typeSpC 174
Sor/Wiz4Resistance, Greater Ab VSM1 actTouch 24 hoursWill n. YSubject gains +3 on saving throws.SpC 174
Sor/Wiz4Revelation DiVSM1 actMedium1 round -NReveals everything within 20-ft radiusDrF 117
Sor/Wiz4River Watch DiVS 1 actPersonal1 min/lev -YSense time-based spells and effectsLotT 26
Sor/Wiz4Ruin Delver's Fortune TrV Immed. Personal1d4 rounds-NCast on another's turn, choose benefitsSpC 178
Sor/Wiz4Rusted Blade TrVS 1 actTouch1 round/lev (D) SpecialYTouched weapon delivers filth feverCM 116
Sor/Wiz4Sandform TrVSM1 actPersonal1 min/lev (D)-NYou become an oozelike being of sandSa 119
Sor/Wiz4Scramble Portal [Chaotic]TrVSM1 actClose1 round/lev-NRandomize the destination of a magic portalSpC 181
Sor/Wiz4Scrying DiVSMF 1 hourSpecial 1 min/lev Will n. YSpies on subject from a distancePH 274
Sor/Wiz4Searing Exposure [Fire,Light]EvVSM1 actMediumInstantaneous For part.YTarget suffers hours of exposure in a momentSa 120
Sor/Wiz4Seed of Undeath Ne VSM1 round Touch1 day/lev (D)For n.YSubject that dies rises as a zombieCM 116
Sor/Wiz4Sensory Deprivation [Mind-Affecting]IlVSM1 actMedium1 round/levWill dis.YAll of subject's senses are blocked.SpC 182
Sor/Wiz4Serpent Arrow TrVSM1 actCloseSpecial-NTransforms missiles into tiny vipersCR 34
Sor/Wiz4Shackle [Force]EvVSF1 actClose1 min/lev (D)-YRay paralyzes targetVRA 32
Sor/Wiz4Shadow Conjuration IlVS 1 actSpecial SpecialWill dis.YMimics conjuring below 4th level, 20% realPH 276
Sor/Wiz4Shadow Well IlVS 1 actClose1 round/levWill n. YTarget enters gloomy plane and is frightenedSpC 186
Sor/Wiz4Sharptooth TrVS 1 actPersonal1 round/lev-NOne natural weapon deals damage as if largerSpC 187
Sor/Wiz4Shout [Sonic]EvV 1 act30 ftInstantaneous SpecialYDeafens all within cone and deals 5d6 damagePH 279
Sor/Wiz4Sinsabur's Baleful Bolt Ne VS 1 actMediumInstantaneous Ref half YBolt deals 1d3 +1/4 lev (max +3) Str and ConUna 52
Sor/Wiz4Siren's Call [Mind-Affecting]EnVS 1 actClose1 round/lev (D) Will n. YCompel 1 creature/2 lev to submerseSto 121
Sor/Wiz4Slashing Dispel Ab/Ev VS 1 actMediumInstantaneous -NAs dispel magic, but creatures take damagePH2 125
Sor/Wiz4Solid Fog CoVSM1 actMedium1 min/lev -NBlocks vision, slows movementPH 281
Sor/Wiz4Spark Shield [Electricity]EvVSD1 actPersonal1 round/lev (D) -NYou are surrounded in an aura of electricityDCS 111
Sor/Wiz4Sparkles CoVSM1 actLong1 min/lev -NSparkling motes outline invisible creaturesShS 49
Sor/Wiz4Spell Enhancer TrV Swift Personal1 round -NCast another spell in same round at +2 levSpC 198
Sor/Wiz4Spell Snare Ab SM 1 min Touch10 min/lev-NAbsorbs a spell or ability of up to 3rd levMoE 102
Sor/Wiz4Steelsting [Force]EvV 1 actMediumInstantaneous Ref half YCreates maelstrom of flying daggers of force DrF 119
Sor/Wiz4Stifle Spell Ab V Immed. CloseInstantaneous SpecialYSubject must concentrate or botch spellPH2 126
Sor/Wiz4Stone Sphere [Earth]EvVSM1 actMedium1 round/levRef n.Y3-ft stone sphere rolls over your enemies SpC 209
Sor/Wiz4Stone Storm EvVSM1 actLong1 round -NDeals 3d6 bludgeoning and 3d6 slashing dmgSoS 129
Sor/Wiz4Stoneskin Ab VSM1 actTouch10 min/levWill n. YIgnore 10 points of damage per attackPH 284
Sor/Wiz4Storm Wall [Electricity]EvVSM1 actMediumConc. +1 rd/lev SpecialYImmobile curtain of electricity deals damageDCS 112
Sor/Wiz4Summon Monster IV CoVSF1 round Close1 round/lev (D) -NCalls extraplanar (1 4th, 1d3 3rd or 1d4+1 2nd)PH 285
Sor/Wiz4Summon Pest Swarm CoVSM1 round Long1 round/lev (D) -NSummon swarm of urban animals and verminCi 67
Sor/Wiz4Summon Undead IV [Evil]CoVSF1 round Close1 round/lev-NSummons undead to fight for you.SpC 215
Sor/Wiz4Superior Darkvision TrVSM1 actTouch1 hour/lev Will n. YSubject can see in total darknessUna 53
Sor/Wiz4Suppress Lycanthropy TrVSM1 actTouch1 hour/3 lev For n.YForces a target lycanthrope to transformVRA 37
Sor/Wiz4Suppress Magic Ab VSM1 actClose1 round/levWill n. NSuppress magic found in magic itemsToHS 50
Sor/Wiz4Suspension TrVSM1 actTouch Special-NTouched object remains in place for daysShS 51
Sor/Wiz4Sword of Deception [Force]EvVSF1 actMedium1 round/lev (D) -YIndependent blade of energy deals 1d4 damageSpC 217
Sor/Wiz4Thunderlance [Force]EvVSM1 act0 ft 1 round/lev (D) -NLance deals 3d6 damage, plus dispel force eff.SpC 220
Sor/Wiz4Touch of the Blackened Soul [Evil]TrVS Swift Personal 3 rounds-NSpells gain evil descriptor, more dmg to goodDM 73
Sor/Wiz4Touch of the Doppelganger TrVS 1 round ClosePermanentFor n.YChange physical appearance with targetDTDL 180
Sor/Wiz4Touch of Years Ne VS 1 actTouch1 day/levFor n.YTarget loses 3 Str, Dex, Con, then blind/deaf CM 120
Sor/Wiz4Touchstone Lightning [Electricity]TrVS 1 actMediumInstantaneous -YFuel damaging rays with planar touchstonePlH 106
Sor/Wiz4Trance of the Verdant Domain [Mind-Affecting]EnVS 1 act30 ftInstantaneous Will n. YFascinate and make vulnerable a foe for 3 rdsDM 74
Sor/Wiz4Translocation Trick CoV 1 actMedium10 min/levWill n. YYou and target switch places and appearanceSpC 222
Sor/Wiz4Treasure Scent DiVS 1 actPersonal1 hour/lev -NYou detect valuable metals and gems. SpC 223
Sor/Wiz4Trollshape TrVS Swift Personal1 round/lev (D) -NYou take on the form and abilities of a trollPH2 127
Sor/Wiz4Unbind Chakra (ESSENTIA) Ne VS 1 actClose1 round/lev Will n. YSever 1 chakra bind/4 lev; deal damageMoI 105
Sor/Wiz4Undeniable Gravity, Legion's TrVSM1 actLong1 min/lev Will n. YFlying creatures lose flying abilityMH 40
Sor/Wiz4Unseen Servant, Mass CoVSM1 actClose1 hour/lev -NOne Invisible force/lev obeys your commandRD 168
Sor/Wiz4Unshape Soulmeld Ab VS 1 actMediumInstantaneous -NOne of target's soulmelds is destroyed.MoI 105
Sor/Wiz4Vecna's Malevolent Whisper [Death,Mind-Affecting]EnV 1 actCloseInstantaneous -YCreature with 10 hp or lower reduced to -9 hpCM 122
Sor/Wiz4Venom Bolt [Acid]EvVSM1 act100 ft Instantaneous SpecialYBeam of energy deals 2d8 acid damageSK 158
Sor/Wiz4Voice of the Dragon TrVS 1 actPersonal10 min/lev (D) -N+10 Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate; suggestionSpC 232
Sor/Wiz4Vortex of Teeth [Force]EvVSM1 actMedium1 round/lev (D) -Y3d8 dmg/round to all creatures in the areaSpC 232
Sor/Wiz4Wall of Chaos [Chaotic]Ab VSM1 actClose10 min/levSpecialYWall blocks creatures of opposite alignment.SpC 233
Sor/Wiz4Wall of Coldfire (COLDFIRE) [Cold]EvVS 1 actMediumConc. +1 r/lev-YDeals 2d4 or 1d4. Passing is 2d6 +1/levFr 106
Sor/Wiz4Wall of Deadly Chains CoVSM1 actMedium1 min/lev Ref half NCreates wall of chains, deals 3d6 within 5 ft BV 108
Sor/Wiz4Wall of Evil [Evil]Ab VSM1 actClose10 min/levSpecialYWall blocks creatures of opposite alignment.SpC 233
Sor/Wiz4Wall of Fire [Fire]EvVSM1 actMediumConc. + 1 r/lev -Y2d4 dmg (10 ft), 1d4 (20), 2d6+1/lev passingPH 298
Sor/Wiz4Wall of Good [Good]Ab VSM1 actClose10 min/levSpecialYWall blocks creatures of opposite alignment.SpC 233
Sor/Wiz4Wall of Ice [Cold]EvVSM1 actMedium1 min/lev Ref n.YCreates wall with 13 hp+1/lev or hemispherePH 299
Sor/Wiz4Wall of Law [Lawful]Ab VSM1 actClose10 min/levSpecialYWall blocks creatures of opposite alignment.SpC 234
Sor/Wiz4Wall of Pain [Evil]Ne VSF1 actClose1 round/lev (D) Will n. YWall causes pain to creatures passing throughShS 51
Sor/Wiz4Wall of Salt [Earth]CoVSM1 actMediumInstantaneous SpecialNWall of salt that can be shapedSa 127
Sor/Wiz4Wall of Sand [Earth]CoVSM1 actMediumConc. +1 rd/lev -NSwirling sand blocks ranged att., slows moveSpC 235
Sor/Wiz4Wall of Water [Water]CoVSM1 actMedium10 min/levRef n.NCreates shapeable transparent wall of water.SpC 235
Sor/Wiz4Warp Truename (TRUENAME) TrVS 1 actClose1 round/levSpecialYGives a foe grotesque and useless formTM 261
Sor/Wiz4Watchful Ancestors CoVSM1 actPersonal1 min/lev -NSpiritual manifestations grants bonusesMoE 103
Sor/Wiz4Whelm, Mass [Mind-Affecting]EnVS 1 actCloseInstantaneous Will n. YDeal 1d6 nonlethal dmg/lev to 1 creature/levPH2 128
Sor/Wiz4Wingbind [Force]EvVS 1 actMedium1 round/lev (D) Ref n.YNet of force entangles targetSpC 240
Sor/Wiz4Wings of Air, Greater TrV 1 actTouch1 min/lev -NTarget's flight maneuverability improvesSpC 240
Sor/Wiz4Wither Ne VSM1 actMediumInstantaneousFor part.YDeals 1d6/lev dessiccation damage, dehydrates Sa 128
Sor/Wiz4Withering Death [Evil]Ne SM 1 actClose1 round/levFor n.YDeal 1d6 +1/2 lev (Max +5) Con damageHOS 70
Sor/Wiz5Acid Rain [Acid]CoVSM1 actLong1 rd +1 rd/lev -N20-ft radius cylinder deals 7d6 acid damageHB 124
Sor/Wiz5Acid Sheath [Acid]CoVSMF 1 actPersonal1 round/lev (D) -NSheath of acid damages those who attack youSpC 7
Sor/Wiz5Airy Water [Air, Water]TrSM 1 act0 ft 10 min/lev (D) -NTurn water into breathable substanceSto 113
Sor/Wiz5Alter Person, Greater (FEY) TrVS 1 actClosePermanentFor n.YChanges a body part of the targetVRSF 105
Sor/Wiz5Animal Growth TrVS 1 actMedium1 min/lev For n.YOne animal/2 lev doubles in sizePH 198
Sor/Wiz5Animate Legion [Evil]NeVSM1 actClose1 round/lev-NCreates skeletons or zombiesHB 124
Sor/Wiz5Anticold Sphere [Cold]AbVS 1 act10 ft10 min/lev (D) -YSphere provides immunity to coldSpC 13
Sor/Wiz5Antifire Sphere AbVS 1 actTouch10 min/lev-NCreatures in sphere gain immunity to fireSa 110
Sor/Wiz5Arc of Lighting [Electricity]CoVSM1 actCloseInstantaneous Ref half NLine of electricity between 2 creatures (1d6/lev) SpC 15
Sor/Wiz5Arcane Staff TrVSF10 minTouch Until disc. (D) Will n. YSpells may be placed into normal quarterstaffToHS 44
Sor/Wiz5Baleful Polymorph TrVS 1 actClosePermanentSpecialYTransforms subject into harmless animalPH 202
Sor/Wiz5Ball Lighting [Electricity]EvVSM1 actMedium1 round/levRef n.YEnergy ball deals 1d6/level electricity damage. SpC 23
Sor/Wiz5Banish Dragonmark (DRAGONMARK) AbVSM1 actClose1 day/levWill n. YTarget temporarily loses dragonmarkDra 148
Sor/Wiz5Beltyn's Burning Blood NeVSM1 actMedium1 round/lev (D) For part.YCreature?s blood deals 1d8 acid +1d8 fire dmgUna 48
Sor/Wiz5Bigby's Interposing Hand [Force]EvVSF1 actMedium1 round/lev (D) -YHand provides cover vs. one opponentPH 204
Sor/Wiz5Bite of the Wereboar TrVSM1 actPersonal1 round/lev-NYou gain the Str and attacks of a wereboarSpC 28
Sor/Wiz5Blackwater Tentacle [Evil, Water]CoVSM1 actClose1 round/lev (D) For part.NCreate blackwater tentacle that attacksSto 114
Sor/Wiz5Blight NeVS1 actTouchInstantaneous For half Y1d6 damage/lev to plant creature, or witherPH 206
Sor/Wiz5Blink, Greater TrVS1 actPersonal1 round/lev-NYou randomly vanish and reappear SpC 32
Sor/Wiz5Blink, Improved TrVS1 actPersonal1 round/lev (D) -NVanish and reappear for 1 round/levUna 50
Sor/Wiz5Boreal Wind [Cold]EvVS1 actLong1 rd + 1r/2 levFor n.YGust of cold deals 1d4/lev and knock backFr 89
Sor/Wiz5Break Enchantment AbVS1 minCloseInstantaneous SpecialNFrees subject from enchantmentsPH 207
Sor/Wiz5Breath Weapon Substitution (BREATH) [Special]TrS Swift Personal1 round -NYour breath weapom deals different damageSpC 39
Sor/Wiz5Cacophonic Burst [Sonic]EvVS1 actLongInstantaneous Ref half YNoise deals 1d6/lev sonic dmg to all in areaSpC 41
Sor/Wiz5Cacophonic Shield [Sonic]EvVS1 act10 ft1 min/lev (D)For part.YShield blocks sound, deals damage, deafens SpC 41
Sor/Wiz5Call Dretch Horde (SOUL) [Evil]CoVS1 minClose1 year -NSummons 2d4 dretches BV 86
Sor/Wiz5Call Faithful Servants (ABST.,CEL.) [Good]CoVS1 minCloseInstantaneous -NSummons 1d4 archons, eladrins, or guardinals BE 93
Sor/Wiz5Call Lemure Horde (SOUL) [Evil]CoVS1 minClose1 year -NSummons 3d4 lemuresBV 86
Sor/Wiz5Call Nightmare (SOUL) [Evil]CoVS1 min Medium1 week-NSummons a nightmareBV 87
Sor/Wiz5Call Undead V CoVSF1 round Close1 round/lev (D) -NCalls undead (1 5th, 1d3 4th or 1d4+1 3rd)AoM 68
Sor/Wiz5Call Zelekhut [Lawful]CoVSX10 minCloseInstantaneous -NA zelekhut performs one duty for you. SpC 42
Sor/Wiz5Channeled Lifetheft NeVSSpecialCloseInstantaneous -YFatigue, exhaust, and deal damage to targetCM 98
Sor/Wiz5Channeled Sound Blast [Sonic]EvVSSpecialSpecial Instantaneous For half YDeal sonic damage in coneCM 99
Sor/Wiz5Charm Person, Mass [Mind-Affecting]EnVS1 actClose1 hr/lev Will n. YMakes all within 30 ft your friends RD 164
Sor/Wiz5Choking Sands NeVSM1 actTouchInstantaneousFor n.YCreature begins to suffocate on sandSa 112
Sor/Wiz5Circlet of Enervation NeVSF1 actClose1 round/lev (D)For part.YSubject takes damage and gains 1 negative levelShS 44
Sor/Wiz5Cloudkill CoVS1 actMedium1 min/levFor part.NUp to 3 HD die, 4-6 HD save or die, 6+ dmgPH 210
Sor/Wiz5Coat of Arms [Force]EvVS1 act0 ft. 1 min/lev (D)-Sp.Surround yourself with blades of forceCM 99
Sor/Wiz5Cone of Cold [Cold]EvVSM1 act60 ftInstantaneousRef half Y1d6 cold damage/levelPH 212
Sor/Wiz5Construct Essence TrVS1 actTouch1 min/levWill n. YGrants living construct construct qualitiesRE 183
Sor/Wiz5Contact Other Plane DiV 10 minPersonal Concentration -NAsk questions to extraplanar entityPH 212
Sor/Wiz5Contingent Energy Resistance AbVSM1 min Personal1 hour/lev (D) -NEnergy damage triggers a Resist Energy spell.SpC 52
Sor/Wiz5Create Chosen One TrVSM1 hourTouchInstantaneousWill n. YTurns a normal human into a chosen oneMon 28
Sor/Wiz5Create Darkenbeast [Evil]TrVSM1 hourCloseInstantaneous -/Will n. YTurns an animal up to 2 HD into darkenbeastMon 31
Sor/Wiz5Create Dread Beast [Evil]Ne VSM1 hourCloseInstantaneous-NCreate a dread beastToHS 144
Sor/Wiz5Crypt Warden's Grasp [Evil]Ne VS1 actTouchInstantaneousFor n.YBestow mummy rot with your touchCM 100
Sor/Wiz5Curse of the Magi Ne VSM1 actTouch SpecialWill n. YMakes another caster unable to castToHS 45
Sor/Wiz5Cyclonic Blast [Air]EvVSF1 act120 ft InstantaneousRef half YDeals 1d6 damage/level, knocks down creatures.SpC 57
Sor/Wiz5Daltim's Fiery Tentacles [Fire]CoVSM1 actMedium1 round/lev (D) SpecialNFiery tentacles grapple all within 20 ft ShS 45
Sor/Wiz5Dancing Blade TrVSF1 actTouch1 round/lev-NA weapon attacks on its ownPH2 109
Sor/Wiz5Dark Sentinels [Mind-Affecting]DiVF 1 min Special Special (D)SpecialNFlock of birds seeks out nearest undeadVRA 23
Sor/Wiz5Death Throes [Force]Ne VS1 actPersonal1 hour/lev-NYour body explodes when you die. SpC 60
Sor/Wiz5Dimension Door, Greater CoV 1 actTouch1 round/2 levWill n. Sp. Short-range, multiple-use Dimension Door. SpC 64
Sor/Wiz5Dimension Jumper CoV Swift Personal1 round/lev-NTeleport up to 30 feet 1/roundCM 102
Sor/Wiz5Dimension Shuffle CoV 1 actCloseInstantaneousWill n. YTeleport multiple creatures short distancePH2 110
Sor/Wiz5Dismissal Ab VS1 actCloseInstantaneousWill n. YForces a creature to return to native planePH 222
Sor/Wiz5Dispel Possession [Ectomancy]Ab VSM1 actCloseInstantaneous-NForce possessing creature out of host bodyGh 52
Sor/Wiz5Dispel Water Ab VS1 actMediumInstantaneous SpecialSp. Cancels water spells, dismisses water creaturesSa 114
Sor/Wiz5Dispelling Breath (BREATH) Ab S Swift Personal1 round-NYour breath weapon dispels magicSpC 67
Sor/Wiz5Dominate Person [Mind-Affecting]EnVS1 round Close1 day/levWill n. YControls humanoid telepathicallyPH 224
Sor/Wiz5Draconic Might TrVS1 actTouch1 min/lev (D)For n.YGain +5 Str, Con, Cha, +4 natural AC, immun.SpC 72
Sor/Wiz5Draconic Polymorph TrV 1 actPersonal1 min/lev (D)-NYou change into a dragon's formDr 79
Sor/Wiz5Dragon Ally, Lesser CoVX 10 minCloseInstantaneous-NExchange services with a 9 HD dragon.SpC 72
Sor/Wiz5Dragonmark Demesne (DRAGONMARK) [Force]EvVS1 act0 ft 2 hrs/lev (D)-NCreates hemisferical shelter for you + 25 creat.Dra 149
Sor/Wiz5Dragonmarked Weapon, Greater (DRAGONMARK) TrVS1 actTouch1 min/levWill n. NWeapon deals +2d6 dmg to dragonmarkedDra 151
Sor/Wiz5Dragonsight TrVSF1 actPersonal1 hour/lev (D)-NGain low-light vis., darkvision, blindsenseSpC 73
Sor/Wiz5Dream [Mind-Affecting]IlVS1 min Unlimit. Special-YSends message to anyone sleepingPH 225
Sor/Wiz5Dridershape (DROW) TrVSSwift Personal1 round/lev (D)-NYou take on the form and abilities of a driderDrU 61
Sor/Wiz5Duelward Ab VSM1 actPersonal1 round/lev (D)-N+4 on Spellcraft, counterspells are immediateSpC 74
Sor/Wiz5Earth Reaver [Fire]TrVS1 actMediumInstantaneousRef part.YEruption deals 7d6 damage to all in area.SpC 75
Sor/Wiz5Electric Vengeance, Greater [Electricity]EvVS Immed. 5 ft InstantaneousFor part.Y5d8+1/lev dmg to foe who strikes you, dazesPH2 111
Sor/Wiz5Emerald Burst [Good]EvVSM1 actCloseInstantaneousFor n.Y20-ft radius burst dazes neutral, stuns evilBE 98
Sor/Wiz5Emotional Brew [Mind-Affecting]EnVSF1 minCloseSpecialSpecialYA gallon of liquid is infused with emotionsAoM 70
Sor/Wiz5Enlarge, Person, Greater TrVSM1 round Touch1 hour/lev (D)For n.YSubject remains enlarged for 1 hour/level.SpC 82
Sor/Wiz5Ethereal Breath (BREATH) TrS Swift Personal1 round-NYour breath weapon manifests on the EtherealSpC 84
Sor/Wiz5Etherealness, Swift TrVSSwift Close1 roundWill n. YSubject momentarily becomes etherealPH2 113
Sor/Wiz5Evacuation Rune CoVSM1 actTouch 24 hours-NCreate rune you can teleport to as swift actionCS 98
Sor/Wiz5Extract Gift [Chaotic]Ne VSMX 1 hourClosePermanentSpecialYEssence from demon grants enhancementsFCI 92
Sor/Wiz5Fabricate TrVSMSpecialCloseInstantaneous-NTransforms raw materials into finished items PH 229
Sor/Wiz5False Vision IlVSM1 actTouch1 hour/lev (D)-NFools scrying with an illusionPH 229
Sor/Wiz5Feeblemind [Mind-Affecting]EnVSM1 actMediumInstantaneousWill n. YSubject's Int and Cha drop to 1PH 229
Sor/Wiz5Fever Dream [Mind-Affecting]IlVS1 actClose5 r. + 1 r. (D) SpecialYIllusory vision fatigues or exhausts targetCM 104
Sor/Wiz5Field of Resistance Ab VS1 actMedium1 round/lev (D)-NZone provides SR 11 + caster level PH2 113
Sor/Wiz5Fiendform [Evil]TrVSM1 actPersonal1 min/lev-NAssume form and abilities of fiendish creature SpC 90
Sor/Wiz5Fire and Brimstone [Fire]CoVSM1 actCloseInstantaneousFor part.NSubject takes fire damage, might be sickenedCM 104
Sor/Wiz5Fire Shield, Mass [Cold/Fire]EvVSM1 round Close1 round/lev (D)Will n. YAttackers take dmg; protected from heat/coldSpC 92
Sor/Wiz5Firebrand [Fire]EvVSM1 actMediumInstantaneousRef half YOne 5 ft burst/lev deals 1d6 fire/lev, burns 1 rdSpC 93
Sor/Wiz5Fireburst, Greater [Fire]EvVSM1 act15 ft InstantaneousRef half YSubjects in 15 ft take 1d10/lev fire damageSpC 94
Sor/Wiz5Flaying Tendrils [Evil]TrVS1 actPersonal1 round/lev-NYou grow mind flayer tentaclesCM 104
Sor/Wiz5Flaywind Burst [Air,Earth]EvVSM1 round 60 ftInstantaneousSpecialNCone deals 1d6 dmg/lev, knocks downSa 115
Sor/Wiz5Flesh to Ice TrVSM1 actMediumInstantaneousFor n.YTurns subject into statue of iceFr 94
Sor/Wiz5Flesh to Salt TrVSM1 actMediumInstantaneousFor part.YTurns creature into a statue of saltSa 116
Sor/Wiz5Flowsight DiVSM1 actTouch1 round/lev (D)Will n. YScry creatures in contact with waterSto 117
Sor/Wiz5Fly, Mass TrVS1 actClose1 min/levWill n. YOne creature/level flies at speed of 60 ft. SpC 96
Sor/Wiz5Fog of Fear [Fear,Mind-Affecting]Ne VSM1 actMedium1 min/levSpecialYBank of fog causes fearAoM 71
Sor/Wiz5Form of the Desert Hunter TrVSSwift Personal1 round/lev (D)-NTake the form of a dragonneDM 67
Sor/Wiz5Form of the Threefold Beast TrVSSwift Personal1 round/lev (D)-NYou take the form of a ChimeraCM 105
Sor/Wiz5Friend to Foe [Mind-Affecting]IlVSM1 actMedium1 round/lev (D)Will n. YTarget creature believes its allies are enemies PH2 114
Sor/Wiz5Gelid Blood [Cold]Ne VSM1 actClose1 round/levFor part.YSubject takes penaltiesFr 96
Sor/Wiz5Giant's Guise [Mind-Affecting]IlVSM1 actCloseSpecialWill n. NCreature appears as large as a giantToHS 47
Sor/Wiz5Glimpse of Eternity [Mind-Affecting]EnVSM1 actClose1 round/3 levWill part. YInflicts 1d6 nonlethal damage/lev, confusionFE 151
Sor/Wiz5Graymantle Ne VSM1 actMedium1 round/levFor n.YInhibit creature's ability to heal and regenerateSpC 107
Sor/Wiz5Gutsnake TrVSF1 actPersonal1 round/lev (D)-N10-ft tentacle grows from stomach and attacksSpC 108
Sor/Wiz5Halaster's Fetch II CoVSF1 round Close1 round/lev (D)-NCalls extraplanar to fight (1 2nd or 1d3 1st)CSW 153
Sor/Wiz5Haunt Shift Ne VSM1 actMediumInstantaneousWill n. YTurn undead into haunting presencesLM 66
Sor/Wiz5Heart of Fire [Fire]TrVS1 actPersonal1 hour/lev (D)-N+10 ft speed, resistance to fire 10, fire shieldCM 107
Sor/Wiz5Hidden Lodge CoVSF10 minClose24 hours-NCreates sturdy camouflaged cottageSpC 113
Sor/Wiz5Hold Monster [Mind-Affecting]EnVSM1 actMedium1 round/lev (D)Will n. YParalyzes one creature for 1 round/levPH 241
Sor/Wiz5Ice Shape [Cold]TrVSM1 actTouchInstantaneous-NSculpts ice into any shapeFr 99
Sor/Wiz5Ice to Flesh TrVSM1 actMediumInstantaneousFor n.YRestores frozen creatureFr 100
Sor/Wiz5Illusory Feast [Mind-Affecting]IlVSM1 actLong1 round/levWill n. YSubjects become dazed by illusory food.SpC 120
Sor/Wiz5Imprison Possessor Ab VS1 actClosePermanent (D)Will n. YSubject that can posses is trapped in bodyBV 98
Sor/Wiz5Incite Riot [Mind-Affecting]EnV 1 actClose1 roundWill n. YSubjects attack nearest creaturePH2 115
Sor/Wiz5Indomitability Ab VS1 actTouch1 min/lev-NSubject can't be reduced below 1 hp. SpC 121
Sor/Wiz5Insidious Suggestion [Language-Dependent,Mind-Affecting,Mindset]EnVS1 actCloseSpecialWill n. YSuggestion repeats in creature's mindRE 187
Sor/Wiz5Investiture of the Narzugon [Evil]TrVSM1 actClose1 min/levWill n. YTarget gains paralyzing gaze attackFCII 104
Sor/Wiz5Investiture of the Orthon [Evil]TrVSM1 actClose1 min/levWill n. YTarget disrupts movement, deals sonic damageFCII 104
Sor/Wiz5Involuntary Shapeshifting TrVS1 actClose1 rd/2 lev (D)For n.YTarget creature must change shapeRE 188
Sor/Wiz5Ironguard, Lesser Ab VSM1 actTouch1 round/levWill n. YSubject becomes immune to nonmagical metal.SpC 125
Sor/Wiz5Jumpgout [Fire]EvV 1 actMedium2 roundsRef half YPillar of flame deals 1d6/lev dmg (max 15d6)CSW 155
Sor/Wiz5Leomund's Billet CoVSM1 actClose2 hours/lev-NCreates sturdy barracksHB 127
Sor/Wiz5Leomund's Secret Chest CoVSF10 minSpecial 60 days-NHides expensive chest on Ethereal PlanePH 247
Sor/Wiz5Lichbane Daggers EvVS1 actLongInstantaneous For half NLich suffers 1d6/lev damage (max 15d6) VRA 30
Sor/Wiz5Lightning Leap [Electricity]TrV 1 actSpecial InstantaneousSpecialSp. Transform into bolt of lightningCM 109
Sor/Wiz5Lord of the Sky [Electricity]Ev/Tr VS1 actPersonal1 min/lev-NGain flight, a lightning bolt, slow flying creat. DM 69
Sor/Wiz5Lucent Lance [Light]TrVSF1 actCloseInstantaneous-YLight forms lance, deals various damage SpC 134
Sor/Wiz5Luminous Assassin CoVSF1 actMedium1 round/lev-NSummons an assassin to attack the target PH2 117
Sor/Wiz5Magic Jar Ne VSF1 actMedium1 hour/levWill n. YEnables possession of another creaturePH 250
Sor/Wiz5Magic Weapon, Greater Legion's TrVSM1 actClose1 min/levWill n. YAllies' weapons become +2 or greaterMoE 98
Sor/Wiz5Mailed Might of the Magelords [Force]CoVSM1 actTouch1 min/levWill n. Y+8 AC, DR 5/magic, immune to 2nd-lev forceLE 32
Sor/Wiz5Major Creation CoVSM10 minCloseSpecial-NCreates a cloth, wood, stone or metal object PH 252
Sor/Wiz5Mana Flux Ab VS1 actMedium1 round/lev-NMagic in area has 20% failure chancePH2 119
Sor/Wiz5Miasma of Entropy Ne VS1 act30 ftInstantaneousSpecialYRot all natural material in 30-ft cone burstSpC 141
Sor/Wiz5Mind Fog [Mind-Affecting]EnVS1 actMediumSpecialWill n. YSubjects in fog get -10 Wis and Will checksPH 253
Sor/Wiz5Mirage Arcana IlVS1 actLongConc. + 1 hr/lv Will dis.NTerrain and structure appear like anotherPH 254
Sor/Wiz5Moonbow [Electricity]EvVSM1 actMediumUp to 4 rounds-Y3 motes deal 1d6/2 lev electricity dmg eachSpC 144
Sor/Wiz5Mordenkainen's Faithful Hound CoVSM1 actCloseSpecial-NPhantom dog can guard and attackPH 255
Sor/Wiz5Mordenkainen's Private Sanctum Ab VSM10 minClose24 hours (D)-NPrevents anyone from viewing/scryingPH 256
Sor/Wiz5Necrotic Burst [Evil]Ne VSF1 actMediumInstantaneousFor part.NEncysted subject killed, cyst roams LM 67
Sor/Wiz5Necrotic Skull Bomb Ne VSMSwift CloseInstantaneousFor n.YReleases negative energy for 1d4 negative levCR 32
Sor/Wiz5Nezram's Sapphire Screen of Shield [Force]Ab VSF1 actPersonal1 round/lev (D)-NGrants +4 to AC, DR 10/magicLE 33
Sor/Wiz5Night's Caress [Evil]Ne VS1 actTouchInstantaneousFor part.YTouch deals 1d6/lev damage, plus 1d6+2 ConSpC 147
Sor/Wiz5Nightmare [Mind-Affecting, Evil]IlVS10 minUnlimit. InstantaneousWill n. YSends vision dealing 1d10 damage, fatiguePH 257
Sor/Wiz5Nightstalker's Transformation TrVSM1 actPersonal1 round/lev (D)-NGain +4 Dex, +3 AC, +5 Ref, +3d6 sneak attackSpC 148
Sor/Wiz5Oath of Blood Ne VSM1 minCloseSpecial-YExtends a geas beyond deathHH 131
Sor/Wiz5Object Glamor, Greater (FEY) IlVS1 actTouch10 min/lev (D)Will n. YMake a Medium object look like another obj. VRSF 105
Sor/Wiz5Orb of Dancing Death Ne VSM1 actClose1 round/3 lev-YOrb bestows 1 negative lev each roundMoE 99
Sor/Wiz5Overland Flight TrVS1 actPersonal1 hour/lev-NFly at a speed of 40 ft over long distancesPH 259
Sor/Wiz5Passwall TrVSM1 actTouch1 hour/lev (D)-NCreates passage through wood or stone wallPH 259
Sor/Wiz5Permanency Un VSX2 rds Special Permanent-NMakes certain spells permanentPH 259
Sor/Wiz5Persistent Image IlVSF1 actLong1 min/lev (D)Will dis.NCreates illusion of your design, no concentr.PH 260
Sor/Wiz5Phantasmal Thief CoVSM1 actClose1 round/lev-NCreates an unseen force that steals from others. SpC 155
Sor/Wiz5Planar Binding, Lesser CoVS10 minCloseInstantaneousWill n. Sp. Traps extraplanar up to 6 HD to perform a taskPH 261
Sor/Wiz5Planar Tolerance Ab V Immed. 20 ft1 hour/lev-YLong-term protection against planar traitsSpC 159
Sor/Wiz5Power Word Disable [Mind-Affecting]EnV 1 actCloseInstantaneous-YReduces living creat. up to 50 hp to 0 hpRDr 115
Sor/Wiz5Precipitate Breach CoVM 10 min0 ft Special-YForce planar boundaries to ripPlH 103
Sor/Wiz5Prismatic Ray EvVS1 actMediumInstantaneousSpecialYRay of light blinds subject, deals random effect. SpC 162
Sor/Wiz5Prying Eyes DiVSM1 min 1 mile 1 hour/lev (D)-N1d4 floating eyes +1/lev scout for youPH 266
Sor/Wiz5Radiance [Good,Light]EvVS1 act60 ft1 round/lev (D)-NCreates daylight that dazzles undeadPH2 122
Sor/Wiz5Rary's Telepathic Bond DiVSM1 actClose10 min/lev (D)-NLink lets allies communicate PH 268
Sor/Wiz5Reciprocal Gyre Ab VSM1 actMediumInstantaneousSpecialYTarget takes 1d12 dmg/lev of spell affecting itSpC 170
Sor/Wiz5Reduce Person, Greater TrVSM1 round Close10 min/levFor n.YSubject remains reduced for 10 minutes/level. SpC 171
Sor/Wiz5Refusal Ab VSM1 actMedium1 hour/levWill n. YSpell-using creatures prevented from enteringSpC 171
Sor/Wiz5Resonating Resistance (FIEND) TrV 1 actPersonal1 min/lev-NFoes must check SR twice against caster BV 102
Sor/Wiz5Resounding Thunder [Sonic]EvVS1 actMedium5 rounds (D)For part.YDeals 4d6 sonic dmg/round, deafensCM 115
Sor/Wiz5Retributive Image [Mind-Affecting]IlVS1 actLongConc + 3 rd.SpecialYIllusion deals damage to those who disbelieveCM 116
Sor/Wiz5Revitalize Legacy, Lesser TrVSF1 actTouch1 hour/lev-NGet extra use of chosen lesser legacy abilityWoL 17
Sor/Wiz5River's Ravaging Flood TrVSM1 actClose1 round/levFor n.YAges creatures in area 2 years/levLotT 25
Sor/Wiz5Sakkratar's Triple Strike TrVSM1 actClose1 roundFor n.YGrants 2 extra attacks, keen and fire burstLE 33
Sor/Wiz5Scry Trap Ab VSM1 actTouch1 hour/levSpecialSp. Scry attempts deal 1d6/lev damage, blindMoE 101
Sor/Wiz5Seeming IlVS1 actClose12 hours (D)SpecialSp. Changes appearance of one person/2 lev. PH 275
Sor/Wiz5Seething Blood [Evil, Mind-Affecting]EnVM 1 round ClosePermanentWill n. YCause target to violently hate a personHOS 70
Sor/Wiz5Sending EvVSM10 minSpecial 1 round-NInstantly delivers short message anywherePH 275
Sor/Wiz5Shadow Evocation IlVS1 actSpecial SpecialWill dis.YMimics evocation less than 5th level, 20% real PH 277
Sor/Wiz5Shadow Form IlVSM1 actPersonal1 min/lev (D)-NGain +4 on Hide, Move Silently, Escape Artist SpC 183
Sor/Wiz5Shadow Guardians IlVSM1 actMedium1 hour/lev Will dis.NCreate group of shadowy warriorsRD 168
Sor/Wiz5Shadow Hand IlVS1 actClose1 round/lev (D)-YMedium hand blocks opponents, carries items SpC 183
Sor/Wiz5Shadow Tentacle, Greater Ab S 1 actMedium1 round/lev-NAnimate shadows into a ropelike tentacleLD 186
Sor/Wiz5Shadowfade IlVS1 actClose1 min/levWill n. YOpens a portal to the Plane of Shadow.SpC 186
Sor/Wiz5Shape Metal TrVSM1 actTouchInstantaneousFor n.YSculpts metal into any formRac 191
Sor/Wiz5Shard Blessing Aura Ab VS1 actPersonal1 round/lev-NAura of light acts as a lesser globe of invuln. CAd 57
Sor/Wiz5Shard Storm [Force]EvVSM1 actMedium1 round/levRef half YBlast deals 3d6 damage to creatures in area.SpC 187
Sor/Wiz5Share Sight DiVSF1 actTouch1 hour/levWill n. YYou and a creature see through other's eyesWotL 48
Sor/Wiz5Shrieking Blast [Sonic]EvVSM1 actMediumInstantaneousFor part.Y40-ft radius burst deafens, deals 8d6 damageHB 127
Sor/Wiz5Shroud of Flame [Fire]EvVSM1 actMedium1 round/lev-YSubject bursts into flames, 2d6 dmg/roundSpC 189
Sor/Wiz5Skin of the Steel Dragon Ab VSMImmed. Personal1 round/3 lev-NGrants spell resistance 10 +caster levCAd 58
Sor/Wiz5Sleep Mote [Mind-Affecting]EnVSD1 actMedium1 round/levWill part. YDust devil of magic sand puts foes to sleepSa 121
Sor/Wiz5Sonic Rumble [Sonic]EvVSF1 act30 ftUp to 1 rnd/levRef half YCone of sound deals damage.SpC 195
Sor/Wiz5Sonic Shield EvVS1 actPersonal1 round/lev-N+4 to AC, 1d8 dmg, push back attackers PH2 125
Sor/Wiz5Soul Shackles (LOCATION) [Evil]Ne VSF1 actCloseInstantaneous-YImprisons soul in talisman, can question itBV 104
Sor/Wiz5Spell Haven (DRAGONMARK) TrVSF1 actPersonal Until disch. (D)-NStores one spell in your dragonmarkDra 153
Sor/Wiz5Spell Matrix, Lesser TrVSF1 actPersonal10 min/lev (D)-NStore a 3rd-lev or lower spell to be cast laterSpC 199
Sor/Wiz5Spell Theft Ab VS1 actCloseInstantaneous-NDispel spells on target and gain their benefitsCS 104
Sor/Wiz5Spider Form, Greater TrVSSwift Personal1 round/lev (D)-NBecome a Large fiendish monstrous spiderDrU 63
Sor/Wiz5Spiritwall [Fear, Mind-Affecting]Ne VSM1 actMedium1 min/lev (D)Will n. NWall of spirits deals 1d10 dmg, panic, neg. lev. SpC 203
Sor/Wiz5Spurn the Supernatural (TRUENAME) Ab VS1 actClose1 round/levFor n.YSuppresses foe's supernatural abilitiesTM 258
Sor/Wiz5Stirge Swarm CoVSM1 round Long1 min/lev-NYou summon 1d4+4 stirgesAoM 76
Sor/Wiz5Stone Shape [Earth]TrVSM1 actTouchInstantaneous-NSculpts stone into any shapePH 284
Sor/Wiz5Stop Heart (DRUG) [Evil]Ne S 1 actTouchInstantaneousFor n.YSubject drops to -8 hp immediatelyBV 106
Sor/Wiz5Storm Touch [Electricity]EvVS1 actTouchInstantaneousFor part.YTouch deals 9d6 electricity damage and stunsMoE 103
Sor/Wiz5Streamers EvVSM1 actMedium1 round/lev-YRanged touch attack deals 5d10, +1 str./3 lev ShS 50
Sor/Wiz5Stunning Breath (BREATH) TrS Swift PersonalInstantaneous-NYour breath weapon also stuns for 1 roundSpC 211
Sor/Wiz5Summon Monster V CoVSF1 round Close1 round/lev (D)-NCalls extraplanar (1 5th, 1d3 4th or 1d4+1 3rd) PH 286
Sor/Wiz5Summon Undead V [Evil]CoVSF1 round Close1 round/lev-NSummons undead to fight for you.SpC 215
Sor/Wiz5Suppress Legacy Ne VS1 round Close1 round/levWill n. YTarget loses legacy abilities of 1 itemWoL 18
Sor/Wiz5Surefooted Stride, Mass TrVS1 actClose1 min/lev-NAs Surefooted Stride but multiply subjects. SpC 216
Sor/Wiz5Symbol of Pain [Evil]Ne VSM10 min0 ft SpecialFor n.YTriggered rune wracks creatures with painPH 290
Sor/Wiz5Symbol of Sleep [Mind-Affecting]EnVSM10 min0 ft SpecialWill n. YTriggered rune puts nearby creatures to sleepPH 291
Sor/Wiz5Symbol of Spell Loss Ab VS10 min0 ft SpecialWill n. NTriggered rune absorbs spells yet to be cast.SpC 218
Sor/Wiz5Telekinesis TrVS1 actLongSpecial-/Will n. YMoves object, attacks creat., or hurls objectPH 292
Sor/Wiz5Telepathy Block Ab VS1 actClose1 round/lev (D)-NBlocks all telepathic communication in 80 ftBE 109
Sor/Wiz5Teleport CoV 1 actTouchInstantaneous -/Will n. Sp. Instantly transports you up to 100 miles/levPH 292
Sor/Wiz5Temporal Sphere Ab VSM1 act10 ft1 round/lev-YYou are invulnerable to attacks and spells LotT 26
Sor/Wiz5Thalassemia Ne VS1 actTouchInstantaneous For half YTurns blood to seawater, 1d6/lev damageSto 123
Sor/Wiz5Touch of Adamantine TrVS1 actTouch1 min/levWill n. YWeapon gains the adamantine properties BE 110
Sor/Wiz5Touch of Vecna [Evil,Fear]Ne VS1 actTouch SpecialFor part.YDeal negative energy damage and paralysisCM 120
Sor/Wiz5Toxic Weapon CoVS1 actTouch1 hourFor n.NCoats weapon with poisonPH2 126
Sor/Wiz5Trait Removal TrVSM1 hourTouch1 hour/levFor n.YTemporarily remove an ability from targetSK 158
Sor/Wiz5Traitor's Death [Evil]Ne VSF1 minCloseSpecialSpecialYTarget creature must fulfill a promise or dieWotL 50
Sor/Wiz5Transfer Essence Ne VSM1 minClose1 min/levWill n. YTransfer the energies of one wizard to anotherToHS 52
Sor/Wiz5Transformation of the Deep TrVSM1 actTouch1 hour/lev (D)-YGrant sea bonuses to 1 creature/3 levSto 123
Sor/Wiz5Transmute Mud to Rock [Earth]TrVSM1 actMediumPermanentSpecialNTransforms two 10-ft cubes/lev PH 295
Sor/Wiz5Transmute Rock to Mud [Earth]TrVSM1 actMediumPermanentSpecialNTransforms two 10-ft cubes/levPH 295
Sor/Wiz5Transmute Sand to Glass [Earth]TrVSM1 actMediumPermanentSpecialNTransforms two 10-ft cubes/levelSa 124
Sor/Wiz5Transmute Sand to Stone [Earth]TrVSM1 actMediumPermanentSpecialNTransforms two 10-ft cubes/levelSa 124
Sor/Wiz5Transmute Stone to Sand [Earth]TrVSM1 actMediumPermanentSpecialNTransforms two 10-ft cubes/levelSa 125
Sor/Wiz5Truename Binding, Lesser (TRUENAME) CoVSX10 minCloseInstantaneousWill n. Sp. Enslaves extraplanar creature up to CR 6TM 259
Sor/Wiz5Unearthly Heat TrVS1 actTouch1 round/levFor n.YTarget subjected to unearthly heatSa 125
Sor/Wiz5Unfettered Heroism TrV Immed. Personal1 round/lev-NSpend more than 1 action point/roundRE 191
Sor/Wiz5Unicorn Blood [Good]TrVS1 actPersonal10 min/lev (D)-NImmunity to poison, charm, bestow temp. hpCM 121
Sor/Wiz5Vanishing Weapon Ab VS1 actTouch1 min/lev-NWeapon's touch dispels summoned creaturesBE 111
Sor/Wiz5Viscid Glob CoVSM1 actMedium1 hour/lev Ref n.YHurls 5-ft diameter glob of glue to targetSpC 231
Sor/Wiz5Vitriolic Sphere [Acid]CoVSM1 actLongInstantaneousRef part.NDeals 6d6 acid dmg, possible dmg for 2 rdsSpC 231
Sor/Wiz5Vulnerability TrVS1 actTouch1 round/levWill n. YReduces an opponent's damage reduction. SpC 232
Sor/Wiz5Wall of Dispel Magic Ab VS1 actClose1 min/lev-NCreatures passing through are subject to dispelSpC 233
Sor/Wiz5Wall of Force [Force]EvVSM1 actClose1 round/lev (D)-NWall is immune to damagePH 298
Sor/Wiz5Wall of Limbs EvVS1 round Medium1 round/lev (D) Ref n.YWhirling limbs deal 5d6 damage and grabSpC 234
Sor/Wiz5Wall of Magma [Earth,Fire]CoVSM1 actMedium1 min/levSpecialYDeals 2d6 or 1d6. Passing is 5d6 +1/levSa 126
Sor/Wiz5Wall of Ooze CoVSM1 actMediumConc. +1 rd/levFor part.NBarrier paralyzes and deals 2d6 dmg on touchBV 109
Sor/Wiz5Wall of Stone [Earth]CoVSM1 actMediumInstantaneousSpecialNCreates a stone wall that can be shapedPH 299
Sor/Wiz5Watchware Ab VSM1 round Touch Permanent-NCreates awareness connection with objectUna 53
Sor/Wiz5Waves of Fatigue Ne VS1 act30 ftInstantaneous-YSeveral targets become fatiguedPH 301
Sor/Wiz5Wrack [Evil]Ne VS1 actCloseSpecialFor n.YRenders creature helpless with pain.SpC 243
Sor/Wiz5Xorn Movement TrVSF1 actTouch1 round/levWill n. YTouched creature swims through earthSpC 244
Sor/Wiz5Zone of Peace TrVSF1 minClose10 min/lev (D)Will n. YWeapons in 10 ft/lev are impossible to drawCi 68
Sor/Wiz5Zone of Respite Ab VSM2 rds 20 ft1 min/lev-YPrevents teleportation and similar effectsSpC 244
Sor/Wiz6Acid Fog [Acid]CoVSM1 actMedium1 round/lev-NFog deals acid damagePH 196
Sor/Wiz6Acid Storm [Acid]CoVSM1 actMediumInstantaneousRef halfNDeals 1d6/lev acid damage in 20-ft radiusSpC 7
Sor/Wiz6Alert Bebilith [Evil]CoVSM1 actCloseInstantaneous-NSummons bebilith to deal with a demonBV 84
Sor/Wiz6Analyze Dweomer DiVSF1 actClose1 round/lev (D) -/Will n.NReveals magical aspects of subjectPH 197
Sor/Wiz6Anti-Ectoplasm Shell [Ectomancy]Ab VS 1 round 10 ft10 min/lev (D)-NAs Antilife Shell, but affects ectoplasmGh 49
Sor/Wiz6Anticipate Teleportation, Greater Ab VSF10 minTouch 24 hours-NPredict and delay 3 rds teleportating creaturesSpC 13
Sor/Wiz6Antimagic Field Ab VSM1 act10 ft10 min/lev (D)-Sp. Negates magic within 10 ft PH 200
Sor/Wiz6Ashen Union Ne VSM1 actMediumInstantaneousSpecialYDrains moisture from a creatureSa 110
Sor/Wiz6Aura of Evasion Ab VSMD 1 act10 ft1 min/lev-NAll within 10 ft gain evasion vs. breath weap.SpC 18
Sor/Wiz6Aura of Terror [Fear,Mind-Affecting]Ne V 1 act30 ft1 min/levWill n. YYou gain or improve an aura of fearSpC 18
Sor/Wiz6Bear's Endurance, Mass TrVS1 actClose1 min/levWill n. YOne subject/lev gains +4 ConPH 203
Sor/Wiz6Bigby's Forceful Hand [Force]EvVSF1 actMedium1 round/lev (D)-YHand pushes creatures awayPH 204
Sor/Wiz6Bite of the Weretiger TrVSM1 actPersonal1 round/lev-NYou gain the Str and attacks of a weretigerSpC 28
Sor/Wiz6Blackwater Taint [Evil, Water]Ne VSM1 actMedium1 round/lev (D)For part.YDesecrate water, deal 1d6/2 lev and neg. levSto 113
Sor/Wiz6Brilliant Blade TrVS1 actClose1 min/levWill n. YWeapon or projectiles shed light, ignore armor.SpC 40
Sor/Wiz6Bull's Strength, Mass TrVSM1 actClose1 min/levWill n. YOne subject/lev gains +4 Str PH 207
Sor/Wiz6Call of the Twilight Defender CoV 1 round Close1 round/lev-NSummon a twilight guardian to fight for youDM 65
Sor/Wiz6Call Undead VI CoVSF1 round Close1 round/lev (D)-NCalls undead (1 6th, 1d3 5th or 1d4+1 4th)AoM 68
Sor/Wiz6Cat's Grace, Mass TrVSM1 actClose1 min/levWill n. YOne subject/lev gains +4 DexPH 208
Sor/Wiz6Chain Lightning [Electricity]EvVSF1 actLongInstantaneousRef halfY1d6 dmg/lev, secondary bolts half damagePH 208
Sor/Wiz6Channel the Mishtai, Greater (INCARNUM,ESSENTIA) Ne VS 1 round Touch1 hourWill n. YDraw a mishtai's soul into target's bodyMoI 99
Sor/Wiz6Chasing Perfection TrVSM1 actTouch1 min/levWill n. YSubject gains +4 to all abilities PH2 106
Sor/Wiz6Circle of Death [Death]Ne VSM1 actMediumInstantaneousFor n.YKills 1d4 HD of creatures per levelPH 209
Sor/Wiz6Cloak of Hate [Mind-Affecting]EnVSM1 actClose1 day/levWill n. YTarget takes -10 penalty on DiplomacyHH 128
Sor/Wiz6Cloak of the Sea TrVS1 actTouch1 hour/lev (D)Will n. YGain blur, freedom of movem., water breathSpC 48
Sor/Wiz6Conjure Midnight Construct (INCARNUM,ESSENTIA) CoVSM1 round Close1 round/lev (D)-NShape a construct from incarnum to help you.MoI 100
Sor/Wiz6Construct Essence, Mass Lesser TrVS1 actClose1 min/levWill n. YGrants living constructs construct qualities FE 150
Sor/Wiz6Contagion, Mass [Evil]Ne VS 1 actMediumInstantaneousFor n.YAs Contagion, but 20-ft. radius. SpC 51
Sor/Wiz6Contingency EvVSMF 10 min+ Personal1 day/lev (D)-NSets trigger condition for another spellPH 213
Sor/Wiz6Contingent Spell Lock [Ectomancy]TrVS10 minPersonalInstantaneous-NStore spells to use if you become a ghostGh 50
Sor/Wiz6Control Elemental [Mind-Affecting]EnVS1 actClose1 min/levWill n. YGain control of an elemental creatureMoE 95
Sor/Wiz6Control Water [Water]TrVSM1 actLong10 min/lev (D)-NRaises or lowers bodies of water PH 214
Sor/Wiz6Create Undead [Evil]Ne VSM1 hourCloseInstantaneous-NCreates ghouls, ghasts, mummies, mohrgsPH 215
Sor/Wiz6Crushing Sphere [Force]EvVSM1 actMedium1 round/lev (D)Ref n.YForce globe deals 3d6 nonlethal dmr/roundLE 31
Sor/Wiz6Desiccate, Mass Ne VSM1 actCloseInstantaneousFor part.YDeals 1d6/2 lev damage and dehydratesSa 114
Sor/Wiz6Disintegrate TrVSM1 actMediumInstantaneousFor part.YMakes one creature or object vanishPH 222
Sor/Wiz6Disjoin Ab VSX1 actCloseInstantaneousWill n. NSeparate spell or magic item into components DCS 106
Sor/Wiz6Dispel Magic, Greater Ab VS 1 actMediumInstantaneous-NCancels magical spells and effects, +20 on checkPH 223
Sor/Wiz6Displace Memory [Mind-Affecting]EnVSM1 min Touch1 day/levWill n. YYou remove a memory from one creatureToHS 46
Sor/Wiz6Dominate Person or Ghost [Ectomancy,Mind-Affecting]EnVS1 round Close1 day/levWill n. YAs Dominate Person, but also affects ghostsGh 52
Sor/Wiz6Dragoncall (DRAGON) [Mind-Affecting]EnV 10 min1 mi/lev1 day/levWill n. YDragon compels creature to come to himDrF 115
Sor/Wiz6Dragonmark Symbol (DRAGONMARK) Ab VSM10 min0 ft 10 min/lev (D)For n.NNauseates creatures with different dragonmarkDra 150
Sor/Wiz6Dragonmark Whip, Greater (DRAGONMARK) TrS Swift Personal1 round/lev (D)-YWhip deals 1d8 +1/lev dmg or channels spellsDra 151
Sor/Wiz6Dragonshape, Lesser TrVSSwift Personal1 round/lev (D)-NTake the form of a Large red dragonDM 66
Sor/Wiz6Dream Casting [Mind-Affecting]IlVS1 hourUnlimit. 24 hours/level-YAlter subject's dreams to produce desired effect.SpC 73
Sor/Wiz6Drown CoVSM1 actCloseConcentrationFor part.YWater fills the breathing passages of the targetDCS 107
Sor/Wiz6Eagle's Splendor, Mass TrVSM1 actClose1 min/levWill n. YOne subject/lev gains +4 ChaPH 225
Sor/Wiz6Ectoplasmic Enhancement [Evil]Ne VS 1 round Close24 hours-NIncorporeal undead gains several bonuses BV 93
Sor/Wiz6Endless Slumber [Mind-Affecting]EnVSM1 round ClosePermanentWill n. YSubject falls asleep and is not easily rousedCM 103
Sor/Wiz6Energy Surge, Greater [Special]TrV Swift Close1 roundWill n. YOne attack deals 3d6 extra damagePH2 112
Sor/Wiz6Ensnare the Heart [Mind-Affecting]EnVS1 actClosePermanentWill n. YMakes one person your friendAoM 71
Sor/Wiz6Entomb [Cold]EvVSM1 actMediumSpecialFor n.YCaptures subjects in block os ice, suffocatingFr 93
Sor/Wiz6Extract Water Elemental [Water]TrVS1 actCloseInstantaneous For halfYPulls water from victim, forms water elemental.SpC 86
Sor/Wiz6Eye of Stone DiVS1 actPersonal1 round/lev (D)-NMagical sensor can move through stoneRS 162
Sor/Wiz6Eyebite [Evil]Ne VS 1 actClose1 round/3 levFor n.YTarget becomes panicked, sickened, comatosePH 228
Sor/Wiz6Eyes of the Oracle DiVSM1 actPersonal1 round/lev-N+2 to AC and Reflex saves, ready extra actionDM 66
Sor/Wiz6False Sending IlVSM10 minSpecial 1 roundWill n. YAs sending, but the caster imitates anotherBV 95
Sor/Wiz6Familiar Refuge CoV Swift UnlimitedInstantaneous-NSafely teleport self to familiar or familiar to selfCM 104
Sor/Wiz6Fiendish Quickening (FIEND) TrVS1 round Personal1 round/lev-NCaster's ability to teleport is quickenedBV 95
Sor/Wiz6Fire Spiders [Fire]CoVSM1 actClose1 round/levRef halfYSwarm of Fine elementals deals dmg in areaSpC 92
Sor/Wiz6Fires of Purity [Fire]EvVSD1 actTouch1 round/levSpecialYTarget bursts into magical flames SpC 94
Sor/Wiz6Flesh to Stone TrVSM1 actMediumInstantaneousFor n.YTurn subject creature into statuePH 232
Sor/Wiz6Fleshbound Ab VSM1 actCloseInstantaneous Will n. YPossessing spirit takes damage if attackedSoS 127
Sor/Wiz6Fleshshiver Ne VSM1 actCloseInstantaneousFor part.YTarget is stunned, takes damage, nauseatedSpC 95
Sor/Wiz6Fox's Cunning, Mass TrVSM1 actClose1 min/levWill n. YOne subject/lev gains +4 Int PH 233
Sor/Wiz6Freezing Fog [Cold]CoVS1 actMedium1 min/levRef part.NFog slows creatures, obscures visionSpC 99
Sor/Wiz6Freezing Glance [Cold]EnVS1 actClose1 round/levWill n. YGaze freezes subjects in placeFr 95
Sor/Wiz6Geas/Quest [Lang.-Dep., Mind-Affecting]EnV 10 minClose1 day/lev (D)-YPlaces a magical command on a creaturePH 234
Sor/Wiz6Gemjump CoVSF1 round Unlimit. Until triggered-NTeleport to the location of a prepared gemSpC 101
Sor/Wiz6Ghorus Toth's Magnetism TrVSM1 actMedium1 min/lev (D)-YCharge the target with magnetic effectUna 49
Sor/Wiz6Ghoul Gauntlet [Death, Evil]Ne VS 1 actTouchInstantaneousFor n.YConvert victim to a ghoul under your control.SpC 104
Sor/Wiz6Glimpse of the Prophecy DiVS1 actPersonal1 hour/lev-NGain bonuses to AC,saves, or prophetic favorMoE 96
Sor/Wiz6Globe of Invulnerability Ab VSM1 act10 ft1 round/lev (D)-NStops 1st- through 4th-level spell effectsPH 236
Sor/Wiz6Guards and Wards Ab VSMF 30 min Special 2 hours/levSpecialSp. Array of magic effects protects areaPH 237
Sor/Wiz6Halaster's Fetch III CoVSF1 round Close1 round/lev (D)-NCalls extraplanar (1 3rd, 1d3 2nd or 1d4+1 1st)CSW 153
Sor/Wiz6Halaster's Shaking Hand [Force]EvVSF1 actMedium1 round/lev (D)-YHand provides cover vs. 1 opponent, grapplesCSW 154
Sor/Wiz6Hardening TrVSM1 actTouch Permanent-YIncreases objects hardness by 1 point/2 levels.SpC 109
Sor/Wiz6Haze of Smoldering Stone [Fire]EvVS1 act60 ftInstantaneousRef halfY4d6 bludgeoning + 8d6 fire dmg in 60-ft coneDM 68
Sor/Wiz6Heartfreeze [Cold]Ne VSM1 actCloseInstantaneousFor part.YSubject exhausted, dies in 1d3+2 rounds Fr 97
Sor/Wiz6Heroism, Greater [Mind-Affecting]EnVS1 actTouch1 min/levWill n. Y+ 4 to attack, saves, skills, temporary hpPH 240
Sor/Wiz6Hidden Truename (TRUENAME) Ab VS 1 min Close24 hoursWill n. YSubject's personal truename is hard to findTM 256
Sor/Wiz6Howling Chain [Force]EvVSF1 actMedium1 round/levSpecialYChain of force trips and attacks opponents.SpC 116
Sor/Wiz6Ice Rift [Cold]EvVSM1 actLong1 roundSpecialNIntense quake shakes 40-ft spread of iceFr 99
Sor/Wiz6Illusory Pit IlVS1 round MediumConc. +1 rd/lev Will dis.NCreatures in area are knocked proneSpC 120
Sor/Wiz6Imbue Familiar With Spell Ability Un VS 1 actTouch1 hour/levWill n. YTransfer spells and casting abilities to familiarSpC 120
Sor/Wiz6Imperious Glare [Fear, Mind-Affecting]Ne S 1 actClose1 round/levWill n. YYou cause subjects to cower in fear.SpC 120
Sor/Wiz6Impotent Possessor Ab VS 1 actClosePermanent (D)Will n. YSubject that can possess is rendered powerlessBV 98
Sor/Wiz6Incorporeal Nova [Death]Ne VS 1 actMediumInstantaneousWill n. YDestroy incorporeal undead. SpC 121
Sor/Wiz6Interplanar Telepathic Bond DiVSM1 actClose10 min/lev (D)-NLink lets allies communicate across planes. SpC 125
Sor/Wiz6Investiture of the Barbed Devil [Evil]TrVSM1 actClose1 min/levWill n. YTarget deals extra damage when grapplingFCII 101
Sor/Wiz6Investiture of the Malebranche [Evil]TrVSM1 actClose1 min/levWill n. YTarget gains powerful charge abilityFCII 104
Sor/Wiz6Karmic Retribution Ab V Swift 20 ft. 1 round/levWill part.YCreatures damaging you are stunned for 1 rdCM 109
Sor/Wiz6Kyristan's Malevolent Tentacle CoVSM1 actMedium1 round/lev (D)SpecialYTentacles grapple all within 20 ft, give neg. lev.ShS 47
Sor/Wiz6Legend Lore DiVSMFSpecialPersonalSpecial-NLearn tales about a person, place, or thingPH 246
Sor/Wiz6Lingering Flames [Fire]EvVSM1 actMedium3 roundsRef halfYFire deals 1d6 dmg/lev for 3 roundsCM 110
Sor/Wiz6Make Manifest TrVS1 actClose1 round/levWill n. YCreature on a coexistent plane appearsSpC 137
Sor/Wiz6Mineralize Warrior [Earth]TrVSMX 1 hourTouchInstantaneous-NGrants the mineral warrior templateUnd 59
Sor/Wiz6Mislead IlS 1 actCloseSpecial-/Will dis.NTurns you invisible and creates illusory doublePH 255
Sor/Wiz6Mordenkainen's Lucubration TrVS1 actPersonalInstantaneous-NRecalls spell of 5th level or lower PH 256
Sor/Wiz6Mordenkainen's Trusted Bloodhound CoVSM1 actCloseSpecial-NFerocious hound tracks and attacks foesCM 111
Sor/Wiz6Move Earth [Earth]TrVSMSpecialLongInstantaneous-NDig trenches and build hillsPH 257
Sor/Wiz6Move Snow and Ice [Cold]TrVSMSpecialLongInstantaneous-NDigs trenches and builds hills in ice and snowFr 102
Sor/Wiz6Mudslide [Earth, Water]CoVSMD 1 actMediumInstantaneousRef halfNLandslide buries creatures within 40-ftSto 119
Sor/Wiz6Mummify Ne VSM1 actTouchInstantaneousFor part.YTouched creature dies and is mummufiedSa 118
Sor/Wiz6Necrotic Eruption [Evil]Ne VSF1 actMediumInstantaneousFor part.NEncysted subject killed, nearby creat. damagedLM 69
Sor/Wiz6Ooze Puppet TrVS1 actMedium24 hours/levelFor n.YYou telekinetically control an ooze. SpC 150
Sor/Wiz6Oozepuppet TrVS1 actMedium1 hour/lev Fort n.YYou can telekinetically control target oozeFCI 95
Sor/Wiz6Opalescent Glare [Death, Good]Ne VSD1 actPersonalInstantaneous-NKill creatures with a look, or make them afraidSpC 150
Sor/Wiz6Otiluke's Freezing Sphere [Cold]EvVSF1 actLongSpecialRef halfYFreezes water or deals cold damage PH 258
Sor/Wiz6Overwhelm [Mind-Affecting]EnVS1 actTouchInstantaneousWill n. YNonlethal damage knock out subjectPH2 120
Sor/Wiz6Overwhelming Revelations EvVSM1 actCloseInstantaneous Will part.YCreatures take a -2d6 penalty to WisdomMoE 100
Sor/Wiz6Owl's Wisdom, Mass TrVSM1 actClose1 min/levWill n. YOne subject/lev gains +4 WisPH 259
Sor/Wiz6Permanent Image IlVSF1 actLongPermanent (D) Will dis.NIncludes sight, sound, and smellPH 260
Sor/Wiz6Planar Binding CoVS10 minCloseInstantaneousWill n. Sp. Extraplanar up to 12 HD must perform a taskPH 261
Sor/Wiz6Power Word Nauseate [Mind-Affecting]EnV 1 actCloseSpecial-YMakes 1 creat. with 150 hp or less nauseatedRDr 116
Sor/Wiz6Prismatic Aura Ab VS 1 actPersonal1 round/lev (D)-NShield of colors conceals and damages foes CM 113
Sor/Wiz6Probe Thoughts [Mind-Affecting]DiVS1 minCloseUp to 1 rnd/levWill n. YRead subjects memories, one question/round.SpC 162
Sor/Wiz6Programmed Image IlVSF1 actLongSpecialWill dis.NCreates full illusion triggered by event PH 265
Sor/Wiz6Quickshift (CELESTIAL) [Good]TrVS1 round Personal1 round/lev-NCaster can teleport as a free actionBE 104
Sor/Wiz6Raistlin's Wheel of Fire [Fire]EvVSM1 actMedium1 round/levRef halfYCircle of fire consumes everything in rangeToHS 49
Sor/Wiz6Rary's Arcane Conversion Un VS 1 round PersonalInstantaneous-NReplace prepared spell with anotherCM 114
Sor/Wiz6Ray of Entropy Ne VS 1 actClose1 min/lev-YSubject takes -4 Str, Dex, and ConSpC 167
Sor/Wiz6Ray of Light [Light]EvVS1 actCloseInstantaneous-YRay blinds subject. SpC 167
Sor/Wiz6Reflective Disguise, Mass IlVS1 actClose12 hours (D)Will n. YViewers see subj. as their own species/genderSpC 171
Sor/Wiz6Remorseless Charm [Evil,Mind-Affecting]EnVSM1 actCloseSpecialWill n. YSuppress the target's alignmentCR 34
Sor/Wiz6Repel Ectoplasm [Ectomancy]Ab VS 1 act60 ft1 min/lev (D)-NAs Repel Wood, but affects only ectoplasmGh 57
Sor/Wiz6Repulsion Ab VSF1 act10 ft/lev 1 round/lev (D)Will n. YCreatures can't approach youPH 271
Sor/Wiz6Reshape Metal [Earth]TrVSM1 actTouchInstantaneous-NYou can form a piece of metal into any shapeAoM 73
Sor/Wiz6Resistance, Superior Ab VSM1 actTouch 24 hoursWill n. YSubject gains +6 on saving throws.SpC 174
Sor/Wiz6Revive Undead [Evil]Ne VSM1 min TouchInstantaneous-NRestores undeath to destroyed undeadSpC 175
Sor/Wiz6Ruby Ray of Reversal Ab VSF1 actMediumInstantaneous-NRay negates magical or mundane hazards.SpC 177
Sor/Wiz6Salience, Minor Ne VS 1 round Close1d4 +1 min/lev-NGrants salient power to undead minionsVRWD 89
Sor/Wiz6Sandblast [Earth]EvVSM1 act60 ftInstantaneousFor part.YCone of sand deals 6d8 dmg, blows away foesLE 33
Sor/Wiz6Scalding Mud [Earth, Fire]TrVSM1 actMediumPermanentSpecialNTransmutes rock or earth into boiling muckSa 120
Sor/Wiz6Scry Location DiVSMF 1 hourSpecial 1 min/lev-NSpy on a distant locationCS 102
Sor/Wiz6Seal Portal Ab VSM1 actClosePermanent (D)-NSeal an interplanar portal or gate. SpC 181
Sor/Wiz6Shadow Canopy [Darkness]EvVSM1 round Medium2 hours/levWill n./-Sp. Creates a dome of shadowLD 188
Sor/Wiz6Shadow Walk IlVS1 actTouch1 hour/lev (D)Will n. YStep into shadow to travel rapidlyPH 277
Sor/Wiz6Shadowy Grappler IlVSM1 actMedium1 round/lev (D) Will part.YIllusory force grapples subject.SpC 186
Sor/Wiz6Shalantha's Delicate Disk CoVSM1 actTouch Until discharg.SpecialSp. Disk stores spell up to 5th levelLE 33
Sor/Wiz6Sherem Transformation TrVSMF 1 hourTouchInstantaneousWill n. YUnborn child can select sorcerer or monk featsGh 57
Sor/Wiz6Shuffle CoVS1 actTouch1 round/lev (D)Will n. YSubjects can teleport short distances as a moveShS 49
Sor/Wiz6Sign of Sealing, Greater Ab VSM1 round ClosePermanentRef halfNMagical sigil deal 1d6/lev damage if openedSpC 190
Sor/Wiz6Sign of Wrath EvVSF1 actPersonalInstantRef halfYForce repulses, bullrushes nearby enemies for 1d6/lvlRL5 63
Sor/Wiz6Smoky Confinement TrVSF1 actTouchInstantaneousFor n.YSubject is imprisoned within a Tiny receptacleCM 117
Sor/Wiz6Snare Astral Traveler Ab VS 1 actMedium1 round/levWill n. YCaptures and holds one astral creature BV 104
Sor/Wiz6Spectral Dragon Ne VS 1 actClose1 round/levSpecialYDragon shadow attacks at your commandDrF 118
Sor/Wiz6Spectral Touch Ne VS 1 actTouch1 round/lev (D)For n.YYour touch bestows one negative level/round.SpC 197
Sor/Wiz6Spore Cloak CoVSM1 actPersonal1 min/lev-NYou are shrouded in a cloud of mold sporesRac 191
Sor/Wiz6Starmantle Ab VSM1 actTouch1 min/lev (D)-YCloak destroys on touch nonmagical weaponsBE 108
Sor/Wiz6Steal Summoning CoVS Immed. CloseConc + 1 rd.-NTake control of another caster's summonCM 118
Sor/Wiz6Stone Body TrVSM1 actPersonal1 min/lev (D)-NYour body becomes living stone. SpC 207
Sor/Wiz6Stone Metamorphosis [Earth]TrVSM1 actTouchInstantaneous-NChanges type of stoneUnd 61
Sor/Wiz6Stone to Flesh TrVSM1 actMediumInstantaneousFor n.YRestores petrified creaturePH 285
Sor/Wiz6Storm of Fire and Ice [Cold, Fire]EvVS1 actLong1 roundRef halfYConceals, slows, deals cold and fire dmgCM 118
Sor/Wiz6Subvert Planar Essence TrVSM1 actMedium1 round/levFor n.YReduces target's DR and SRSpC 211
Sor/Wiz6Suggestion, Mass [Lang.-Dep., Mind-Aff.]EnVM 1 actMedium1 hour/levWill n. YCompels one subject/lev to course of actionPH 285
Sor/Wiz6Summon Monster VI CoVSF1 round Close1 round/lev (D)-NCalls extraplanar (1 6th, 1d3 5th or 1d4+1 4th)PH 287
Sor/Wiz6Suppress Flame (COLDFIRE) [Cold]TrVS1 round Medium1 hour/lev-NReduces damage and illumination from fireFr 105
Sor/Wiz6Symbol of Fear [Fear, Mind-Affecting]Ne VSM10 min0 ftSpecialWill n. YTriggered rune panics nearby creaturesPH 290
Sor/Wiz6Symbol of Persuasion [Mind-Affecting]EnVSM10 min0 ftSpecialWill n. YTriggered rune charms nearby creatures PH 290
Sor/Wiz6Symbol of Thirst [Mind-Affecting]EnVSM10 min0 ftSpecialWill n. YTriggered rune overwhelmes with thirstSa 123
Sor/Wiz6Tactical Teleportation CoVS1 actCloseInstantaneousSpecialSp. Teleport one creature/3 levels a short distance CM 118
Sor/Wiz6Tenser's Transformation TrVSM1 actPersonal1 round/lev-NYou gain combat bonusesPH 294
Sor/Wiz6Thunder Field EvVS1 actMedium1 round/levSpecialYCreatures in area take 1d8 sonic dmg/roundPH2 126
Sor/Wiz6Transcribe Symbol Ab VSF1 actTouch10 min-NSafely moves an untriggered magical symbolSpC 221
Sor/Wiz6Trobriand's Baleful Teleport CoV 1 actCloseInstantaneousWill n. YTransports targeted creat. up to 100 miles/levCSW 157
Sor/Wiz6Trobriand's Glassee TrVSM1 actClosePermanentFor n.YGives the target object the transparency of glassCSW 157
Sor/Wiz6True Seeing DiVSM1 actTouch1 min/levWill n. YLets you see all things as they really arePH 296
Sor/Wiz6Tunnel Swallow [Earth]CoVSM1 actMediumInstantaneousRef part.NTunnel?s convulsions deal 1d6 damage/levSpC 225
Sor/Wiz6Undeath to Death Ne VSM1 actMediumInstantaneousWill n. YDestroys 1d4 HD/lev (max 20d4) undeadPH 297
Sor/Wiz6Veil IlVS1 actLongConc. + 1 hr/l.Will n. YChanges appearance of group of creaturesPH 298
Sor/Wiz6Wages of Sin (ABSTINENCE) [Good,Mind-Affecting]EnV 1 actMedium1 round/levWill n. YEvil creatures attack one anotherBE 111
Sor/Wiz6Wall of Gears CoVSM1 actMedium1 min/levSpecialNMoving gears deal 1d6/2 lev within 10 ftSpC 233
Sor/Wiz6Wall of Iron CoVSF1 actMediumInstantaneousSpecialN30 hp/4 lev, can topple onto foesPH 299
Sor/Wiz6Waves of Cold (COLDFIRE) [Cold]Ne VS 1 act60 ft1 round/levWill n. YFire creatures shaken, cold lose immunityFr 106
Sor/Wiz6Wrathful Doom (INCARNUM) [Evil]Ne VS 1 actClose1 round/lev (D) Will part.NTarget is dazed and takes damage each roundMoI 106
Sor/Wiz7Ability Rip TrVSM1 hourTouch1 hour/levFor n.YTransfer a supernatural abilitySK 155
Sor/Wiz7Adamantine Wings TrVS1 actPersonal1 hour/lev (D)-NWings grant fly 60 ft., provide natural attacksCM 95
Sor/Wiz7Adept Spirit, Mass (INCARNUM,ESSENTIA) DiVSD1 actClose1 hour/levWill n. Y1 subject/lev can activate bonusesMoI 98
Sor/Wiz7Amber Sarcophagus EvVSM1 actClose1 day/lev-YTarget is trapped in stasis inside amber BE 90
Sor/Wiz7Animalistic Power, Mass TrVSM1 actClose1 min/levWill n. YMultiple subjects gain +2 on Str, Dex, and ConPH2 101
Sor/Wiz7Animate Breath (BREATH) TrS 1 actPersonal1 round/lev-NYour breath weapon becomes an elemental.SpC 11
Sor/Wiz7Antimagic Aura Ab VSM1 actTouch1 round/levWill n. YAntimagic field that effects one creatureMag 78
Sor/Wiz7Antimagic Ray Ab VSM1 actClose1 round/levWill n. YSubject loses all magical powers.SpC 14
Sor/Wiz7Arcane Eye, Greater DiVSM10 minUnlimit. 1 min/lev (D)-NInvisible floating eye moves 30 ft/roundToHS 42
Sor/Wiz7Arcane Sight, Greater DiVS1 actPersonal1 min/lev (D)-NMagical auras and effects become visiblePH 201
Sor/Wiz7Arcane Spellsurge Un VS1 actPersonal1 round/lev-NReduce the casting time of your arcane spellsDM 64
Sor/Wiz7Arcane Staff, Greater TrVSF10 minTouch Until disc. (D)Will n. YSpells may be placed into normal quarterstaffToHS 44
Sor/Wiz7Arrow of Bone [Death]Ne VSM10 minTouch1 hour/levFor part.YMissile gains +4 hit, deals 3d6+1/lev or deathSpC 16
Sor/Wiz7As the Frost [Cold]TrVSM1 actPersonal1 round/lev-NTransform into a creature of coldPH2 101
Sor/Wiz7Avasculate [Death, Evil]Ne VS1 actCloseInstantaneousFor part.YReduce foe to half hp and stun. SpC 19
Sor/Wiz7Awaken Undead [Evil]Ne VSMX1 actCloseInstantaneous-YGrant sentience to otherwise mindless undead.SpC 21
Sor/Wiz7Banishment Ab VSF1 actCloseInstantaneousWill n. YBanishes 2 HD/lev of extraplanar creaturesPH 203
Sor/Wiz7Barghest's Feast [Evil]Ne VSM1 roundTouchInstantaneousWill n. YDestroy target corpseSpC 24
Sor/Wiz7Bigby's Grasping Hand [Force]EvVSF1 actMedium1 round/lev (D)-YHand provides cover, pushes, or grapplesPH 204
Sor/Wiz7Bind Spirit Ne VSF1 minTouch10 years/levWill n. YTies a spirit to an itemAoM 66
Sor/Wiz7Bite of the Werebear TrVSM1 actPersonal1 round/lev-NYou gain the Str and attacks of a werebearSpC 28
Sor/Wiz7Body of War TrVSM1 actPersonal1 round/lev (D)-NChange into warforged titan, gain abilitiesSpC 35
Sor/Wiz7Brilliant Aura TrVS1 actClose1 round/levWill n. YAllies' weapons become brilliant energySpC 39
Sor/Wiz7Call Kolyarut [Lawful]CoVSX10 minCloseInstantaneous-NA kolyarut performs one duty for you. SpC 42
Sor/Wiz7Call Undead VII CoVSF1 roundClose1 round/lev (D)-NCalls undead (1 7th, 1d3 6th or 1d4+1 5th)AoM 69
Sor/Wiz7Changestones TrVSF1 roundTouch1 hour/lev (D)-NPrepared stones become lithsUnd 57
Sor/Wiz7Choking Cobwebs CoVS1 actClose1 min/lev (D)For part.NCobwebs conceal, slow, sicken creaturesCM 99
Sor/Wiz7Control Undead Ne VSM1 actClose1 min/levWill n. YUndead don't attack you while under effectPH 214
Sor/Wiz7Control Weather TrVS10 min2 miles4d12 hours-NChanges weather in local areaPH 214
Sor/Wiz7Deep Freeze [Cold]EvVSM1 actTouch1 round/levFor n.YTouched creature slowly freezes into iceDCS 106
Sor/Wiz7Delayed Blast Fireball [Fire]EvVSM1 actLongUp to 5 roundsRef halfY1d6 damage/lev, delay up to 5 roundsPH 217
Sor/Wiz7Dispelling Screen, Greater Ab VSM1 actClose1 min/lev (D)-NTargeted Dispel Magic on any creatures, +20SpC 67
Sor/Wiz7Dragon Ally CoVX 10 minCloseInstantaneous-NAs Lesser Dragon Ally, but up to 15 HD.SpC 72
Sor/Wiz7Drawmij's Instant Summons CoVSM1 actSpecial Until discharg.-NPrepared object appears in your handPH 225
Sor/Wiz7Eladrin Form [Good]TrV1 actPersonal1 round/lev (D)-NYou become an incorporeal globeBE 97
Sor/Wiz7Electrical Storm [Electricity]EvVSM1 actClose1 round/lev (D) For halfYBolts of electricity deal 4d6 in 20-ft radius DCS 107
Sor/Wiz7Elemental Body [Special]TrVSM1 actPersonal1 hour/lev-NYou take on the qualities of a type of elementalSpC 78
Sor/Wiz7Emerald Flame Fist [Fire]EvVS1 actTouch1 round/levSpecialYTouch attack deals 3d6+1/lev fire damageSpC 79
Sor/Wiz7Energy Absorption Ab VS1 actTouch1 hour/levWill n. YGains resistance 10 to energy, 1 attack healsCM 103
Sor/Wiz7Energy Ebb [Evil]Ne VS1 actClose1 round/levFor part.YGive subject 1 negative level/roundSpC 80
Sor/Wiz7Energy Immunity Ab VS1 actTouch 24 hours-YSubject immune to damage from one energySpC 80
Sor/Wiz7Energy Transformation Field TrVSMX 4 rdsClosePermanent-YArea absorbs magic energy to power spellSpC 80
Sor/Wiz7Errant Heart [Evil,Mind-Affecting]EnVM 1 roundClosePermanentWill n. YTarget becomes obsessed with somethingHOS 69
Sor/Wiz7Ethereal Jaunt TrVS1 actPersonal1 round/lev (D)-NYou become ethereal for 1 round/levPH 227
Sor/Wiz7Evil Glare [Evil,Fear,Mind-Affecting]Ne VSD1 act30 ft2 round/levWill n. YParalyze creatures with your glare.SpC 85
Sor/Wiz7Eye of the Beholder [Evil]TrVS1 actPersonal1 round/lev-NCaster's eye gains random beholder rayBV 94
Sor/Wiz7Fiendish Clarity [Evil]DiVS1 actPersonal10 min/lev-NGrants darkvision and other special abilitiesFCI 94
Sor/Wiz7Finger of Death [Death]Ne VS1 actCloseInstantaneousFor part.YKills one subjectPH 230
Sor/Wiz7Flesh to Salt, Mass TrVSM1 actMediumInstantaneousFor part.YTurns several creatures into statues of saltSa 116
Sor/Wiz7Forcecage [Force]EvVSM1 actClose2 hours/lev (D)-NCube or cage of force imprisons those inside PH 233
Sor/Wiz7Gem Tracer DiVSF1 round Touch PermanentWill n. NCreate magical link between object and gemDrF 116
Sor/Wiz7Ghost Trap AbVS1 act5 ft/level 1 min/lev (D)-NIncorporeal creatures turn corporeal.SpC 103
Sor/Wiz7Glacial Ward, Greater (COLDFIRE) [Cold]Ab VSM1 act10 ft1 round/lev (D)-NArea gives SR 25 against fire spells and effectsFr 96
Sor/Wiz7Glass Strike TrVSF1 actClose1 hour/levFor n.YTurns subject into glass.SpC 106
Sor/Wiz7Glorious Master of the Elements [Special]Ev- 1 act60 ft5 rounds-YChannel energy dmg into ranged touch att.DM 67
Sor/Wiz7Halaster's Fetch IV CoVSF1 roundClose1 round/lev (D)-NCalls extraplanar (1 4th, 1d3 3rd or 1d4+1 2nd)CSW 153
Sor/Wiz7Hide From Dragons Ab SM1 actTouch10 min/lev (D)Will n. YDragons can't perceive one subject/2 levels.SpC 114
Sor/Wiz7Hiss of Sleep [Mind-Affecting]EnV 1 roundClose1 round/levWill n. NYou induce comatose slumber in subjects.SpC 114
Sor/Wiz7Hold Person, Mass [Mind-Affecting]EnVSF1 actMedium1 round/lev (D)Will n. YParalyzes all humanoids within 30 ft PH 241
Sor/Wiz7Ice Castle (FROSTFELL) [Cold]CoVSF10 minMedium24 hours-NCreates magical castle of snow and iceFr 98
Sor/Wiz7Ice Claw [Cold]EvVSF1 actMedium1 round/lev (D)-YClaw of ice grapples and deals cold damage.SpC 118
Sor/Wiz7Incarnum Bladestorm (INCARNUM, ESSENTIA) CoVSM1 actMedium1 round/levWill halfNStorm of blades deals Wis damageMoI 102
Sor/Wiz7Insanity [Mind-Affecting]EnVS1 actMediumInstantaneousWill n. YSubject suffers continuous confusionPH 244
Sor/Wiz7Investiture of the Ice Devil [Evil]TrVSM1 actClose1 min/levWill n. YTarget deals +1d6 cold damage, slows foesFCII 104
Sor/Wiz7Inviolate Soul NeVS 1 round PersonalSpecial-NProtects the caster against soul-affecting spellsVRA 35
Sor/Wiz7Invisibility, Mass IlVSM1 actLong1 min/lev (D)Will n. YAll subjects in range invisible until they attackPH 245
Sor/Wiz7Ironguard Ab VSMF1 actTouch1 round/levWill n. YSubject becomes immune to all metal.SpC 125
Sor/Wiz7Justice of the Wyrm King [Force]Ab VS SwiftPersonal 5 rounds-NField of force deals 4d6 dmg to melee attackersDM 68
Sor/Wiz7Kiss of Draconic Defiance AbVS1 act40 ftConc. + 1 rdFor n.YHinder nearby casters, counter one spellDM 69
Sor/Wiz7Kiss of the Vampire Ne VSM1 actPersonal1 round/lev-NYou gain vampirelike abilities and weaknessesSpC 128
Sor/Wiz7Leech Undeath Ne VSM1 actCloseInstantaneous Will halfYHarm undead to gain temporary hit pointsMoE 98
Sor/Wiz7Lifebound TrVSM1 actTouch 1d6 roundsWill n. NPossessing spirit is destroyed if host is slainSoS 128
Sor/Wiz7Limited Wish Un VSX1 actSpecialSpecial-YAlters reality within spell limitsPH 248
Sor/Wiz7Luminous Assassin, Greater CoVSF1 actMedium1 round/lev-NSummons an assassin to attack the target PH2 117
Sor/Wiz7Mindspin [Mind-Affecting]IlVSMX 10 minMediumConcentr. (D)SpecialYInnermost fears of a creature come to lifeToHS 48
Sor/Wiz7Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion CoVSF1 actClose2 hours/lev (D)-NDoor leads to extradimensional mansionPH 256
Sor/Wiz7Mordenkainen's Sword [Force]EvVSF1 actClose1 round/lev (D)-YFloating magic blade strikes opponentsPH 256
Sor/Wiz7Mystick Cage CoVSF1 min Unlimit. 30 min-Sp. Fiend is summoned and trappedVRA 30
Sor/Wiz7Nar Fiendbond TrVSMX 1 hourTouchInstantaneousWill n. YGrants the subject the half-fiend templateLE 32
Sor/Wiz7Necrotic Curse [Evil]Ne VSM1 roundClose1 hour/lev-YCure spells in area deal damageCM 111
Sor/Wiz7Necrotic Tumor [Evil]Ne VSF1 actMediumSpecialFor part.NPermanently control encysted subject LM 69
Sor/Wiz7Open Lesser Chakra TrVS1 actTouch 24 hoursWill n. YAllow target to bind chakraMoI 103
Sor/Wiz7Phase Door CoV1 act0 ft 1 usage/2 lev-NInvisible passage through wood or stonePH 261
Sor/Wiz7Planar Bubble AbVSM1 actTouch10 min/levWill n. NBubble emulates target's native environmentSpC 158
Sor/Wiz7Plane Shift CoVSF1 actTouchInstantaneousWill n. YUp to 8 subjects travel to another plane PH 262
Sor/Wiz7Power Word Blind [Mind-Affecting]EnV1 actCloseSpecial-YBlinds creature with 200 hp or less PH 263
Sor/Wiz7Prismatic Eye EvVSF1 actMedium1 round/levSpecialYOrb produces individual prismatic raysSpC 161
Sor/Wiz7Prismatic Spray EvVS1 act60 ftInstantaneousSpecialYRays hit subjects with variety of effectsPH 264
Sor/Wiz7Project Image IlVSM1 actMedium1 round/lev (D) Will dis.NIllusory double can talk and cast spells PH 265
Sor/Wiz7Pulse of Hate [Evil]Ne VSM1 act20 ft1 round/levWill halfYNearby enemies take 2d6 damage/roundPH2 122
Sor/Wiz7Radiant Assault [Light]EvVSF1 actLongInstantaneous Will part.Y1d6 damage/level, victims dazed or dazzled.SpC 164
Sor/Wiz7Rebuke, Final [Fear,Mind-Affecting]EnVSF1 actClose1 round/levWill part.YAs Rebuke, except the subject must save or die. SpC 170
Sor/Wiz7Retributive Enervation Ne VS1 actPersonal1 round/lev-NCreatures that strike you gain a negative levelCM 116
Sor/Wiz7Reveal the True Form AbVS1 actMediumInstantaneousFor n.YShapeshifters in 10-ft revert to natural formAoM 73
Sor/Wiz7Reverse Gravity TrVSM1 actMedium1 round/lev (D)-NObjects and creatures fall upwardsPH 273
Sor/Wiz7Righteous Glare [Death,Good]Ne VS1 actPersonal1 round/lev-NGaze attack kills evil creatures up to 4 HDBE 105
Sor/Wiz7Scalding Touch [Fire]EvVS1 actTouchInstantaneousFor part.YTouch deals 13d6 fire damage and dazes MoE 100
Sor/Wiz7Scrying, Greater DiVS1 actSpecial 1 hour/levWill n. YAs scrying, but faster and longerPH 275
Sor/Wiz7Seed of Undeath, Greater NeVSM1 roundClose1 day/lev (D)For n.YAs seed of undeath, but affects an areaCM 116
Sor/Wiz7Sequester Ab VSM1 actTouch1 day/lev (D)-/Will n. Sp. Subject is invisible to sight and scryingPH 276
Sor/Wiz7Shadow Conjuration, Greater IlVS1 actSpecialSpecialWill dis.YMimics conjuration up to 6th level, 60% realPH 276
Sor/Wiz7Shadow Trap [Shadow]CoVSM10 minTouch1 hour/levRef halfYBind greater shadow to an object CR 34
Sor/Wiz7Simulacrum IlVSMX 12 hrs0 ft Instantaneous-NCreates partially real double of a creaturePH 279
Sor/Wiz7Solipsism [Mind-Affecting]IlV1 actMedium1 round/lev (D)Will n. YSubject believes it alone exists.SpC 194
Sor/Wiz7Soul Link [Mind-Affecting]Ne VSM1 actTouch1 hour/levWill n. YGrants target a boonFCI 96
Sor/Wiz7Spell Matrix TrVSF1 actPersonal10 min/lev (D)-NStore 2 spells of 3rd lev or lower for later useSpC 199
Sor/Wiz7Spell Snare, Greater Ab SM 1 minTouch10 min/lev-NAbsorbs a spell or ability of up to 6th levMoE 102
Sor/Wiz7Spell Turning Ab VSM1 actPersonal10 min/lev-NReflects 1d4+6 spell levels back at casterPH 282
Sor/Wiz7Spirit Walk NeVSD1 hourPersonal1 round/lev (D)-NYou separate your spirit from your bodyDCS 112
Sor/Wiz7Spiritward Ab VSM10 minClose24 hours-NBarrier block ethereal creaturesAoM 76
Sor/Wiz7Statue TrVSM1 roundTouch1 hour/lev (D)Will n. YSubject can become a statue at will PH 284
Sor/Wiz7Stone Shape, Greater [Earth]TrVSM1 actTouchInstantaneous-NSculpts 10 cu.ft+10 cu.ft/lev of stoneSpC 208
Sor/Wiz7Stone Trap TrVSM1 actCloseSpecial-NInvisible, flying stone block falls on conditionShS 49
Sor/Wiz7Stored Lightning Bolt [Electricity]EvVSM1 act120 ft SpecialRef half YDeals 1d6/lev damage after selected delaySoS 129
Sor/Wiz7Stun Ray [Electricity]CoVSM1 actClose1d4+1 roundsFor part.YSubject stunned 1d4+1 rounds.SpC 211
Sor/Wiz7Submerge Ship [Water]EvVSF10 minTouch1 hour/lev-NControl ship while it travels underwater SpC 211
Sor/Wiz7Summon Aspect of Bahamut CoVSD1 roundClose1 rd +1 rd/lev-NSummon an aspect of Bahamut RDr 118
Sor/Wiz7Summon Monster VII CoVSF1 roundClose1 round/lev (D)-NCalls extraplanar (1 7th, 1d3 6th or 1d4+1 5th) PH 287
Sor/Wiz7Sword of Darkness [Evil]Ne VSM1 actMedium1 round/lev (D)-YBlade of energy bestows 1 or more neg. levelsSpC 217
Sor/Wiz7Symbol of Stunning [Mind-Affecting]EnVSM10 min0 ftSpecialWill n. YTriggered rune stuns nearby creaturesPH 291
Sor/Wiz7Symbol of Weakness NeVSM10 min0 ftSpecialFor n.YTriggered rune weakens nearby creaturesPH 291
Sor/Wiz7Symphonic Nightmare [Mind-Affecting]EnVSF1 actTouch 24 hrs/levWill n. YDiscordant noise haunts subject's sleep. SpC 218
Sor/Wiz7Synostodweomer TrVSSwift Personal1 round-NChannel positive energy to cure 1d8/spell levSpC 218
Sor/Wiz7Teleport Object CoV1 actTouchInstantaneousWill n. YAs teleport, but affects a touched objectPH 293
Sor/Wiz7Teleport, Greater CoV1 actTouchInstantaneous -/Will n. Sp. As teleport, no range limit and always precisePH 293
Sor/Wiz7Temporal Sphere, Selective Ab VSM1 act10 ft1 round/lev-YYou are invulnerable to attacks and spells LotT 26
Sor/Wiz7Timeheal TrVSMX 1 minTouchInstantaneous-YSend body back in order to heal itLotT 27
Sor/Wiz7Tomb of Light [Good]TrVSM1 round Touch ConcentrationFor part.YEntraps and harms evil outsidersBE 110
Sor/Wiz7Transfix [Mind-Affecting]EnVSM1 round Medium1 hour/levWill n. YHumanoids freeze in place till condition is metSpC 222
Sor/Wiz7Truename Binding (TRUENAME) CoVSX10 minCloseInstantaneousWill n. Sp. Enslaves extraplanar creature up to CR 10TM 259
Sor/Wiz7Unicorn Heart [Good]TrVS1 actPersonal10 min/lev (D)-NSpeed 60, +4 on some checks, dim. doorCM 121
Sor/Wiz7Vision DiVSMX1 actPersonalSpecial-NLearn tales about a person, place, or thingPH 298
Sor/Wiz7Vitrify [Earth]TrVSM1 actMediumPermanentSpecialNMelts sand into glassSa 125
Sor/Wiz7Wall of Eyes [Evil]CoVSM1 actMediumInstantaneousWill n. NBarrier paralyzes and consumes on touchBV 108
Sor/Wiz7Waterspout CoVSD1 round Long1 round/levRef n.NCauses water to rise up in a whirling columnSto 124
Sor/Wiz7Waves of Exhaustion NeVS1 act60 ftInstantaneous-YSeveral targets become exhaustedPH 301
Sor/Wiz7Whirl of Fangs [Force]EvVS1 actClose1 min/lev (D)Ref halfYYou create a curtain of jaws made of forceSK 158
Sor/Wiz7Whirlwind of Teeth [Evil]EvVSM1 actMedium1 round/levRef halfYMoving 5-ft cylinder deals 1d8/2 lev each rd. BV 110
Sor/Wiz8Antipathy [Mind-Affecting]EnVSM1 hourClose2 hours/levWill part.YObject or location repels certain creaturesPH 200
Sor/Wiz8Avascular Mass [Death, Evil]Ne VS1 actCloseSpecialSpecialYReduce foe to half hp and stun, entangleSpC 19
Sor/Wiz8Axiomatic Creature (ARCHON) TrVSMX 1 round TouchPermanentFor n.YTransforms creature into axiomatic creatureBE 91
Sor/Wiz8Bestow Curse, Greater Ne VS1 actTouchPermanentWill n. YAs Bestow Curse, but more severe penalties.SpC 27
Sor/Wiz8Bigby's Clenched Fist [Force]EvVSF1 actMedium1 round/lev (D)-YLarge hand provides cover, attacks your foes PH 203
Sor/Wiz8Binding [Mind-Affecting]EnVSM1 minCloseSpecialWill n. YArray of techniques to imprison a creaturePH 204
Sor/Wiz8BlackFire [Evil]Ne VSM1 actMedium1 round/levSpecialYBlack flames deal 1d4 Con dmg, can spreadSpC 29
Sor/Wiz8Blackstaff TrVSF1 actTouch1 round/levSpecialYGreatly enhances staff or quarterstaffMag 81
Sor/Wiz8Call Undead VIII CoVSF1 roundClose1 round/lev (D)-NCalls undead (1 8th, 1d3 7th or 1d4+1 6th)AoM 69
Sor/Wiz8Capsizing Waters [Evil, Water]TrVSMD 1 hourMedium1 hour/lev-NWaters capsize vessels, drown swimmersHOS 68
Sor/Wiz8Celerity, Greater TrV Immed. PersonalInstantaneous-NTake full-round action, be dazed for 1 roundPH2 105
Sor/Wiz8Chain Dispel Ab VSM1 actCloseInstantaneous-NDispel multiple effects in multiple creaturesPH2 105
Sor/Wiz8Charm Monster, Mass [Mind-Affecting]EnV1 actClose1 day/levWill n. YMake monsters in 30 ft believe they're friends PH 209
Sor/Wiz8Clone NeVSMF 10 min0 ftInstantaneous-NDuplicate awakens when original diesPH 210
Sor/Wiz8Conjure Greater Midnight Construct (INCARNUM,ESSENTIA) CoVSM1 roundClose1 round/lev (D)-NShape a construct from incarnum to help you.MoI 100
Sor/Wiz8Create Greater Undead [Evil]Ne VSM1 hourCloseInstantaneous-NCreate shadows, wraiths, spectres, devourersPH 215
Sor/Wiz8Deadly Lahar [Earth, Fire]CoVS1 act60 ft. InstantaneousRef part.NWave of molten rock sticks to creaturesCM 101
Sor/Wiz8Demand [Mind-Affecting]EnVSM10 minSpecial 1 round Will part.YDelivers short message/suggestion anywhere PH 217
Sor/Wiz8Depthsurge [Water]EvVSM1 actLongInstantaneousFor part.YDeals 2d6 +lev dmg to all within 20-ftSto 115
Sor/Wiz8Desert Binding [Mind-Affecting]EnVSM1 minCloseSpecialWill n. YImprisons creature as sand in hourglassSa 113
Sor/Wiz8Devastate Undead Ne VSF1 actCloseInstantaneousFor n.YDestroys undead creaturesLD 186
Sor/Wiz8Dimensional Lock AbVS1 actMedium1 day/lev-YBlocks teleport/dimensional travel PH 221
Sor/Wiz8Discern Location DiVS10 minUnlimit.Instantaneous-NReveals exact location of creature or objectPH 222
Sor/Wiz8Dreaded Form of the Eye Tyrant TrVSSwift Personal1 round/lev (D)-NYou take the form of a BeholderCM 102
Sor/Wiz8Earth Glide TrVS1 actTouch1 min/levWill n. YSubject can glide through earth and stoneRS 162
Sor/Wiz8Embrance the Dark Chaos [Chaotic]TrVSX1 actTouchInstantaneous-NExchanges feat for an Abyssal heritor featFCI 92
Sor/Wiz8Eternal Repose Ne VSM1 actTouchPermanent-NCorpse is protected in amber coffinAoM 71
Sor/Wiz8Excavate TrVSM1 actCloseInstantaneous-NCreates a permanent passage in earth and walls.SpC 85
Sor/Wiz8Expunge the Supernatural (TRUENAME) Ab VSX1 actClosePermanentFor n.YEliminates a foe's supernatural abilityTM 256
Sor/Wiz8Familial Geas [Language-Dep,Mind-Affecting]EnV 10 minCloseUntil disch. SpecialYTask passes to his nearest kin if target diesHH 129
Sor/Wiz8Field of Icy Razors [Cold]EvVSF1 actMediumSpecialRef part.YDeals normal and cold damage, slowsSpC 90
Sor/Wiz8Fierce Pride of the Beastlord [Chaotic, Good]CoVS10 minMedium10 min/lev (D)-NSummon celestial lions and celestial dire lionsSpC 91
Sor/Wiz8Fimbulwinter [Cold]TrVSX10 min1 mi/lev4d12 weeks-NCreates winter weather for miles around youFr 93
Sor/Wiz8Fistandantilus's Portal CoVSMX 3 rdsCloseConc. + 1 rd-NOpens a connection between two placesDCS 108
Sor/Wiz8Flensing [Evil]TrVSM1 actClose4 roundsFor part.YDeal 2d6 damage, 1d6 Con, 1d6 Cha per roundSpC 95
Sor/Wiz8Ghostform TrVS1 actPersonal1 round/lev (D)-NYou assume incorporeal form, with benefitsSpC 103
Sor/Wiz8Golem Immunity TrVS1 actTouch1 min/levWill n. YGrants a construct the immunities of a golemRE 186
Sor/Wiz8Guardian Spirit, Mass (INCARNUM, ESSENTIA) DiVSD1 actClose1 hour/levWill n. Y1 subject/lev can activate bonusesMoI 101
Sor/Wiz8Gutwrench (UNDEAD) [Evil, Death]Ne VS1 actCloseInstantaneousFor part.YKills subject, caster gains 4d6 hp and +4 Str BV 97
Sor/Wiz8Halaster's Blacksphere [Force]EvVSM1 actMedium2d4 r + 1 rd/levRef halfYDeals 1d6 dmg/lev and traps creaturesCSW 153
Sor/Wiz8Halaster's Fetch V CoVSF1 roundClose1 round/lev (D)-NCalls extraplanar (1 5th, 1d3 4th or 1d4+1 3rd) CSW 153
Sor/Wiz8Hasten the End [Evil]Ne VSM1 roundCloseConcentrationFor n.YTarget ages 10 years and 1 neg. lev./roundHOS 70
Sor/Wiz8Heart of Stone Ne VSFX 1 hourPersonal1 year -NExchange your heart for dmg and energy res.SpC 111
Sor/Wiz8Horrid Wilting Ne VSM1 actLongInstantaneous For halfYDeals 1d6 damage/level within 30 ftPH 242
Sor/Wiz8Icy Claw CoVSF1 round Medium1 round/lev (D)-NConjure a Medium claw that fights for youDrF 116
Sor/Wiz8Illusion Purge EvVS1 act5 ft/lev1 min/lev (D)-NDispels illusions in rangeRE 187
Sor/Wiz8Incendiary Cloud [Fire]CoVS1 actMedium1 round/levRef halfNCloud deals 4d6 fire damage/roundPH 244
Sor/Wiz8Investiture of the Horned Devil [Evil]TrVSM1 actClose1 min/levWill n. YTarget stuns foes with melee attackFCII 103
Sor/Wiz8Invisibility, Superior IlVS1 actTouch1 min/lev (D)Will n. NSubject is invisible to senses and can attackSpC 125
Sor/Wiz8Iron Body TrVSM1 actPersonal1 min/lev (D)-NBody becomes ironPH 245
Sor/Wiz8Last Judgment (CELESTIAL) [Death,Good]Ne V 1 roundCloseInstantaneous Will part.YEvil creatures die and go to Lower PlanesBE 102
Sor/Wiz8Lightning Ring [Electricity]EvVSM1 round Personal1 round/2 levSpecialYYou are surrounded by a ring of lightningSpC 132
Sor/Wiz8Maddening Scream [Mind-Affecting]EnV1 actTouch1d4+1 rounds-YSubject has -4 to AC, no shield, Ref on 20ECS 113
Sor/Wiz8Maddening Whispers [Mind-Affecting]EnV 1 roundClose1 round/levWill n. YYou induce confusion and madness in subjects. SpC 135
Sor/Wiz8Make Manifest, Mass TrVSM1 actClose1 round/lev-YAs Make Manifest but affects all creaturesSpC 137
Sor/Wiz8Maze CoVS1 actCloseSpecial-YTraps subject in extradimensional mazePH 252
Sor/Wiz8Mind Blank AbVS1 actClose24 hoursWill n. YSubject is immune to mental magic/scryingPH 253
Sor/Wiz8Mind of the Labyrinth [Mind-Affecting]EnVS1 actPersonal1 hour/lev-NConfuses enemies, dominates oneDM 70
Sor/Wiz8Moment of Prescience DiVS1 actPersonal1 hour/lev-NGain bonus on single attack, save, or checkPH 255
Sor/Wiz8Mordenkainen's Capable Caravel CoVSF10 minClose1 day/2 lev (D)-NCreates magical shipSto 119
Sor/Wiz8Mysterious Redirection AbVS Swift Personal 5 rounds-NAttacks have 50% to strike adjacent targetCM 111
Sor/Wiz8Necrotic Empowerment [Evil]Ne VSF1 actPersonal1 round/lev-NDraw vigor from mother cystLM 68
Sor/Wiz8Otiluke's Telekinetic Sphere [Force]EvVSM1 actClose1 min/lev (D)Ref n.YMovable force globe protects one subjectPH 259
Sor/Wiz8Otto's Irresistible Dance [Mind-Aff.]EnV1 actTouch1d4+1 rounds-YForces subject to dancePH 259
Sor/Wiz8Plague [Evil]Ne VS1 actClose1 round/levFor n.YOne creature/lev contracts terminal diseasePH2 121
Sor/Wiz8Planar Binding, Greater CoVS10 minCloseInstantaneousWill n. Sp. Traps extraplanar up to 18 HD to perform a taskPH 261
Sor/Wiz8Plane Shift, Greater CoVSF1 actTouchInstantaneousWill n. YPlane Shift accurately to desired destinationSpC 159
Sor/Wiz8Polar Ray [Cold]EvVSF1 actCloseInstantaneous-YRanged touch attack deals 1d6/lev cold damagePH 262
Sor/Wiz8Polymorph Any Object TrVSM1 actCloseSpecialFor n.YChanges any subject into anything elsePH 263
Sor/Wiz8Power Word Petrify [Mind-Affecting]EnV1 actCloseInstantaneous-YPetrifies one creature with 100 hp or lessRDr 116
Sor/Wiz8Power Word Stun [Mind-Affecting]EnV1 actCloseSpecial-YStuns creature with 150 hp or lessPH 263
Sor/Wiz8Prismatic Bow EvVS1 act0 ft. 1 min/levSpecialYBow allows 7 attacks with prismatic effectsCM 113
Sor/Wiz8Prismatic Wall Ab VS1 actClose10 min/lev (D)SpecialSp. Wall's colors have array of effectsPH 264
Sor/Wiz8Protection from Spells Ab VSMF1 actTouch10 min/levWill n. YConfers a +8 resistance bonusPH 266
Sor/Wiz8Prying Eyes, Greater DiVSM1 min 1 mile 1 hour/lev (D)-NAs prying eyes, but eyes have true seeingPH 267
Sor/Wiz8Ritual of Renaming (TRUENAME) TrVSX1 hourTouchInstantaneous-YGive a creature a new personal truenameTM 257
Sor/Wiz8River's Ravages, Greater TrVSMX1 actClosePermanentFor n.YAges a creature 2 years/levLotT 25
Sor/Wiz8Scintillating Pattern [Mind-Affecting]IlVSM1 actCloseConc. +2 rds-YTwisting colors confuse, stun, render unconsc.PH 274
Sor/Wiz8Screen IlVS10 minClose24 hours-/Will dis.NIllusion hides area from vision and scryingPH 274
Sor/Wiz8Sever Legacy Ne VS 1 roundClosePermanentWill n. YTarget permanently loses all legacy abilitiesWoL 18
Sor/Wiz8Shadow Evocation, Greater IlVS1 actSpecialSpecialWill dis.YMimics evocation up to 7th level, 60% real PH 277
Sor/Wiz8Shifting Paths IlVS10 minMedium1 hour/lev Will dis.YIllusion hides path, creates false new path.SpC 189
Sor/Wiz8Shout, Greater [Sonic]EvVSF1 act60 ftInstantaneousSpecialYYell deals 10d6 dmg, stuns, damages objectsPH 279
Sor/Wiz8Shun the Dark Chaos AbVSX1 actTouchInstantaneousWill n. YExchanges Abyssal heritor feat for anotherFCI 95
Sor/Wiz8Skeletal Guard [Evil]Ne VSM1 actTouchInstantaneous-NCreate one skeleton/level with turn resistance.SpC 191
Sor/Wiz8Soul's Treasure Lost TrVSM1 actCloseInstantaneousFor n.YDisintegrates subject's most valuable objectBV 104
Sor/Wiz8Soulbanned Zone Ab VS1 actTouch10 min/lev (D)-NCreate area that blocks all incarnum effects MoI 104
Sor/Wiz8Spell Engine [Force]Ab VSMX 10 minCloseSpecial-NSwap prepared spells for other spells in bookSpC 198
Sor/Wiz8Steal Life (LOCATION) [Evil]Ne VS1 actCloseConcentrationFor n.YCaster drain 1 ability point/round, gets youngBV 106
Sor/Wiz8Stone Metamorphosis, Greater [Earth]TrVSM1 actTouchInstantaneous-NChanges type of 10 cu.ft+10 cu.ft/lev of stoneUnd 61
Sor/Wiz8Stormwalk CoVSD1 roundTouchInstantaneousSpecialSp. Teleport you +1 creat/2 lev from a stormSto 122
Sor/Wiz8Stunning Breath, Greater (BREATH) TrS Swift PersonalInstantaneous-NYour breath weapon also stuns for 2d4 roundsSpC 211
Sor/Wiz8Summon Monster VIII CoVSF1 roundClose1 round/lev (D)-NCalls extraplanar (1 8th, 1d3 7th or 1d4+1 6th) PH 287
Sor/Wiz8Sunburst [Light]EvVSM1 actLongInstantaneousRef part.YBlinds all within 10 ft, deals 6d6 damagePH 289
Sor/Wiz8Symbol of Death [Death]Ne VSM10 min0 ftSpecialFor n.YTriggered rune slays nearby creaturesPH 289
Sor/Wiz8Symbol of Insanity [Mind-Affecting]EnVSM10 min0 ftSpecialWill n. YTriggered rune renders creatures insanePH 290
Sor/Wiz8Symbol, Death Symbol of Bane [Death]Ne VSM10 min0 ftSpecialFor n.YSlays creatures, plus 1d12 cold and doom effectMag 127
Sor/Wiz8Sympathy [Mind-Affecting]EnVSM1 hourClose2 hours/lev (D)Will n. YObject or location attracts certain creaturesPH 292
Sor/Wiz8Temporal Stasis TrVSM1 actTouchPermanentFor n.YPuts subject into suspended animationPH 293
Sor/Wiz8Touch of the Graveborn Ne VS1 actTouchInstantaneousSpecialYDeals 10d6 damage or controls undeadCM 119
Sor/Wiz8Transcribe Symbol AbVSF1 actTouch10 min-NSafely moves untriggered magical symbolSa 124
Sor/Wiz8Trap the Soul CoVSMFSpecialClosePermanentSpecialYImprisons subject within gemPH 295
Sor/Wiz8Truename Dispel (TRUENAME) AbVS1 actMediumInstantaneous-NCancels spells and effects on a creatureTM 260
Sor/Wiz8Unyielding Form of Inevitable Death TrVSSwift Personal1 round/lev (D)-NYou take the form of a marutCM 122
Sor/Wiz8Veil of Undeath [Evil]Ne VSM1 actPersonal10 min/lev-NYou gain undead traits. SpC 229
Sor/Wiz8Wall of Greater Dispel Magic Ab VS1 actClose1 min/lev-NCreatures passing through are subject to dispelSpC 234
Sor/Wiz8Wrathful Castigation [Mind-Affecting]EnVSF1 actClose1 round/lev (D)SpecialYSubject dies or is dazed and -4 on savesSpC 243
Sor/Wiz9Absorption AbVS1 actPersonal10 min/lev-NYou absorb spell energy to power your spellsSpC 6
Sor/Wiz9Abyssal Army [Chaotic, Evil]CoVS10 minMedium10 min/lev (D)-NSummons demons to fight for you.SpC 7
Sor/Wiz9Abyssal Rift [Evil]CoVSM1 actLong3 roundsSpecialYOpens a rift in the groundFCI 91
Sor/Wiz9Astral Projection Ne VSM30 minTouchSpecial-YProjects you and companions onto Astral Pl.PH 201
Sor/Wiz9Awaken Construct TrVSMX 8 hoursTouchInstantaneousWill n. YConstruct gains humanlike sentience. SpC 21
Sor/Wiz9Bigby's Crushing Hand [Force]EvVSMF1 actMedium1 round/lev (D)-YHand provides cover, pushes/crushes foesPH 203
Sor/Wiz9Binding Chain of Fate EvVSM1 actClose1 round/levWill n. YForce whips into a loop around creatureCSW 152
Sor/Wiz9Black Blade of Disaster CoVS1 actCloseUp to 1 rnd/lev-YFloating magic weapon disintegrates subjects.SpC 29
Sor/Wiz9Blinding Glory [Good]CoVSM1 hourClose1 hour/lev-N100-ft/lev radius light blinds evil creatures BE 92
Sor/Wiz9Breath Weapon Admixture (BREATH) [Special]TrS Swift Personal1 round-NAdd 2nd kind of energy to your breath weaponSpC 39
Sor/Wiz9Burst of Glacial Wrath [Cold]Ev/Tr VS1 act30 ftInstantaneous For halfYFreeze nearby creatures into blocks of iceDM 64
Sor/Wiz9Call Marut [Lawful]CoVSX10 minCloseInstantaneous-NA marut performs one duty for you.SpC 42
Sor/Wiz9Call Undead IX CoVSF1 roundClose1 round/lev (D)-NCalls undead (1 9th, 1d3 8th or 1d4+1 7th)AoM 69
Sor/Wiz9Construct Essence, Greater TrVS1 actTouch1 min/levWill n. YGrants living construct all construct qualitiesRE 183
Sor/Wiz9Crushing Fist of Spite (DIS.) [Evil, Force]EvVSM1 actMedium1 round/levSpecialYFist deals 1d6 damage/lev each roundBV 89
Sor/Wiz9Deadly Sunstroke [Light]EvVS1 actLongInstantaneousFor part.YDeal 1d6 fire dmg/lev and fatiguesCM 101
Sor/Wiz9Detonate [Death, Fire]EvVSM1 actMediumInstantaneousFor part.YSlays subject, deals 1d6/lev dmg in 20-ft radiusPH2 109
Sor/Wiz9Dimension Jumper, Greater CoV SwiftPersonal1 round/lev-NTeleport up to 60 feet 1/roundCM 102
Sor/Wiz9Dominate Monster [Mind-Affecting]EnVS1 roundClose1 day/levWill n. YControls monster telepathicallyPH 224
Sor/Wiz9Dragon Ally, Greater CoVX 10 minCloseInstantaneous-NAs Lesser Dragon Ally, but up to 21 HD.SpC 72
Sor/Wiz9Dragonshape TrVSSwiftPersonal1 round/lev (D)-NTake on form and abilities of Huge red dragonPH2 111
Sor/Wiz9Effulgent Epuration Ab VS1 actClose1 round/levWill n. Y1 sphere/lev negates hostile magicSpC 78
Sor/Wiz9Energy Drain Ne VS1 actCloseInstantaneousFor part.YSubject gains 2d4 negative levelsPH 226
Sor/Wiz9Enervating Breath (BREATH) Ne S SwiftPersonal1 roundSpecialNYour breath weapon also bestows 2d4 neg. lev.SpC 82
Sor/Wiz9Ensul's Soultheft [Evil]Ne VSM1 roundTouch1 round/lev (D)Will n. YTouch attacks steal lifeforce, heal casterCSW 152
Sor/Wiz9Etherealness TrVS1 actTouch1 minn/lev (D)-YTravel to Ethereal Plane with companionsPH 228
Sor/Wiz9Eye of Power DiVSM10 minUnlimit. 1 min/lev (D)-NAs Arcane Eye, can cast spells up to 3rd levSpC 87
Sor/Wiz9Foresight DiVSM1 actTouch10 min/levSpecialSp. 'Sixth sense' warns of impending dangerPH 233
Sor/Wiz9Freedom Ab VS1 actCloseInstantaneousWill n. YReleases creature from imprisonmentPH 233
Sor/Wiz9Frostfell [Cold]TrVSM1 round Medium1 hour/levFor part.Sp. Turns all subject in area into ice Fr 95
Sor/Wiz9Gate CoVSX1 actMediumSpecial-NConnects two planes to travel or summonPH 234
Sor/Wiz9Genius Loci [Special]CoVSM1 hour0 ft. Permanent-NCreate a guardian spirit for a specific locationCM 105
Sor/Wiz9Halaster's Fetch VI CoVSF1 roundClose1 round/lev (D)-NCalls extraplanar (1 6th, 1d3 5th or 1d4+1 4th)CSW 154
Sor/Wiz9Halaster's Teleport Cage Ab VSM10 minClosePermanent-NModifies the functioning of all conjurationsCSW 155
Sor/Wiz9Heavenly Host [Good, Lawful]CoVS10 minMedium10 min/lev (D)-NSummons archons to fight for you.SpC 113
Sor/Wiz9Hellish Horde [Evil, Lawful]CoVS10 minMedium10 min/lev (D)-NSummons devils to fight for you. SpC 113
Sor/Wiz9Hindsight DiVSM1 hour60 ftInstantaneous-NYou see into the past. SpC 114
Sor/Wiz9Hold Monster, Mass [Mind-Affecting]EnVSF1 actMedium1 round/lev (D)Will n. YParalyzes creatures within 30 ftPH 241
Sor/Wiz9Ice Assassin IlVSMX 8 hrsTouchInstantaneous-NCreates murderous duplicate of creatureFr 97
Sor/Wiz9Iceberg [Cold]EvVS1 actLongInstantaneousSpecialYBlock of ice deals 20d6 and buries subjectsFr 101
Sor/Wiz9Imprisonment Ab VS1 actTouchInstantaneousWill n. YEntombs creature beneath the earthPH 244
Sor/Wiz9Instant Refuge EvVSMX 10 minPersonal Until triggered-NTransport to a safe location of your choice.SpC 124
Sor/Wiz9Investiture of the Hellfire Engine [Evil]TrVSM1 actClose1 min/levWill n. YTarget gains iron body and 8d10 breath weap. FCII 103
Sor/Wiz9Investiture of the Pit Fiend [Evil]TrVSM1 actClose1 min/levWill n. YTarget gains claw, inflict disease, or terror FCII 105
Sor/Wiz9Invoke Magic EvVSMSwiftPersonal1 round-NMomentarily negate antimagic effects LoM 212
Sor/Wiz9Khelben's Dweomerdoom AbVSFSwiftCloseInstantaneous-NCounterspell opponent's spell before it is castCSW 155
Sor/Wiz9Laeral's Crowning Touch Ne VSFX1 actTouch1 year + 1 dayWill n. YTargets gets negative levels when he castsCSW 155
Sor/Wiz9Lash of Force [Force]EvVS1 actSpecial 1 round/levSpecialYStrike for 5d6 dmg, can become a 15d6 lineCM 109
Sor/Wiz9Magic Miasma Ab VSM1 actMedium1 round/levSpecialNSolid fog reduces caster level by -4.SpC 137
Sor/Wiz9Magius's Light of Truth [Lawful, Light]EvVSFX1 actMediumInstantaneous Will part.YCone of light affects creatures by alignmentDCS 109
Sor/Wiz9Maw of Chaos [Chaotic]Ab VSM1 actMedium1 round/levWill part.YDazes, deals damage, impedes concentrationSpC 140
Sor/Wiz9Meteor Swarm [Fire]EvVS1 actLongInstantaneousSpecialY4 spheres deal 6d6 fire damagePH 253
Sor/Wiz9Mindrape [Evil, Mind-Affecting]EnVS1 actMediumInstantaneousWill n. YCaster learns everything subject knowsBV 99
Sor/Wiz9Mindspin, Greater [Mind-Affecting]IlVSMX 10 minCloseConcentr. (D)SpecialYInnermost fears of creatures come to lifeToHS 48
Sor/Wiz9Mordenkainen's Disjunction AbV1 actCloseInstantaneousWill n. NDispels magic and disenchants magic items PH 255
Sor/Wiz9Mycontil's Last Resort EvVSM1 actPersonalInstantaneousRef halfYSacrifice spells to unleash devastating explosionShS 48
Sor/Wiz9Necrotic Termination [Evil]Ne VSFX1 actMediumInstantaneousFor part.NPermanently eliminates encysted subjectLM 69
Sor/Wiz9Node Genesis [Earth]CoVSX10 daysTouchInstantaneous-NCreates a Class 1 earth nodeUnd 59
Sor/Wiz9Obedient Avalanche [Cold]CoVS1 actMediumInstantaneousSpecialNSnowy avalanche crushes and buries your foes.SpC 148
Sor/Wiz9Open Greater Chakra TrVS1 actTouch 24 hoursWill n. YAllow target to bind chakraMoI 103
Sor/Wiz9Perinarch, Planar TrVSD1 actClose1 round/levSpecialNGain control over morphic plane areaSpC 154
Sor/Wiz9Plague of Undead [Evil]Ne VSM1 actCloseInstantaneous-NAnimates horde of undead.SpC 158
Sor/Wiz9Planar Navigation CoVSFD 1 minTouchInstantaneousWill n. YSend a whole ship to another plane.Sto 119
Sor/Wiz9Power Word Kill [Death, Mind-Affecting]EnV1 actCloseInstantaneous-YKills one creature with up to 100 hpPH 263
Sor/Wiz9Precipitate Complete Breach CoVMX 10 min0 ftSpecial-YRip wide the boundaries between 2 planesPlH 104
Sor/Wiz9Prismatic Deluge EvVS1 actMediumInstantaneousSpecialYCall down a prismatic effect over a wide areaCM 114
Sor/Wiz9Prismatic Sphere AbV1 act10 ft10 min/lev (D)SpecialSp. Sphere's colors have array of effectsPH 264
Sor/Wiz9Programmed Amnesia [Mind-Affecting]EnVSM10 minClosePermanentWill n. YDestroy, alter or replace memoriesSpC 162
Sor/Wiz9Reality Maelstrom EvVSM1 actMedium1 roundSpecialYSends creatures and objects to another plane SpC 168
Sor/Wiz9Reaving Dispel Ab VS1 actMediumInstantaneousSpecialNOn a dispel, steal spell power and effectSpC 169
Sor/Wiz9Refuge CoVSM1 actTouch Until discharg.-NAlters item to transport its possessor to youPH 269
Sor/Wiz9Replicate Casting [Special]TrVS1 round SpecialSpecialSpecialSp. Duplicate observed spell or spell-like ability.SpC 173
Sor/Wiz9Reverse Death [Death]Ne VSMX1 actTouchInstantaneousSpecialNReturn one creature to lifeToHS 49
Sor/Wiz9Revitalize Legacy, Greater TrVSF1 actTouch1 hour/lev-NGet extra use of chosen greater legacy abilityWoL 17
Sor/Wiz9Salience, Major Ne VS 1 roundTouch10 min/lev-NGrants salient power to undead minionsVRWD 89
Sor/Wiz9Shades IlVS1 actSpecialSpecialWill dis.YMimics conjuration up to 8th level, 80% realPH 276
Sor/Wiz9Shapechange TrVSF1 actPersonal10 min/lev (D)-NChange into any creature once/roundPH 277
Sor/Wiz9Soul Bind NeVSF1 actClosePermanentWill n. NTraps newly dead soul to prevent resurrectionPH 281
Sor/Wiz9Soulmeld Disjunction AbVS1 actCloseInstantaneous-N1 or more of target's soulmelds are destroyed. MoI 105
Sor/Wiz9Spell Matrix, Greater TrVSF1 actPersonal10 min/lev (D)-NStore 3 spells of 3rd lev or lower for later useSpC 199
Sor/Wiz9Sphere of Ultimate Destruction CoVSM1 actMedium1 round/lev (D)For part.YBlack sphere does 2d6/lev dmg, disintegratesSpC 200
Sor/Wiz9Srinshee?s Spell Shift Ab VSM1 actPersonal1 round/lev (D)-NManipulate another?s spell, or stuns the caster LE 34
Sor/Wiz9Stasis Clone NeVSMF 10 min0 ftInstantaneous-NClone in stasis if subject is aliveLD 18
Sor/Wiz9Summon Elemental Monolith [Special]CoVSM1 round MediumUp to 1 rnd/lev-NCalls powerful elemental creature to fightSpC 214
Sor/Wiz9Summon Golem CoVSF1 roundClose1 min/lev-NSummon clay, flesh, iron, or stone golemPH2 126
Sor/Wiz9Summon Monster IX CoVSF1 roundClose1 round/lev (D)-NCalls extraplanar (1 9th, 1d3 8th or 1d4+1 7th) PH 288
Sor/Wiz9Teleportation Circle CoVM 10 min0 ft 10 min/lev (D)-YCircle teleports creatures inside to placePH 293
Sor/Wiz9Temporal Sphere, Mobile Ab VSM1 act10 ft1 round/lev-YYou are invulnerable to attacks and spells LotT 26
Sor/Wiz9Tidal Wave EvVSMX 10 minLong1 min/lev-NMassive wave crashes on the coastShS 51
Sor/Wiz9Time Reaver TrVSMFX 1 hourCloseInstantaneous-NAllows 1 person/4 lev to travel in timeLotT 27
Sor/Wiz9Time Stop TrV1 actPersonal1d4+1 rounds-NYou act freely for 1d4+1 rounds PH 294
Sor/Wiz9Timereaver TrVSMFX 1 hourCloseInstantaneous-NCreate a portal through timeToHS 50
Sor/Wiz9Towering Thunderhead [Air]CoVS1 actLong3 rounds (D)-NConceal, block ranged, empower some spellsCM 120
Sor/Wiz9Transmute Rock To Lava [Earth, Fire]TrVS1 actMediumInstantaneousRef halfNTransforms one 10-ft cube, with fire damageSpC 222
Sor/Wiz9Travel the Paths of the Mind TrVSMX 10 minTouch Special (D)Will n. NTravel into the target's memories ToHS 52
Sor/Wiz9Truename Binding, Greater (TRUENAME) CoVSX10 minCloseInstantaneousWill n. Sp. Enslaves extraplanar creature up to CR 14TM 260
Sor/Wiz9Unbinding AbVSM1 round 180 ftInstantaneous-NFrees everyone from spells that constrainSpC 225
Sor/Wiz9Undermaster [Earth]TrVM1 actPersonal 5 rounds-NYou gain earth-related spell-like abilities. SpC 227
Sor/Wiz9Unname (TRUENAME) Ne VS1 actMediumInstantaneousFor n.YErase a creature from realityTM 260
Sor/Wiz9Utterdark [Evil]CoVSM3 rdsClose1 hour/lev-N100-ft/lev of darkness, evil creatures can seeLoM 213
Sor/Wiz9Vile Death [Evil]CoVSMX 1 hourTouch Permanent (D)-YUndead creature gains fiendish template. SpC 229
Sor/Wiz9Wail of the Banshee [Death, Sonic]Ne V1 actCloseInstantaneousFor n.YKills one creature/level PH 298
Sor/Wiz9Weird [Fear, Mind-Affecting]IlVS1 actMediumInstantaneousSpecialYIllusion kills subjects within 30 ft, or deals 3d6PH 301
Sor/Wiz9Wish Un VX1 actSpecialSpecialSpecialYAlters realityPH 302
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